3D model of Peregrine

This unusual Federation interceptor was designed according to special order from a certain patron, who wished to remain anonymous. The task was very simple: to use all the latest Federation technology in a small ship. When the first prototype of the ‘Peregrine’ was assembled, the engineers found that they simply did not have a sufficiently powerful on-board computer to control all the systems. But the project had to be completed, so the engineers had a tough decision to make. They copied biomorph technology and replaced all of the ship’s wiring with an organic neural network. The on-board computer became a bionic brain. Naturally, the vessel did not have a complete artificial intelligence, yet in testing it proved to be quite… predatory. The assembled ship’s blueprints have been donated to the Federation fleet and UMC.



by Star Conflict
on Sketchfab

Testing was “predatory” wow… >:)

Looks like VTOL



story is nice :stuck_out_tongue: also shaders are a lot more accurate now: looks like iridium strand on the background instead of the sunny bridge xD


EDIT: its definately iridium strand :smiley:
Also shadows makes it look even better :slight_smile:

weird thing: shadows change according to spectator perspective, is that intented?