3-D model FWA SeC-45 "Wolf mk.II"

Technological innovations of Scott en Cott, which are used in the civil aircraft SeC-9 “Wolf” attracted Vanguard command so that - their leading engineers were sent to the Design Bureau SeC to share experiences and afterwards there was a special programm dedicated to that matter. The result of this program was the SeC-45 aircraft “Wolf mk.II” - which is perhaps the most common model among Vanguard combat units.


FWA SeC-45 "Wolf mk.II" by Star Conflict on Sketchfab

Ahh, my favourite fed ship model. However, preview materials looks very plastic, similiar to survivability that ship has :stuck_out_tongue:

The paint on it is just so ugly…

but that’s my opinion :<

OOOOoooooo we should be able to test-fly these! *makes thread*

The 3D models and backgrounds for the 3 craftable ships should be done next (preferably Mjolnir first XD)

*cough* https://sketchfab.com/star_conflict