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  2. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    I see so much confetti going on lel
  3. Since all the iridium is sitting in the corp bank not moving anywhere, there are a few ideas that came to mind. Use the corporate iridium to buy off the caches, open them and store them in corp bank of items where the leader can distribute it to its members on demand but once opened by corp iridium these items cannot be sold. Based on the overall activity of the given corp, the system would calculate how much iridium all of that activity combined is worth and then either a) evenly distribute it to all its members or (10k iridium, 10 members of corp, each get 1k free iridium for their monthly effort) b) give each member that sum of iridium at the end of a month or week.(in this case the overall corp iri gain would be smaller but it wouldnt be divided among members) This is a random solution to fix the confusion of the 50 corp iridium mission when people think its theirs, the overflow of corporal iridium in general and probably a nice addition to the social aspect of the game where players are somewhat rewarded for enduring the presence of others no need to be nitpicky on this topic around numbers fyi
  4. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    Not sure that will help :/
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  6. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    Tactical use against intys and speed fighters.
  7. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    Yes because other ship class will just use this as a bonus aka dessy, frigates.. lol on the waz'got... na this module is a bad idea
  8. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    In an interceptor
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  10. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    Lol right
  11. Crimson Solace [CRS]

    Almost everything is fully established in CRS, gotta say im proud of my corp mates and the effort they put in various modes. KUDOS! I would like to encourage other players to join us in hopes of getting better/progress faster and have fun in-between, your fellow mammal #bows
  12. Tournament "Old School" T5

    heh, did t5 even ever exist so oldschool like this?
  13. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    Not with >200ms ping
  14. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    we can still control a ship even with a 200% boost ^^
  15. Purple spots should be reserved for Iridium only. Iridium is more valuable and common than Iridium these days. If you need more Enriched monocrystals, you can claim rewards from Dreadnought sectors, with Tokens, provided that you have one or more of them.
  16. Alternative Game Development

    Cruiser capture could be different from current capture modes: The cruiser would be hostile to both teams but still players would be "forced" to get close and fight cruiser weapons and enemy team at the same time. Maybe it would not be allowed to capture the cruiser but certain capturing points on it. So, cruiser weapons would always shoot at the teams. And cruiser weapons should be hard to destroy of course. And it should have a shield that would prevent its weapons being gunned down from longer distances. I would like to see this mode or something similar in game because I really liked those pvp battles when alien ships showed up and this one with a 3rd party involved could be mush like that but more fair. (as you know aliens were quite unfair and often attacked only one team). I still liked it because it completely changed the pace of the battles often making both teams play it nice and deal with aliens first. Team battle with cruiser would be more of a SecCon mode getting more corporations with low iridium income involved too. In pvp I don't want to put the main focus on the cruisers anyway. Cruisers could have a few main functions: Providing a spawn point for the teams. Being able to "undock" (spawn next to docking bay) would be nicer instead of just popping up in the middle of nowhere. Other function of a cruiser could be the spawn point protection. Heavy turret fire could prevent mass murdering at spawn, which can be really disheartening. Another thing I would like to see in game is some kind of area control feature. I've already had suggestions for that... somewhere. In this case the cruisers would shoot each other (like in seccon) and release all kinds of missiles, beams, projectiles, drones, you name it with friendly cruiser fire enabled. Of course the two teams should fight between the cruisers so this would require extra awareness of their surroundings. But, yea. Keep adding your thoughts because it is much easier to brainstorm that way than solo.
  17. new class idea

    Yes, it would not work with current ship designs. But a completely new class/role could use this idea. Hmm, I think I got something new for cruisers....
  18. Updating Prices

    Please, use the Search function next time.
  19. Destroyer - Pyro Emitter and firing angles issues

    I agree. I poked the developers several times about this. Same goes for Pyro Emitter that does 0 thermal damage to the Shell and Core in Spec Ops - Destroyer.
  20. @Skula1975 Please, fix this bug. It will make destroyers a bit more balanced. Thank you. / Спасибо.
  21. new class idea

    Each ship I believe has a set number of weapons hardpoints, as well as module hardpoints. For example, the Long Range Frigate has 6 hard points, and all of them are occupied. A guard frigate has the same number of hardpoints but only has 4 occupied by weapons. It would be prohibitively costly and time consuming on Gaijin's part to upgrade each ship's 3D model to incorporate more weapons hardpoints. It's definitely a fun idea though!
  22. I had already provided Launcher's logs in my second thread (thread posted at the end), and I also about where you can find them. However, here is/are the newest one. Regular logs: 2017.11.18 Launcher's logs: DxDiag: What else can I do?
  23. The EOC-22 "AfterBURNer" [Module]

    Name: The Afterburner Type: Active Module for tacklers Energy: 90pts/s Range: 5,000m Tooltip: The locked target is given a tremendous speed and manoevering boost in effort to get them to lose control and crash. Speed is held at 700m/s and turn speed is increased by 1000%. While the target does not use their afterburners, their hull burns by 600pts/s.
  24. Developer blog from November 16: Command Fighter Update

    look like ppl want everything at once :/
  25. Custom Screenshot!

    Daily Screenshot!-->By PapyMcBites
  26. Glazer Beam [Weapon]

    Name: Glazer Beam Type: Primary weapon for frigates Damage: 2,350 Thermal/s Range: 4,000m Tooltip: A unique laser that is built for frigate pilots who often find themselves in a one-on-one with tough enemies. As the laser is kept on the target, their armor is melted and smoothed around the impact angle. This increases damage that the user deals tremendously, but reduces the damage that their allies can deal to the target. Enemies destroyed by this laser release a large explosion of hardened hull projectiles that deal kinetic damage to enemies around them. Has a very small angle of tracking.
  27. Every role is getting bunch oh mods, weapon and actives. About 200 in total. Its just so happened commands were blogged 1st
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