A New Threat. The invasion has begun!


An urgent message from UMC! Attention to all pilots in the fringe sectors! Aliens dealt an insidious blow to three key locations. Crystallids using the cyber portals brought special base ships into our world. Using them as outposts, the Aliens completely seized control of some locations. We are sure that this is only the beginning of a new Invasion. We urge all pilots to fight off the common enemy.


“A New Threat”

  • Aliens are planning a large-scale offensive, Alien base ships have been detected in the systems of the “Open Space” mode. Using them as outposts, they prepare attacks on locations. If they take over the systems — Star Conflict’s usual way of things will cease to exist — there will no longer be any resources available. If the pilots cannot recapture the enemy’s locations, after some time the Aliens will begin to capture neighbouring systems.
  • Many portals are opening in the Abandoned complex, the Collapsed laboratory and the Northern Mining Station, presumably for the Alien invasion.
  • If Aliens capture the location, then the usual Open Space life on the map ends
  • If Aliens completely capture the location, it will not be available for Sector Conquest
  • In order to prevent Aliens from capturing the neighbouring locations, mercenaries need to fight back by completing special tasks.

The fate of humanity and the outcome of the war with Aliens depends only on the pilots. We urge players of all levels and ranks to fight back against the aliens. The UMC promises to reward everyone for taking part in battles!