A few questions

My first question is about the launcher.

The game for me downloads incredibly slow sometimes as low as 5-10 kbs so does the launcher carry on from where it left off if i close and re-open it?

Currently it seems when I restart it tells me files are currupt and forces me to re-check them and then it seems to just start from scratch again.

Secondly when I registered I made my name as Arcane which it told me was availibale and even tells me now that it’s availibale if i try and sign up again but after signing up it changed my name to Arcane 1. Is there any reason for this?

I also changed my password on this site, but the main star conflict site still ask me for my old password.

Yes it will carry on from the spot you left. it will say that some files are corrupt but it will fix them.

As far as your name it maybe that it added the 1 due to another having a name like yours.

And as for pass word, that happens some times, as long as you can log in I would not concern your self to much over that.

If you want to change your password you need to go on www.yuplay.com

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