90s free period in combat recon

I came back after a pause. I discover this 90s grace period for the captain in combat recon. I felt quite very shocked about it. Now I understand from where it come, sometime you get the wrong ship and need to change (but a 30s. grace period for abandon ship should be neough). Now with the 90s grace period I see captain make a rush with a small ship die stupidly (but doping damaged and spotting for their team) then respawn with a either a bigger ship or same ship and star playing normally. That why I think the system is not good as it is.

This grace period comes due to continious hot join, so people dont join the battle with already dead cap, or atleast reduced chance of such occuri g

This is to support the new match maker system that allow players to join games that are in-progress.

And to cheat players out of their “killed a captain” medal.

-1 again

Without this rule, vs. AI battles wouldn’t even last 90s…

Thanks for the answer, but still 90s is too long for me, killed the captain at 70or 80s…