5th Special Module locked on Waz Got

Hi my 5th special module is locked. I unlocked the node but it glitched and did not unlock. When I restarted the game I was able to unlock the nodes after the special module and I unlocked the battle station node. But without the 5th special module I have less points meaning I cannot equip as many nodes as other wazgots in T5. If you check the video below you will see that I have 1020 points instead of 1250 even though I can access the rank 15 nodes this should not be possible without unlocking the repair drone operator module. I tried unlocking the special module again but it did not work. Here is the unlisted video as proof: 


On 8/5/2020 at 7:59 PM, Idal0117 said:

Here is the unlisted video as proof: 

Please attach game logs