3D modelling

I’m quite a Ace in 3D modelling, I’m creating some spaceships when I’m bored, or I have nothing to do, in Google SketchUp. When I first started I had no idea what I’m doing (I still don’t think I’m doing things like a pr0), but I like creating things, this is the way how I express myself or what. So I’m not actually good at this, but I enjoy it, and the reason of this topic is that I want to learn from those who also like modelling like me.

Some of my models (rendered ):

Celestial cargo carrier



My [almost]first model, the Aurora





couldn’t make renders of the interoir(don’t know how to add light), some textures could be messed up

Hornet fighter(couldn’t render this one)



Gear, engine, and the cockpit door(poor pilot)


Well the picutres look nice;)

What CAD program did you use?

What CAD program did you use?

Google SketchUp, it’s in my post, btw.

I like the first two best.

XD sry i meant the colors. i havent seen them in Sketch up.

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