I was flying around and from all of sudden...

Yesterday night I farmed open space for 3 hours. Minerals, cargo, mc all in the “right” sectors. All i’ve got was 4 neodium plates and no berillium.

Then i decided to buy one container… You know “momma needed a candy after cooking all day”: got nothing but silicons… So happy.

I’ll never understand the hype. If the game doesn’t want me to play, I won’t. It’s that simple. The only reason why the crafting system is like it is, is that the devs get away with it.

Imagine they release rank 14 destroyers, and after 1 month only 5 people on the server have one.

Yeah, crafting requirements (in time units) would drop really fast. It’s not in their interest to release something that nobody uses.

As long as I see “X has crafted Y” in chat every 5 minutes, nothing will change. Your power is in your actions, not in your complaints.

Ok times up,I’ll spoil the area:

Its the Abandoned Complex you skrubs.

I just got bored and look through my logs when I spied this:


21:13:33.062  CMBT   | Looted ‘ow_Lezortium_ore’ from ‘LootCrate_T5_Mineral’


Beryllium is called Lezortium in the logs… GG.

I just got bored and look through my logs


Do you do this often?  :fed007:


I guess this was its initial name before they changed it to beryllium XD

I still love looking through the immediate combat logs and all of the ship/weapon/module names. I really wish the in-game combat logs still showed this.