3D model of Mjolnir

This ship's project got into mercenary hands due to a leak from a prototype lab in fringe sectors. Nobody knows the details for certain, but rumour has it that the lab had a spy, who used to sell secret blueprints to the highest bidders. ‘Zeus’ research group was assembled to study Alien tech and their efforts made this ship possible. Blueprints allow to assemble various modifications of ‘Mjolnir’ which makes it one of the most expensive and desirable vessels.


by Star Conflict

on Sketchfab

I have some kind of a love hate relationship with this ship model. At first I didn’t like it, but after playing some games on it, now I love it!

I would appreciate to have a Mauler model.

The Mjolnir is just gorgeous. So much detail.


One of the best looking space ships I’ve seen in any game (or film).


Have you tried 3D printing any of the ships?

Ahh, the Naboo starfighter…

What are the different options for the special ability?

I’m rank 15 with Fed and Jericho, but not Empire. So I can’t see the ship details.

Based on the Norse symbol of the same name which was Thor’s Hammer-



And a comparison.