A question about prestige rank challenges.

Hi, everybody. Relatively new pilot here, a month or so. I’ve been looking around information about the clearance levels and prestige ranks; my next level is seventeen, and I just learned that I need to complete a challenge to keep unlocking the next levels, and I did so to unlock the sixteenth level. The next level challenge is to take part in successful dreadnought battle on ships of rank 14 and higher, doest that means that to keep unlocking levels I need to be in a corporation? and not only that, one with acess to battles with that rank of ships, because as far as I know most of the battles are rank seven to nine. Thanks for your time in advance.


I’m fairly sure that you do not need to be in a corporation to complete this mission, as random pilots can queue in to dreadnought battles via the conquest option in the launch menu.


Thougj you’ll have to be online during battle times, and have the correct ships.


It would definitely be easier to complete the mission while in a corporation, but it isn’t required.

I recommend that you search around for a nice high-rank corporation and see if you can fight with them. You might make some new friends along the way too. ;3

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that you could join dreadnought battles not being part of a corp.