Questions to the developers Summer 2019

M’kay then how about this one:

Is anything ever going to be done about AoE spam on beacons?


Beacon denial is far too easy currently with some modules denying beacons for massive amounts of time and certain weapons being far too effective at denying beacons.


For example;

Gravitational lens shuts down beacons for 15 seconds at a time and due to its popularity it is common for more than 1 person to be using this module in one match.


Hazardous veil deals  20 thermal damage a second  in a 1500m radius for 15 seconds, basically denying the beacon for as long as a gravi would but without the pull.


Crystal destabilization blocks beacons for 6 seconds


Crystalline suppressor blocks beacons for 6 seconds


Pulsar can block beacons for 12 seconds.


Look you get the point. Beacons are easy to deny and its absurd because there are four game modes oriented exclusively around beacons.


Easy fix: make only primary weapon damage count towards blockage.

Will there ever be rank 15-17 pirate modules?


Just uh… curious. Would kinda spice things up a bit. Maybe.

is there a way to request a deal like the 50% GS bonus we just had? i want to spend the money while i have it since i wont be able to in the near future.

Psst - Orca. Does the new Destroyer have a charged precision weapon?


Ahem that aside - are the development team aware of why the Ze’ta is so popular/considered the only viable choice in the current version of the game?


The AoE bonus field and module destruction mechanics have been ignored in such a way that the older Destroyers (rank 8 + 11 and poor vigilant) have been long considered outdated. Are there plans to change this or is there the possibility for plans to be made to fix such a problem?


Are there plans to touch up Wolfhound (or archangel specifically)?


is the development team aware of how broken energy converter is?


Are there plans to change/rework/nerf e-con?



Well that’s overall depressing news for PvP.


…Okay then how about this one:

Are there any further changes slated for Plasmatron?
Are there any changes/fixes for Dag’tnith or does that bug need to be reported for the 12th time?

Hi everyone,
Is there a possibility for the “black ghost” to be available all the time? so that players who bought it could play it even if halloween event is finish. 
I think it could be a great idea, many friends of mine like this ship a lot, a cool design, a cool special module, really nice animations…

Sincerly, Sogh.

Will transports be killable again? I hope someone didn’t whine about it just to ruin the fun for others who like to space-pirate sometimes…

will there be more color with material effects or just more color?like the purple on tier 4 weapons,golden,porcelain white,neon color ,metal color and so on



and why only old maps in pvp

there is the other maps?

depot 15

north-star crash site 





excavation site no6

abandoned complex

where are they???

only a few maps make boring pvp(

Hi there,


Let me start by saying that this game is great and is enjoyable.


Here are some questions. Just asking. Not a problem if these will not be considered.


  1. Will the appearance of the Berserker Ship be fixed (Decal Size and Cockpit Design)
  2. Is it possible to add other players to a Hit List with rewards
  3. Is it possible to make Dreadnought Battles like Skirmish or PVP
  4. Is it possible to make 3 Unique Modules for Premium Ships
  5. Is it possible to make Ship Specific Modules (For example the Hindenburg Supercharge that deals additional 25,000 Damage to Destroyers)


Please just Post to this reply or Message personally if there are any clarifications that needs to be made






Позвольте мне начать с того, что эта игра великолепна и приятна.


Вот несколько вопросов. Просто спрашиваю. Не проблема, если они не будут рассмотрены.


  1. Будет ли внешний вид корабля Берсерка фиксированным (размер деколи и дизайн кабины)
  2. Можно ли добавить других игроков в список хитов с наградами
  3. Можно ли сделать сражения Дредноута, такие как перестрелка или PVP
  4. Можно ли сделать 3 уникальных модуля для премиальных кораблей
  5. Можно ли сделать специальные модули корабля (например, наддув Гинденбурга, который наносит дополнительный урон 25 000 разрушителям)


Пожалуйста, просто напишите на этот ответ или сообщение лично, если есть какие-либо разъяснения, которые необходимо сделать



Hi, / Привет,


Thanks for the reply. / Спасибо за ответ.

  1. Will the appearance of the Berserker Ship be fixed (Decal Size and Cockpit Design) / Будет ли внешний вид корабля Берсерка фиксированным (размер деколи и дизайн кабины)

Here’s the screenshot of the Viking, / Вот скриншот Викинга,




Storm Viking, / Шторм Викинг,




Jarl, / Ярл, 




Then here’s the screenshot of the Berserker / Тогда вот скриншот Берсерка




Noticed that the Flag size is big on the Viking, Storm Viking and Jarl. It looks small on the Berserker. / Заметил, что размер флага велик на Викинге, штормовом Викинге и Ярле. На Берсеркере он выглядит маленьким.

Also noticed the cockpit design - is that the intended design? / Также обратили внимание на конструкцию кабины пилота - это предполагаемый дизайн?


Thanks for the time in replying. It is really appreciated (Used Yandex Translate)


Спасибо за время в ответе. Это действительно ценится (Используется Яндекс Перевод)


6 hours ago, erictan920 said:


You can also post on the Russian forum (in Russian ofc). So you don’t have to use a translator.

Is there any information/timeline relating to the “Coming Soon” empire engineering ship?

Any dev blogs comin up?

Will the cost of Ze’tas rank 15 branch get tweaked eventually (I don’t have to elaborate on this one)
Will players ever get to manufacture/control the experimental Destroyer aka Wood Louse?

There are quite a few maps that are PvP only. Will they be added to Open Space in the future? Some of the maps are:

  • Depot 15
  • Omega Station
  • Huron Base
  • Proving Ground Nova-17
  • Terminal D
  • Pilgrim 11
  • House of the rising sun or whatever it’s called

So when will the bots be removed from PvP?

I was also wondering about when Destroyers would be allowed to travel at normal warp speed again and when they will respawn in a normal time.


Also when will the bots be removed from PvP?

Why do portals yield so much more influence than regular conquest?
Why are portals only once a day and not every 12 hours?
The current version really screws certain time zones out of the materials earned from fighting in portals - for instance, portals happen at 3 am for me.


Are there any potential upcoming destroyer balance changes?

If not are the balance team willing to listen to suggestions regarding large changes?

Is the price of the rank 15 Ze’ta branch nodes going to go down _ ever _?

Most of these nodes aren’t even worth their cost. It’s just insulting.

So, another question. Will crystal neocortex and archeocortex be removed in the future?

1. will developers receive the suggestions in “suggestion” section? and how often they receive them?


2.why zeta’s r15 node was soooo expensive? when will its spending be reduced?


3.why not give phaser’s ball a prediction mark? the speed of ships now was so fast and because of ping, aiming assistant and ship maneuver its too hard to hit that ball

2078512127_2O23VRUOV5OUVEOOUY(F.png.de3fcc64a2738eb211c16d86fb19a1c1.png crystalline suppressor designed for make a void zone to “scar” the enemy??? why it will explode when it is still 800m away from any target???



5.we need more kinds of color (#v#)!!! 


 especially a darker black and a brighter white




and some color with a special texture


also some glowing color




6.the mode select UI last year is very nice, will they be reworked then use again ?(also the ui and font now need a improve )



7.About Chinese translation. our volunteers(v2357) said developers didn’t reply them for a long time. and there are toooo many bugs in the translation now.

(if the Chinese translation can be completed. there must be a large number of RICH Chinese player play this game(but may too much…) )




also thanks all developers for develop this cool game)))