1 offer, 3 prices. Different prices on HP, ingame and shoppage!

Just found some mistakes.


Ingame and website prices say different things!


Ingame for 3000: 11.65$

Website for 3000: 10.50$


And if i click on it, i get redirected to http://online.gaijinent.com/story.php?title=Star-Conflict_1250_100-%28bonus%29-Galactic-Standards which says 10.33 € (EURO!!) which is 13,8996$ as of today.




Seems to be messed up!

Rate of exchange making this more expensive in Europe is really annoying

Just get a foreign IP :wink:

I want to pay for a Month but not at this injustice!!

Devs, do you plan to repair this injustice?

We european players are sick and tired of being taken for fools by the gaming industry!!


I want to support your project, really I do, but it won’t be at this unfair cost.

How can you justify this??

Do you think we will just forget the dollar-euro exchange rate ??

1€ = 1$??? WHAT A JOKE


Be fair, or european players won’t buy much from you and may leave the game massively.

Despite the rather outlandish claims that European players will leave by the droves because of this, it would be rather nice for the publisher to soak up the exchange costs. $10 to $13 because of our currency exchange is a bit harsh on the paying customers.