A few questions

Sorry for my not so good english :wink:


I have a few questions about the game. A few friends and me we play since a few weeks now this awesome game. BUT…


Why one of us can buy a t4 ship for 1,5mio credits and me i have to pay 1,7mio? The same with all other things like weapons and more. Looks like he get percents for all what he buy. 


Since the last update the repair costs are much more higher then before. Is it a bug or was it a bug before? Sometimes i fly a big t3 ship and die onetime. I have to pay 10k. Then next game i die 5times and pay 16k. Next game i die 2 times and 30k??? There is really really something wrong with the game at the moment.

Ships come in Ranks as well as Tech Levels.


Some faction/ship type combinations only exist at certain points. All Rank 7 ships cost the same, but Rank 8 ships are more expensive. Both of these are T3.