A button to join the game after a disconection



would it be possible to have a button to RE-join the game after an internet crash?

That’s really frustrating when your connection crashes and then you are stuck in the menu without any way to join and help your team in battle.

And after the battle : no resources won due to the disconnection…



Thank you for your answer,



Genius idea

Fabulous idea! It’s definitely not something I’ve suggested a dozen times

There was a menu like this, I don’t know why it’s gone now. Maybe after this latest update? 

I remember about 2-3 months ago, being disconnected from a sec con game, completely exited the game and after logging back in, the ships were ‘in battle’ and there was a menu “would you like to return to the battle?” I was glad to see it, but on another hand the point was “why does it exist, instead of auto sending me into battle”… ? ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)