1.4.5b Interface issues

Problems are:

  1. iridium, credits, GS… values don’t have right font on them


2)Vounchers values don’t update in Missions menu


3)Ship tree is shrunken


  1. there’s suspiciously big gap between upper pannel and top of the menu (in missions and ship tree)


Tell me what else I need to send you



I’m not having it any better:



They need to do some more resizing, and place the vouchers back in the top bar, I don’t mind the letters for the numbers, they could M for millions and B for billions too, or an option to choose between the number displays, from normal(numbers only) to shortened(numbers and letters).

The scroll bar of the missions is goes over the screen ![:alien2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/alien2.png “:alien2:”)

Top left corner… what time is it?


it feels like opening low resolution app on full screen which has 3x res of that app




Welcome in the past:

Before with UI scale at min in 1080p



With UI scale at max in 1080p:



We’re going backward…