Question Thread

We know that open world is wanted by many players, but it is a completely different system so during the beta there is no chance to think about it. Perhaps somewhere in the future.

For quests I think there was an answer in one of the devs posts When I remember right some little quests will be added later.

Well what you could do is for open world when game is released start a beta off for that for people to test and see how it progresses :slight_smile:

At the moment it is hard to make plans for that first we need to finish the basic;)

Greeting pilots! You can post your questions here or in this topic. Answers will be the next week!

without pve in the game the only point to open world is practice, which this game kinda has but people are not always in same practice zone

you guys add more ship in this game? example: Cruiser,battleship,dreadnaught,carrier ? more tier system (Tier 10-15) maybe Titan class ship why not? like Eve online.

Big ships = awesome battle.

Big enough?

Big enough?

Next question:


Big enough?

this ship is only for clans.not for normal battle!