A little help with Jericho Command Fighters

damn, you are right, since when though :D? 


For a long time I guess. I remember running it on Katana S to make greater use of the speed when I was synergizing the ship eons ago.

I mean i think like there was a period of time where they were not available for purchase, while vets still had them from old days.

damn, you are right, since when though :D? 


Cap power relay was removed from t3 when lightweight, submatter, and coprocessors were removed from t3. (About 8 months ago I think, I could be wrong).

ions+ion warhead, heatsink x2, eb, em, thermal, cpu horizon or similar, depends on your ion ammo, shield+hull resi buff, valkyrie, 1 shield booster or speed for squads.

vernier or shared cooler is optional


you are definitely not as good with your command module as a energy regen command, but the katana-s is much more versatile, rounded, and therefore plays wonderful in a more offensive / range style. you can go for an energy fit, but then the promis are possibly a better choice.


stay near a team, keep cover near, since you dont wanna get primary focused at any time. you will quickly see the katana-s is a killer machine, and having two katanas in a team (ae and s) makes a very strong tackler-command combo.

I’de argue that Speed Buff, even in Solo random games, is better than 1 of resistance auras. 1-2 Well timed gravy buffs have won countless of games for me in random PvP.

Has the OP even checked out the Command Guide?

Has the OP even checked out the Command Guide?


Yes i have, it helped a lot but doesn’t explain the difference between Jericho and Empire Commands.