50% off Karud ship components = "Monocrystal" ≠ Karud's new F skill.

for some one who already have a “Karud” but want the new F skill “Weapeon systems sabotage”

don’t buy the 50% off “Karud ship components”, that will only give you Monocrystal.

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It is quite clear: they offer Karud ship components.

Bundles for this appear when you accept it’s spec module mission.

Those are the ship parts, not the spec mod ones, you have to accept the mission and at the bottom of it select “Buy”.

One more thing about that special module. It’s completely and utterly useless. I spent over 3 months to get it, only to found out that it’s practically a joke. What a waste!

Monos are good too lol

Lol. Sorry you wasted all that GS. XD


Ship parts are converted to mono once again? 

It makes sense since they dont drop from loot anymore, at least not all the times.

3 hours ago, Swifter43021 said:


Ship parts are converted to mono once again? 

no idea about that, only get these pices from my friend…

but looks like it works like this, if u already own the ship than u won’t get the ship parts from loot at all, and if u buy the GS bundles system will give u  “Monocrystal” instead of “ship components”

by the way,

“Karud components bundel” 563 GS = 18 Monocrystal


“Economy Container” 450GS =2 Moncrystal


“Contraband Container” 1575GS = 5 Moncrystal…

if u need more Monocrystal, than “Karud components bundel” is really really really a good deal.

4 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

Monos are good too lol

yes, best deal for Moncrystals…

but only for people who already own the Karud…

I do this when there is a deal on archelon u can get over 200 mono’s for few gs