2022 Main Storyline - Somnium Iter "Travel through Dreamworld"

The northeastern side of the galaxy, one of the most mysterious parts of the ‘Lost World’ region. The Dreamworld is home to many anomalies and spacetime anomalies, as well as very active Crystallid, Droidrone and Pirate activity. It is home to the most feared hunters, the Super Cyborgs, once created from humans by the Nexus Guardians, who are incredibly resistant and every little part of their body is a separate device, weapon or module. Created with the most advanced technology in the galaxy, the cyborgs have conquered human planets and stations to form larger armies of cyborgs like themselves. The dream world also contains Crystallid nests, Pirate Stations and Droidrone factories. One of the most promising features of the region is the large amount of milium found here and the fact that space has been able to be fractured here on several occasions, providing gateways for objects and creatures from other worlds. This is how drones, vehicles and fleets from alternate worlds, as well as asteroids containing very rare materials have been brought here…
An unstable part of alien space which, although in another world, is located in the same place as the Dreamworld - this is the cause of the constant conflict between the two parts of space. The aliens fracture the space, creating a gateway between the 2 worlds until the gap gets closed. Certain alien devices and objects are able to fracture space in a spatial shape, which if successful, will cause the objects within the spatial shape to switch places and move to the other world. The most dangerous space-breakers are the Mine Leviathans, which break space around themselves in a Jupiter-sized sphere, transferring large sections, fleets or even the gates of Shining to this world. In the event of a successful switch, the Mine Leviathan will be returned to Transaction, and the object there will be transferred to the Dreamworld.
’Planet Smonn’
Planet Smonn, located on the edge of the Dreamworld, is a planet undergoing terraforming. Half of it is already terraformed, but the other half is not yet fully habitable. The planet Smonn is the main station for the Nexus Guardian and human fleets that provide supplies and assistance to the object at the centre of the Dream World: The Dreamworld Citadel.
Dreamworld’s Center: 'Dreamworld Citadel / The Core’
The object at the center of the Dreamworld is a city built on the dead remains of a Crystallid Citadel. Begun centuries ago by a mining colony, it has become increasingly modern and the pieces of the Crystallid Citadel have been replaced by elements built from mundane materials. So now it is made entirely of mundane materials, and the pieces of the Citadel have been used up or removed. The vast space city is home to about 10 million people, and another 10 million people visit the city frequently for one reason or another. There are many large fleets around the station, and a shield around the city, but the constant attacks by the aliens weaken the station until it is weak enough for the Transaction’s Center to launch its final assault.
Transaction’s Center: 'Massgrave / The Dome’
The Transaction’s center is a Leviathan that has been split in two, the two parts of which are surrounded by a strange space storm-looking cloud, and which may have been destroyed in battle during the Precursors’ extinction. This Leviathan was one of the last Bions in the Transaction world to be converted into a Leviathan, and the damage to it suggests that the Precursors trapped in this world destroyed the core of the Leviathan and with it billions of Crystallids and Biomorphs in a final battle, but it also cost them their lives. The Massgrave’s core, however, was not completely destroyed: it broke into 5 larger pieces and tens of thousands of shards, but the aliens continue to gather around it, making the zone increasingly active. It seems as if they are repairing the core of the Leviathan of the Massgrave… Which, although it may never be complete, may still have enough power to switch the Massgrave with the Dreamworld Citadel, thus relocating itself to the Dreamworld…