A few Suggestions I have

1 To have an open sector not only to do all the PVP in but allow worlds to go into to do missions and pick up parts do mining and some pvp in if come across other players. Like an open area to do many different things in.

2 To have an actually battle ground like you have now on its own. PVP the way it is is perfect I like the idea of it but maybe have open worlds as explained above and that you can goto that battle ground and fight with more players.

3 Clan sector for all clans to have their own station to house ships equipment and have living quarters in where you can interact with other players.

4 To have a clan battle ground to fight against other clans and have certain tasks to complete and win achievements equipment or even money and gold

5 Have a crafting shop where when you have picked up parts for missions or picked up from mining for example you use the parts to make custom weapons that are a little more in power than stuff you buy in the shop.

6 Jackpot battle. All company’s from all over the world take part in a monthly Jackpot event. This is split into a number of battles and the winners move into the next round. At the end they will be 2 players left to battle it out. The winner will win real Cash, game money ships equipment even gaming prizes tailor made for star conflict like winning a gamers mouse and keyboard and stuff that’s got star conflict on it. Runners up like top 100 will win smaller prizes.

7 Different view modes like close up long range cockpit view.

8 joystick and game pad. To allow use of would be amazing. I have been using a PS3 pad so far but cant quite get everything working with it. More controls and keys needed like customize key set as explained hope this comes in next set of updates.

9 Compare weapons groups when you have stuff installed on your ship and wanting to apply a new weapon it will show current status of installed weapons or shields ect and compares with the ones you are about to buy.

10 Game chat feature. To allow mic. Also to have clan chats. Option to make chat rooms for own company to join and use mic on.

11 Actual game play in selective languages. Everything so far I have heard in the game is in Russian. Any chance of English ?

12 An option to allow to access your desktop. A lot of games if you are in full screen mode you can press Windows key + D and it will take you back to your desktop while the game is minimized

Thats all I can think of right now. Thx for reading and would love for some of these ideas to become part of the game.

No jackpot battle plz.

This will make credits itens hiper expensives like Dark orbit.

And the game will be pay2win no free2play

No jackpot battle plz.

This will make credits itens hiper expensives like Dark orbit.

And the game will be pay2win no free2play

So your an old DO player then what server was you on.

from his location i presume he used to play on the Brazil server(or if he didn’t play it for some time, america global).

DO’s problem involves the stat difference between free and premium items though - not really jackpot battles(which BTW don’t happen on brazil because of its legislation)

i think most of this list could be in the game in the future, but we really dont need jackpot battles, this will make the game seems like a casual MMORPG, - Imersion , + Arcade

if we need credits, just make a group and go loot some pirates :smiley: