A new player's Ace questions:

Greetings, I just started playing recently, and have a few questions i haven’t been able to find adequate answers for.


  1. How do I get Kite-E parts? I’ve flown a lot of PvE missions, and just today finished the Ghost Gunship. Since I’ve gotten nothing but Ghost parts, I thought when I was done I would start getting Kite-E parts but I’m still getting Ghost, they’re just turning into Graphite Plates. With 80+ Ghost parts and 0 Kite-E parts, I have to wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Do I have to fly a certain ship?
  2. What is the current thinking on the A1M1 turret module? From what I can glean from older posts, it seems like it was OP at one time, got nerfed, and everyone hated on it. Now that we’re a bit removed from the immediate disappointment, how do people feel about it today?
  3. Is there some trick to container drops? I wanted a component said to drop in Blackwood, but I’ve spent hours there blasting pirates and not seen a single container drop. Should I be attacking the police or something? I’ve gained several thousand Karma and prefer to play as a good guy rather than a pirate, but if that’s what I gotta do…
  4. No collectible Premium Tackler or Command ships? I suppose that’s more of a dev question, but if anyone knows of a reason behind it, I am curious.
  5. Do people have a preference for a level 8 Destroyer? I like having a long term project to work on, and I’m wondering if there’s any major differences between the Procyon, Archon and Invincible before I go in on one.
  6. Is Loyalty still a thing? I see older posts talking about it, but it doesn’t seem to matter in the current game.


That’s all I’ve got for the moment, although if anyone wants to talk about Corporations, I’m keen to here it.

  1. Ship parts (premium components) drop when using a ship of maximum synergy level/ experience level and drop rate goes up the more you have in your lineup. As for specific ship part drops I’m not too sure but as far as I know it’s just random.

  2. A1MA is mostly fodder now - it just functions as a minature automated turret dealing minimal damage.

  3. Drops in Blackwood shipyard come from the Guard bots surprisingly - just shoot the transport or the engineer to drag aggro and go to town. Every sector that drops modules has a specific enemy type that will drop containers (sometimes multiple).

  4. No idea.

5.Empire Destroyers are mostly fodder in current PvP meta, Archon is viable but can be brutal if you get focused. For the most of it Procyon is the most viable choice.

  1. Thank goodness it does not. Upgrades are now exclusively credits.
  1. Maybe try some PvP and maybe try with federation ships (Kite E being federation and Ghost being empire,both r5). If that doesnt work than I dont know.

2.-6. agree with DerpNukem all the way

Also a suggestion. Save your breath,strength and patience for collecting parts of higher ranked ships. You will need it. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Thank you for the responses.


Has anyone made a chart or wiki detailing what gives drops in which zones? Or should I just shoot everything?

In general don’t be afraid of karma rating, and, though this wasn’t mentioned, you actually _gain _karma from killing the guard bots in Blackwood Shipyard. There aren’t currently any important things that happen with a good or bad karma rating.


Charts/wiki’s detailing that don’t really exist to my knowledge, try asking around, experiment yourself with it.


I see you’re a low tier player: in order to get parts for ships, you have to have a max level ship of the same rank.


Loyalty technically exists in a different form than it used to be. There is now a loyalty rating for the Empire and you get it from the special Dreamland sector by doing various things in there. It’s not the loyalty vouchers of old.


Definitely save your rarer resources (monocrystals, xenocrystals, etc) for higher tier manufacturable ships. Try to get with a corporation and ask them how to progress in the game, the corporation will be your major source of income in the later stages of the game. Get ships in T3 and learn how to play Sector Conquest, then get T5 ships. AoWar, PEGCG, etc. might be recruiting, not sure about other corps. Once you get a little bit more progressed and have noteworthy stats you can look to get into better corporations.

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Thank you for the responses.


Has anyone made a chart or wiki detailing what gives drops in which zones? Or should I just shoot everything?

There is,on this forum

19 hours ago, BruTosGali said:

There is,on this forum

Could you help me out with a link or something? I’ve looked around a fair bit but I can’t seem to find it.


Well you beat me to it, I just updated it a bit and hopefully it will bring people up to speed with the ever changing OS, at this point I should look into a separate more detailed guide…

Ah yes, I had seen that, but what I was actually looking for was a guide to which enemies drop containers. When I was looking for a Singularity Cannon I spent hours on multiple days in the right zone, but wiping out the wrong enemies, and hoped to avoid going through that again.

Ah,wouldnt that be nice? ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) If getting those would be so easy then there would be no trade.

So, it turns out doing all the campaign missions put me a lot closer to Destroyer construction than expected, I could probably knock one out in the next week if I really bear down on it.


But since I’m pretty sure only the first one is easy, I’m wondering if I should skip level 8 Destroyers entirely, and go for level 11 or one of the Manufactured ships like a Singularity or Jaguar(hey, Tacklers are my jam). Currently, I’ll have to craft 5~7 parts across 2~3 types for level 8s, 7~9 parts across 3~4 types for level 11s, and about 14+ parts across all 6 types for level 14s, too long for my tastes right now.


Although I have one level 11 ship, an entry long range frigate, I had decided not to rank jump too quickly, and take my time, hence the Premium Part farming. This leaves me pretty credit flush, so most of the parts that don’t require Iridium to learn are fairly accessible. While trying not to rush, I do want to try a Destroyer, as it’s the only ship type I haven’t flown yet. Also it seems like I might be more useful on Special Ops missions with a Destroyer.


So, with that background, I guess my questions would be:


  • Would you recommend skipping level 8s for your first Destroyer?
  • How is building a ship without the Mission rewards helping hand? What the hardest/most time consuming part?
  • Is there a faster way to get Iridium than just doing timed contracts? Still eyeballing those Manufactured Fighters.
  • Er, I’m pretty sure I had more questions before I started writing…
  • Ah, right! Does the ranking of Federation > Jericho > Empire carry over across the different ranks?

Well, I guess that’s it for the moment. Thank you for your time.

Well it really depends on what tier you spend most time on, destroyers now are simple to make, if you exclude Ze’Ta, do stay away from that, it’s a very endgame ship, powerful but hard to get and even build right.


Not only that, but once you build your destroyer it’s not over, most parts will need to be manufactured afterwards. which is why I’m stressing that you need to make sure it’s on a tier you play often, going for the SP ships could be of more help in some cases, Singularity is great for PvP for hit’n’run as it has pretty much a perma-cloak that damage can’t reveal, but things like microlocators can, I haven’t tried Jag in a while but I heard it makes for a good brawler. The basic destroyers aren’t generally good for PvP and Open Space, they work in Co-op and PvE, but you can make amends with regular ships too.


Unfortunately there is no ultra-fast way of getting iridium, aside from contracts you have the daily rare-loot from post-battle, spec ops and rarely in Open Space, the example that comes to mind first is Woodlouse, but that’s a boss you shouldn’t take on unless you really know what you’re doing.

While we’re waiting for a new Patch Discussion topic to be made:


Just bought a new ship and great giggling gods, I had no idea how important the ‘Upgrade All’ button was until it was gone.