A pile of bugs

I don’t play invasion much so i haven’t been there for a while now.

Today i went out and noticed a list of bugs


* My karma is displayed wrong. Sometimes it shows 0, sometimes random karma that isn’t mine (at one point i saw an insane negative karma[in millions] which tells me that im not seeing other people’s karma either) 

Just after undocking- http://i.imgur.com/1Bb58qM.jpg

Jumped to transport hub- http://i.imgur.com/sawpOMB.jpg

Still in transport hub, karma display randomly changes- http://i.imgur.com/4swwBm5.jpg


* I can’t lock on to people or AI. This is seemingly random but 8/10 times i can’t lock on

* Pirates sometimes show up blue- http://i.imgur.com/pnn0ZaH.jpg

* My cargo doesn’t show any items- http://i.imgur.com/1Bb58qM.jpg

* I randomly get a message saying “All alien signature lost” http://i.imgur.com/AR7fFfL.jpg

* My squadmates randomly went invisible to me and just as randomly became visible again. I confirmed that they werent under camo either (not that it should matter)- Didn’t screenshot this one

you need to update (there was a mini patch 20-30mb ish yesterday, everything u have listed here happened to me before i realised what was going on)

Oh. I directly launch the exe… strange though, it shouldn’t let me login with older client


Downloading the update now

It happened to me as well. I used steam to check game file’s integrity and steam re-downloaded the patch. Things were fine afterwards!