A plea for all corporations

I just had a match where there was an AwgFR pair on the other side.  One guy had an R4, and two T1’s.  I messaged him after the game and he replied that he basically didn’t speak English.  He was on the other team, and I felt sorry for him in the match.


Please, make sure all members are aware of how tiers and squads work so T1 ships don’t get thrown against R9s!

They know… 

Damn AwgFR and their shenanigans ! Well if I ever see them in-game I’m soooo going to tell them R4 is obviously for T4 matches  !

The poor guy had less than 70 matches under his belt.  An R4 interceptor verse a bunch of T3 frigates, imagine the horror.  Yes, he was trying to rush our captain alone.

Could have been a mistake and he forgot to change his ship. Today I saw a guy with a lynx in t3, my guess is that someone invited him in a squad to troll him.

I checked his profile, he was only up to R4.  He might have been trolled by the AwgFR guy.