50 SC Characters with funny tags

  1. **Hanchron** (Female body; Male body; Werewolf body; Rake body; Crystalline body; Bear body; Raharn-like body; Bion)

  2. **Raharn** (Stinger; Crystal Football; Cutest single eye ever; Crystal Creator; wise booger)

  3. **Kazmer** (Father of Destructors; undead; Maelstrom captain; hot guy; foundation founder)

  4. **Conrad Dimeni** (Ellydium scientist; horny for crystallids; Predator researcher; Purifier’s most beloved pet-slave)

  5. **Crystallizor** (Crystallid Predator; female human; Crystallid tamer; hottest girl; PB-42 fan; Hanchron’s psychologist; different sized horns)

  6. **Ellie** (Eternal engineer; Eternal Emperor’s adopted human daughter; creator of ship Bosco; Lollipop grenade launcher)

  7. **Dexter** (Chill knight; ghost of retaliation; raging peace; legion leader; Eisberg’s captain; galaxy explorer; possessed an armor)

  8. **Chsaron** (Core of the universe; peeking on everything; eye of the universe; free headpats; destroyed the Zero Point; creative mode)

  9. **Festus Morten** (guardian of Guardian; Maelstrom captain; Imperial fleet leader; somewhat fat; spaceship romance)

  10. **Moment Mere** (eternal age; shape-shifter; immortal black ooze; doesn’t know how to xxxx; melted asphalt; the first living creature)

  11. **Orlando Hector** (Jericho cultist; no birthday; captain creepypasta; man of Mendes culture; sick of sickle)

  12. **Jaguar** (Transformer (decepticon); singularity cannon-wrecking ball; punched out the eye of Hopshock; one-legged athlete)

  13. **Hestia** (human-like body created (Nuclear Wisdom Cube); nuclear weapon fan; turret is sensitive area; too ticklish; sometimes heterochromia)

  14. **Vhyzahr** (Claw; blue-Raharn; blue booger; Most beautiful single eye ever; warrior booger; Crystal football; Triton)

  15. **Lucas Horn** (cargo main; fat donut; shotgunned Mr. xxxx; man of prank culture; horny for beard)

  16. **Trackdown** (Transformer (decepticon); transforms into Antares; gangbang rockets; made Vigilant transformer deepthroat a fat wood)

  17. **Eric Holst** (ate a monkey; demoted to monkey; pistol carnage; sells pillows filled with condoms on the black market)

  18. **Hydra** (female human-like body created (Crimson Wisdom Cube); Malfunction Hydra; mother of droidrone army; network destroyer; Mega Emitter weapon)

  19. **Dwight Lang** (the party dude; destroyer trader; faps to fnaf jumpscares; grinch during christmas; uses landing platform on Invincible)

  20. **Zeta Gneisenau** (male human-like body created (Wisdom Cube); originally Liberator dreadnought; accidental creation; flirting with shipgirls; Dexter’s flagship)

  21. **Victor de Toro** (cyber-bullying Cybers; pump shotgun main; first to build a Ronin; red eyes after eating a ghost pepper)

  22. **Ada Sonex** (terminating Terminators; uses potato chips instead of seed chips; potato queen; uses RF blaster on Tormentor)

  23. **Lisa** (Tai’Kin (Darkness)'s pilot; galaxy guardian; Eternal Dawn founder; Crystal Arena (sector: Polygon) fighter)

  24. **William** (Thar’Ga (Plague)'s pilot; galaxy guardian; simping for Clair; Crystal Arena (sector: Polygon) fighter; bombed Giugar)

  25. **Kevin** (Waz’Got (Siegfried)'s pilot; galaxy guardian; simping for Lisa; Crystal Arena (sector: Polygon) fighter; destroyer destroyer)

  26. **Clair** (Ze’Ta (Chester)'s captain; galaxy guardian; possibly William’s future wife; Crystal Arena (sector: Polygon) master; dreadnought destroyer)

  27. **Connie Aren** (Hermes hater; doesn’t know how to flush the toilet; booger (Raharn) kicker; plays football with your balls)

  28. **Kyle Carran** (Styx Ace; master of bathroom martial arts; throwing knives; uses shrapnel cannon on Machete)

  29. **Ares** (God guardian; Nexus object’s guardian; legendary warrior; romantic ghosting; killed moth man)

  30. **Minnegard** (Transformer (no faction); legendary warrior, arm breaker; plays death metal for the rats in the sewer)

  31. **Hades** (God guardian; Nexus object’s guardian; underworld’s ruler; was simping for Hekkor (wtf); yeah boiii)

  32. **Agent Hermes** (unknown person; mysterious personality; explodes the sewer system; breakdance on the ceiling)

  33. **King Neptune** (King of planet Neptune; Neptune Libre founder; trident main; never breathes; blue crown boi)

  34. **Test Server** (Experimental AI; second best hacker in the galaxy; Crystallizing Crystallids; deletes your hentai storage)

  35. **Jubescus Theade** (Succubus Station’s designer; 100.000.000 years old; 4 arms; Moment Mere’s oldest friend)

  36. **War** (Immortal Warrior Spirit; thief stealing artifacts; Ares’s enemy; accidentally deleted Ragnar’s minecraft server)

  37. **Arthur Gage** (only sees in holo-glasses; spying on you; peeking in the changing room; UMC elite)

  38. **Captain Kidd** (Enclave captain; Skeleton Island captain; ask him “are you kidding me?” and you’re ded)

  39. **Rampage** (the second barman; uses Echo Cannon on Granite; DerpNukem’s slave; destroys bedroom; survived a duel with War)

  40. **Ragnar Fris** (data thief; using singularity cannon on Grizzly; skirmish spectator; lucky guy; stores credit in his pocket)

  41. **Jack Fris** (Ragnar’s brother; founder of Foundation Eclipse; fought in the Great Invasion Battle at Herculis-C (Hanchron earlier))

  42. **Reno** (Dexter’s best human friend; family member; Team Z member; often falls into portals; the attractive guy)

  43. **Samantha (Sandra)** (Rock’n’Roll fan; Amanda’s supporter; Black Metal Jarl - mhm, hot ship; loves snacks)

  44. **Amanda** (Rock’n’Roll master; destroyer of Eisberge Generators; fought in the Great Invasion Battle against the Colonies)

  45. **The Orb** (Predator Core; Purifier’s lil pet; Talking on Crystallanguage; cute but deadly; using crystalline drill)

  46. **Julian** (Glacier’s navigator; Dexter Legion officer; Reno’s best human friend; family member; loves dogs)

  47. **Finn** (Jaguar pilot; imperial mercenary; Festus Morten’s officer; Moment Mere’s buddy; Enclave hater)

  48. **Archangel** (Unbreakable Gold; Shiny boi; Chaos Demon; Aston’s Shadow; Starfang’s Opponent)

  49. **Aston** (forever 19 yo; Chsaron Demon; Girly look; Not xxxx; Unlimited xxxx; Grace’s second controller) 

  50. **Starfang** (Best hunter; undefeatable criminal; biomechanical thingy; Fang Flotilla Leader; King Dragon’s “father”)





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Sorry for bumping but that one 

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  1. **Captain Kidd** (Enclave captain; Skeleton Island captain; ask him “are you kidding me?” and you’re ded)


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