1.3.12 Open Space - Attack Drones only deploy once per sector

In the 1.3.12 Update when using either bought or crafted Attack Drones, the drones will only deploy once per sector and will not redeploy once destroyed.  

Temporary work around in open space is to jump thru a gate and then jump back.  

The message that maximum number of drones are deployed (2) is displayed even though the timer on the missile bay has reset and no more drones are being controlled.   

Problem occurs both with bought drones (on Hydra for example) and with crafted drones from the workshop.

The issue was first spotted in Open Space but also appears in PvM and PvP missions when using attack drones.

It was always that way and i don´t think it is a bug.

no.   Attack drones now only deploy once, even after cartridge reload.

They are missile bay devices and 2 are deployed per cycle, then cartridge resets.

If 2 are active, no more can be deployed, but now if the first 2 are destroyed, no more can be deployed at all making the missile bay a dead slot now. 

attach logs and wait for skula to review this.

Attack Drones do not redeploy.zip

Log files attached.

All updates applied.

Single sortie into Open Space, multiple sectors, Mendex, Stripped Deposits,Outpost, Gas Harvest, Iridium Haul, Mining, Mendex.

Attack Drones on a Jericho R14 Tackler, workshop crafted for the logs.

Attack Drones can be deployed once, then when destroyed can not be deployed again even when cartridge is reloaded 

System responds with the message the max are already deployed.

Is issue repeated now?

No Skula.

It was corrected it in the #3 patch.

Thanks for addressing the issue.

I love my drones and missed them.