3D model of Frigate ‘Executor’




The Council of Families rarely exhibits anger, but if you fall into disgrace, be prepared to see one of the executioners on your radars, and they will carry out the sentence. For people like these, progressive Jericho minds designed the ship Executor.


The sentence passed by the Family Council is usually a death sentence, and none of the convicts seek to meet with the executioner. Therefore, the ship is equipped to catch the offender, slow him down, stretch the moment of agony and of awareness of the act, give him a couple of seconds for repentance as a gesture of mercy, and then quickly destroy him.


Star Conflict Team

beautiful model, but the picture looks so grainy.

5 minutes ago, inyazserg said:

beautiful model, but the picture looks so grainy.

Click at the ‘Model inspector’ button then ‘No post-processing’.

But I wonder if the council got access to the special module when they built the ship…


But more seriously ship design is really well done!

That’s really Asymmetric…