A new idea about the premium license

As the premium license that I got from DLC Loki 5 days ago from now, I finally gain that courage to put this idea out of my mind.

In very long term that premium license is only boost the owner’s reward bonus.

So could it be extended to the whole team or just four guys in PVE.

Of course, I don’t mean this idea must be with premium license.

I mean the new reward boosting system that for the whole team or a custom group.

Cause I want something to connect the old (high rank) and new (low rank) players more closely.

In some reason, I hope it could help new player has less difficulty to get started.

But mostly, I just want prevent the more AI in PVP battles. Cause I have already enjoy the feel of the inferiority of meat.

I hope Dev team can check it and inform me if this passage should be delete.