2 critical bugs related to voucher system?

Bug report:


Bug 1:

What happened?

When I wanted to update a new Rank 15 Destroyer modules that I bought, that means Mark 2, 3 and 4 variant, I got very confused!

All that was required, is the credit price for those upgrades (Mark 2,3,4) It DID NOT SHOW ME the REQUIRED LOYALTY, but it SUBTRACTED it anyway!

What should happen?

Additional cost  in vouchers should be displayed as well!




Also, when I upgrade something, there is no notification for such item in the notification screen in top-right corner of the screen, but this is not a bug, just incomplete system for upgrade notifications that should tell you, if you upgrade any Mark item with all required currencies! Should be in a suggestion list, but could be viewed as a flaw or incomplete design for upgrade notifications.


Bug 2: (may not be a bug, but a good feature was removed!)




What happened?

Icons for the modules no longer directly show the required affiliation of factions and sides on the module interface, if you are upgrading your modules on a ship in hangar.

You can only see it, if you check for the upgrades after clicking on the arrow mark at the end of module interface.

May not be a bug, but before we had a better and more organised visual system!

What should happen?

Icons for each available module in the slot should have a faction and a side icon visible directly in the interface!


Logs: (check them and also check server logs on your side for my Profile)

2016.10.04 12.02.55.zip


I would love seing voucher cost too for “bug” 1.