A call to action

Quick disclaimer - the following in no way represents the views of the Steel Marauders, any of the pilots who fly in the Steel Marauders and should in no way damage their reputation, or the corporations. That is all…






I have been considering this for a while. I look at the tourneys, and i see a relatively good job. But, what can we do better?  Combine that with my lust to get this game competitive, and have a true esports coverage of games, i have come up with this idea;


Lets hold a tournament.


This will be entirely player run, organised and (possibly) funded. We will decided the maps, the game modes, the streaming, everything. And i would love for you to be in it! Whether its a big corp reading this (*looks at WPK, NASA, ESB, TUF, etc*) or an indie player, I want you to help make this great. I know many of you have been considering this, and SM have held exhibition matches before, so i feel this is a natural step forward.

There may or may not be prizes.
The game modes may be randomised.

There will be no tier restrictions, but we will come up with a system.


Whatever you guys thought could have been done better, lets do it. And maybe Gaijin will take a look at us and see what we do (Hey guys!). I have plans already set up and cross examined, but i need help.

So, please, if you are interested, post below. I’d love to get the big corps behind this. I think we can do this really, really well, completely democratically and setting a fine example.


Lets get the community wanting more. Lets make people care about watching our streams and making squads. Together, as a player base, we are unstoppable. As pilots, you lads/lassies are the ones people talk about in fear and awe. So, lets show them why.


Lupus, Marshal of the Steel Marauders

Wish there was a way to change the title.


From 'Royal Rumble!


To 'A Call to Action

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Damnit! I’m a Ghost! Remember soon when i’m coming back from Holidays i’ll join Steel Marauders.  :lol:

I Would like to participate, I will contact our CEO (WPK).



Might be better. Hell, I’ll even pitch in for the rewards, if need be.

Talk to me later, Lupus. We have been working on most of these things for a little while now, and just have not found all the people needed to make it happen yet, but you can expect something in the next couple of weeks.

it depends on how the teams look like and such other things, BUT. Rage is interested :slight_smile:

We’ve actually had top-level discussions on this very topic just after the official tournament. A few of the aforementioned corporations had similar views/concerns - though we are better to discuss this outside these forums with representatives of the corporations involved.


As for the actual event; WPK will fully support and actively assist any serious attempt within the community to make this a success. Enhancing the interaction and activity of the English-speaking corporations within Star Conflict is absolutely paramount. If we want EU/USA corporations to represent in a competetive manner and stop seeing the Russian ones dominate all tournaments, then this sort of activity is the right way forward.


WPK is able to host teamspeak, stream/commentate on matches, assist with organising and even contribute towards a potential prize for the winner(s).


I further echo the comments both of the WPK members above as well as my colleagues from Rage and NASA. If we get the right people and teams involved, with a fair ruleset which everyone can agree to - we’ve got an interesting event on our hands.

Well, i am absurdly happy to see so many people agree with this!


EvilTac, i am aware of the higher-up convos, i just wanted to put it out here, where everyone can see and comment. I think transparency will be very important to the success of this. But again, you guys have discussed this, great!


I’d love to be included, if possible :3 I really think that, as the sort of figurehead corps of the english community, we should take a bigger say in our players and our timezones, and this is a way to do it.


So, to conclude - im very glad to see other, better, higher players are thinking the same as i am,  and if i can help/give my opinion please let me know - i want to be a part of building this damn-good game a damn-good community.




It will happen. It’s only a matter of time.


It’s good to evaluate the impact of the new patch as well prior to drafting a ruleset. It looks like the impact of the changes is pretty significant.

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Especially this one *whistles* Lots of biiiiig changes. Weapons, missiles, hangars…

Sounds nice.

Intresting, ill talk with our other CEOs and see if we can get some staff on this topic.