6th implant

So, I use my Fox federation fighter with assault plasma. And I have to choose the 6th implant.

Choice is between: 

empire       7% bonus in main weapon damage

federation 50% more crit damage 

jericho      30% plasma projectile speed (as well as rail gun and 10% more laser heat but not important now). 


since I don’t have that 30% more crit chance from interceptor I think that fed implant is pretty much useless for me.
With 7% more dmg I could take care of those not moving frigates where the 30% more speed wouldn’t matter and all-round I would have greater damage.
But with 30% plasma projectile speed I could hit those interceptors easier.

As I type this, 7% more dmg looks better but requires grinding for empire levels.

anybody? please?

I use the 30% speed because I find that consistently being able to hit targets more reliably is more important than doing a little bit extra damage when you aren’t hitting all the time.


As for 50% crit damage, for this to be better than 7% flat damage (on average) you only need 14% crit chance. There are ammunitions and CPU mod etc you can get that give you higher crit, on other ships besides interceptor.

so it really makes a noticeable difference? 
I just feel as I don’t have enough firepower when facing a frigate. 

But thanks, you just made me switch from grinding the empire (just started) to grinding Jericho haha

What is the Pitch Axis? I cant figure out what that actually means


Definetely the 30 percent projectile speed. It will pay off in higher tiers. 

For the Empire! Go Damages!


(i’d say travelspeed if you use plasma…)