A Guide on the upgrade system for weapons and modules.


The latest update has brought important changes in terms of modules and weaponary. Module and weapon upgrades are now acquired through loyalty vouchers.

Weapon and module upgrade system has become clearer, and pilots can now easily monitor their progress in Star Conflict, both micro-aims and global objectives. Module upgrading is now more visual and most importantly, has become much easier! Especially for rookie pilots.

The process of upgrading modules and weapons:

All module upgrades from Mk2 to MK4 will be made for loyalty vouchers and credits

  • Upgrades to Mk5 level can only be done in the workshop. The pilot chooses which module he wants to upgrade and activates its research
  • After activation the module is placed in the appropriate slot on the ship. If the module is removed from the slot, the research process will stop
  • The player can research only one module at a time


The player starts earning loyalty vouchers in battles

  • When research progress reaches 100% the player can immediately improve the module’s level for credits
  • In order to accelerate the research, you can use the loyalty of the current factions. First the system uses the loyalty accumulated in the module, then the loyalty of the appropriate fractions


The research process can be accelerated with GS.

  • In this case, the system uses the loyalty in the module first and then the pilot pays for the missing loyalty
  • The cost of accelerating research with GS decreases depending on the number of missing loyalty
  • When accelerating research for GS the player receives the next Mk version of the module immediately without paying credits
  • Acceleration of research for GS no longer gives a bonus to the module’s synergy
  • Mk2 and MK4 upgrade kits will be removed from the game


Once the research is over you can upgrade the module to the next technichal level for credits.  


Please note! This is extremely important!

  • In case of stopping research, the progress is stored in the module and can be resumed at any time
  • The cost of research and price in credits will be adjusted

Obtaining loyalty vouchers



All current loyalty reward for completing missions will be preserved, the changes will affect only factional contracts and obtaining loyalty vouchers in battle.

New rules for completing contracts

  • While at the station, the pilot gets the opportunity to perform contracts of the two factions of the current hangar
  • One contract for each fraction will be available at a time, ie, Only two contracts at the same time[/space]
  • After completion of contract for one of the factions, the next contract will be available the next day
  • Your reward depends on the rank of the player
  • Loyaty rewards are transferred to the player’s account

Loyalty vouchers in battles

  • Loyalty vouchers are now available as a reward after battles in PvP, PvE, Co-op, Special Operations and SCL
  • Reward size depends on the following factors:
  • The winning team
  • Bonus of the ship with the module being researched
  • Global player loyalty bonuses
  • Premium license
  • The difference between the ranks of the ships the player is using in battle and the ship with the module being researched: the lower the ship’s rank, the smaller the reward
  • To get a reward you only need to activate the research on the ship. You don’t have to install the ship in a combat slot and use it in battle

All current methods of obtaining loyalty remain unchanged

  • Trophy search after battle
  • Trophy search in open space
  • Rewards for sending ships to war
  • Rrewards for participating in SCL

Obtaining loyalty vouchers

All current loyalty reward for completing missions will be preserved, the changes will affect only factional contracts and obtaining loyalty vouchers in battle.

Players will no longer receive Mk2 and MK4 upgrade kits

  • Previously obtained Mk2 kits in storage can be disassembled into components for the workshop or sold
  • Accumulated Mk4 kits can now be disassembled ONLY into iridium or sold


Remnant of the Precursor Culture, Iridium, is becoming one of the most important resources in Star Conflict. Iridium can now be obtained:

  • As a reward for owning locations in Sector Conquest
  • From trophy search by disassembling Alien Artifacts:
  • The player can salvage an artifact for Iridium for free, for GS or sell it
  • ]If the player salvages the artifact for GS, he will get more Iridium  
  • Artifacts can’t be put into storage

Iridium can be spent:

  • In a corporation on construction and improvement of Dreadnoughts
  • On special containers, which can contain rare items, such as weapons and blueprints of Mk5 modules, modules with a bonus to synergy, rare ingredients for the workshop