3D Model of Jaguar

‘Jaguar’ was conceived as a research vehicle that could observe the behavior of Aliens in extreme conditions. The ship’s development was conducted simultaneously in several private laboratories. The project was led personally by Dr. Anton Pavlov, a well-known xenologist, Federation’s chief Precursor specialist. The first prototype showed top efficiency in the flight tests. Shortly thereafter, Federation’s government bought the laboratory that carried out the research through private investors, and ‘Jaguar’ got re-developed for military purposes. Pavlov immediately left the project, but by the time the bulk of development was already completed. When ‘Jaguar’ went into mass production, the Federation was forced to give mercenaries access to the ship, to somehow recoup the costs.



Now if only the engines moved that accurately in-game. Xp

FINALLY!!  :001j:


My favourite ship model!

Mine too, but too bad that we don’t have test-ride ability or lease option to test it out first.

Many would want to fly it, even if just temporary.

I hate jag, i have it, i’ m forced to use it in the fa***iest way sometimes. Please nerf the cruise engine

Many would want to fly it, even if just temporary.

My point is that this ship is worth to be something exclusive, a reward for hard work, not for all, even temporary.   

OMG I wanna blow some asteroids too  :005j:

OMG I wanna blow some asteroids too  :005j:


Me too! :frowning: I wish it were possible in invasion


There are some that you can push around btw, incertain sectors. but there is no way to blow them up :frowning:

Nice, but Bear is still my favorite model.

Oh lions, tigers and bears!