A Crazy Idea

Ok here is a idea i have been sitting on, as a Open beta player i stopped playing cause the game felt boring after awhile, and i came back to find new stuff that becomes boring after a few hours.


So here is crazy idea, it may even bring in new and old players.


Focus a little more on open space, 1. make it more friendly to lower ranks, and then add more missions, and yes what i am suggesting make open space into a open world rpg style, that way for those that get bored with the match making grind can go out and play in space cause some people like the open space feel. It shouldnt be all that hard you already have the Ai programming, open world programming. It might take a few months but with a few tweaks here and there you could-poll it off easy.

Your small suggestion can easily take a year to a lifetime of quality work and planning, taking into consideration that they don’t have anything else to do except this game.


But still, it’s a + from me on the suggestion because the main reason i play the game is because of the Open Space part and secretly hoping for a rework (which all say is coming soon).

Star Conflict will be always focused on PvP first, it was originaly PvP game. But the other game modes will have their attention as well  :012j: