10k GS gift and few more questions

I’m thinking of spending few more bucks on the game, and i’m thinking about few options.

I have 3300-10.000 until a gift, but it’s not explained what that gift actually is. Any insight on the said gift is appreciated. I’m thinking of getting 6900+4485 GS pack but I don’t even know if bonus GS will be counted for anything.


There are some massive bugs in the game that were around for a long time, like teleport interrupted, OS balance, PVE LRF’s that are just plain broken and have been that way for years etc … Are there any plans to actually ever fix any of that or will game just limp on as it is?


Are parts for R14 dessies really available only once a year? If so I have no intention of waiting for 9 months for another new year event and I sure as hell wont waste that much GS on one…


Will devs ever care to fix lag issues? I’m tired of getting killed by shots I clearly dodged.


Will higher tier PvE ever be doable on non cheat and non bug exploiting ships? I like using my engineers but they are just dead weight now on T4/5 PvE and OS, one shot by anything …


The “gift” is a container that has ransom worthless crafting items.


No “fixes” planned.


You can get dessy parts in the player market.


“lag” is your problem.


No. High tier PvP will always require some meta of exclusive ships to complete.