1.1.8 Constant crashing

Hi Skula


I have today just finished playing PVE the game crashed 3 times, first when the game begin, then i used a Duplicator and the game crashed again, then after the game completed and during the prize awards the game crashed, please reimburse me the lost Duplicators I am unable to maintain my supply of duplicators due to the frequency of the game crashing.


This is not through any fault of mine, the game was not crashing prior to upgrade.


Please advise what you are willing to do cover my losses, and also when you will fix this problem


I have copied the game.of file from my library\application support\star conflict\game.log

Please advise if this is not correct, also advise which other files you require, thanks, please remember I am using a Mac computer


Thank you 



[game.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9753)

For crashes, upload exceptions folder logs, too.


&nbsp;<user> \Library\Application Support\Star Conflict\Exceptions

Hi Deluvas


I have checked my computer and looked for the file as you suggested however on my computer I don’t have an exceptions file or folder at that location do you have any suggestions as to where else it may be located ?


Happy to provide a snap shot of my Star Conflict folder in Application Support if that would help.


Thanks again for your help



It isn’t needed log. Your log consist sucsessfuly end of game.

Please, attach log, which created at the crash moment.


Also, we know about one problem with finishing PvP/PvE. Try to turn off voice chat in the game options.

Hi Skula


I have edited first message please check game.log file from today as above game crashed three times in 1 PVE game.