A bit of comfort

Two weeks ago our patch brought us two nice features: A new game mode called “Detonation” and the release on Steam.

Together with this new features we got many new players, new ideas, and of course new bugs.

We took our time to restore order and to draw conclusions from the experience we gathered.

As usual after a hard day, you want to sit down, relax, have a cup of coffee, in general – a little comfort.


Therefore in our new patch we have decided to share our mood with our players instead of causing another emotional meltdown. We want to bring you some comfort by adding a few long awaited features.

Now, upon receipt of each new rank in a faction, the player does not only get a simple notification, but this window:



As you can see, it is remarkable that there are not only new ships, but also modules and implants. Now you do not have to search the warehouse in order to find out what was unlocked by you.
Another, but not less useful and necessary change: Add a player to your friendlist or invite him to a squad has become even easier. Now you can call the menu with these options by right-clicking on a nickname in chat!

Fly, make friends, crush your enemies and have fun!

Yes! Thank you error, making friends and finding new items are easier then ever! Keep up the good work!

Yay! More fixes! :smiley:


But wait… Isn’t that window already there for quite a while? :blink:


Anyway, Thanks a lot for right-click friend/squad menu, that was definitely needed! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! More fixes! :smiley:


But wait… Isn’t that window already there for quite a while? :blink:


Anyway, Thanks a lot for right-click friend/squad menu, that was definitely needed! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it has been there since the last patch which has been on for a while now.


And there is no right clicking names in chat implemented…

Nice, thank you.

Nice addition with modules listed.


I think what people would like to see, though (from what I understood reading suggestions) is possibility to see which modules will be unlocked if someone decide to pursue certain faction career.


Say, if you mouse over certain faction rank in Contracts window - pop up (similar to what you presented) displays what modules and ships you are going to unlock.


Nonetheless, thank you for the update!

I have a few suggestions for this game.

I feel most of the players would agree to based on the chat loggs.

Weapon upgrades more often and cheaper to get. Change the current system by adding more MK I MK II MK III.
Instead of stopping at MK III or premium Go up from there MKIV MK V MKVI and so on for all upgrades.
Either make the scoring higher or reduce the cost of all items in similar spacing in prices.
Upgrades available more often makes this game more desirable to play.


This is the most important to me.
MAPS: The maps need to be selectable rather than fairly random.

Some of us like beacon mode, some us like detonation, some us like death match, and some like scenarios.

Sort game rooms by mode and map. Basically a server list like you see in most FPS games.

That would elimate the need for the server todo the match making, and leave the room decision to the player.

later on you can impliment settings to filter out, like rank minumums and maximums.

Example you click the list to select your mode it gives you a drop down and you select mode it takes you to a screen with a list of maps and status for that mode.

Then you select join to what ever one you prefer to play in.


And finally the payment system is just way to expensive. $20 for any single in game item is way to much.
I don’t want to pay much more than a dollar or two for any given ship and maybe 25 cents for any upgrade.
The pay to play option is to help you rank up faster than the free players.

I like this game, but the money system feels like I am getting hustled.


Thats my 2 cents worth. I hope some of it gets used. Esecially the map selection option and the upgrade and ship cost to income ratio.


Sorry to post this twice, but I realized the other place I posted this has not been used since 12.30.12 after I had placed the post.




WEI score 7.7. Game runs at 129 to 190 FPS at max setting 1920x1080p. Specs:

Gigabyte EP45T UD3P, Core Quad Extreme QX9650 3.6GHZ 12mb l2 cache, 16GB ddr3 PC3-17600 2200, Gigabyte Graphics card HD6950 384bit 3 GB, 1000 watt antec PSU

I agree with SumGuy. I think the money system you have in place is overpriced. If the reason behind why it’s so high is because you want to get your name widely-known, I’ll just say I’m behind you all the way! I’d love to see Gaijin as one of the larger game developers. But yeesh, tune it down a bit!


And I think I’ll just tip you off on this one: A lot of players are unhappy with with the specialist looting. I kind of agree with them, because we’re wasting money if nothing turns up. If we saw a module we really, really wanted, and it kept turning up, then each time we tried to extract it and fail we’re wasting money that should technically be refunded. I believe there’s a thread about this somewhere, but I can’t quite remember what It’s called.


Having a credit to GS system would be nice, just make it expensive (I’d say no less than 1000 credits to 1 GS). And Premium could do something more than just allowing you to advance faster (discounts, maybe? Less money for GS?).


Those are my thoughts. I really do want to be able to use my GS more efficiently!