6900 GS not received. (and missed sale)

I bought 6900gs a couple days or so ago, using the new Gaijin system for buying ‘galactic standards’ in Star Conflict. I’ve sent a few tickets to support on Gaijin support, but no reply as such. The MAIN reason I’m calling this a bug, is because for something like this, ‘Victory’ Day’ sale, I couldn’t buy the 3 premium ships I really wanted in time. Simply because there is what I would call a bug, linking the Gaijin website to in game accounts. I’ve also heard similar problems from 5 to 10 other people, on even other transactions with Steam & ARC, finding the same problem. 


Ok so I’ve got 260gs currently, I can send a screenshot if necessary to prove I’m not just trying to rip someone off. Please help, my in game name is ssoImmaculate (Ultra). I really wanted to get Spark/Mauler/??? but it is over now… and I’m still at a loss… thanks Gaijin!.. (I checked throughly to see if the transaction had went through, etcetera. And it should of).



The support will answer as soon as possible, there is no need of sending multiple tickets on the same issue.

Please create a full bug report.