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  2. autonomous station balance

    a duration boost would be nice at least
  3. "Oops" insurance

    this almost feels like a joke
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  5. Buff Regenerative Coating

    Added for review.
  6. Buff Regenerative Coating

    It barely does anything even on Jericho interceptors, it needs a buff, but we already have the multipurpose shields so it should be useful on the other factions, not only Ellydium.
  7. "Oops" insurance

    Once you month you should be able to use "oops insurance" to "de-craft" any item that you mistakenly put materials in to. Such as high-rank Elly items. I want my 80 monos back, you hooligans.
  8. Buff Regenerative Coating

    If it must be OR, I pick the percentage based regen one. Energy is useful but cmon. At least buff the actual function of the module.
  9. Buff Regenerative Coating

    Eh I use it on my interceptors and Tackler fighters, still quite useful. It's saved me at ton on my Hyena so it works in those cases. Really it should be AND instead of OR? sheesh. I'm not buffing stuff enough (pun intended).
  10. Waz'Got "Gravi-Wave" Issue

    Actually you are able to Gravi-Wave someone to death while they are having full shield. The one shot however seems to depend more on how many times the Ship bounces + if they are not properly implanted/slotted (as an example Jericho Multipurpose shield).
  11. autonomous station balance

    Well than there is also the Emergency Repair Station which gives everyone in range the benefit of the Resistance buff. Till it's expires or Heal someone due someone in range ( Ally or Engineer) is under 25% hull.
  12. Thar'kth vs Thar'ga'tok advice

    Wiki is open for edit to all of you.
  13. Thar'kth vs Thar'ga'tok advice

    Can we put this in the wiki or something. This is fantastic info.
  14. Why leveling Elly in this game isn't fun

    Ohhhhhh ok I thought it was like the second spec mod where it healed shields too.
  15. autonomous station balance

    Heal auras heal for 6 seconds Heal auras proportional to your current energy + maximum energy Your top energy value requires you to sacrifice shield tanking slots that help you survive Your top energy value requires you to allocate cap slots for regen/volume, while they could be used to boost Eclipe's Fire rate with heat sinks Stations heal more in total for a single target, Stations are not affected by any of the things above. You will have much easier time recovering a destroyer with heal stations + boosted eclipse. Heal auras overheal inties and fighters and then there is no healing after 6 seconds
  16. Thar'kth vs Thar'ga'tok advice

    mid-long yes, it is kinda hard to operate in close range. Definitely not a 1v1 gun. For charges, aiming reticle used to have 3 steps distinctively telling your charges, but now it is more gradual, so it's arbitrary by guts
  17. Buff Regenerative Coating

    yeah, regenerative coating is just a gimmick-y modifier the way i see it
  18. but, i don't get why you suggest these things, we know they will never exist, they will require GS not credits if anything. devs are too greedy
  19. Thar'kth vs Thar'ga'tok advice

    Sounds like there's a lot of stuff I didn't know about the gauss cannon! How can I tell how many charges I've, err- charged up? I've been trying it around for the past hour and I think I'm getting the hang of the second shot's timing, looks like this one's made for Long range fights, am I right?
  20. This has been great and a big shout out to MM today. MM was the best its been for months today. 12 vs 12 for most the matches and LOTS of fun.
  21. Why leveling Elly in this game isn't fun

    that is for drone auto fire, not missile mode, and it only heals hulls that way
  22. Says I'm getting loss but No Problems

    I am aware of that. LOL ffs does anyone read English in this forum?
  23. autonomous station balance

    they aren't kosty, the active auras heal faster per individual than the stations do, so your nasa logic is wronger than usual,
  24. Buff Regenerative Coating

    It is useless on thsoe too
  25. autonomous station balance

    Auras and Stations have a different purpose. Auras are AOE, stations are life-saving the most threatened ally. They are supplementary to each other.
  26. Thar'kth vs Thar'ga'tok advice

    Gauss can accumulate up to 3 charges. Gotta clear up what charging actually does: 1) It sums base dmg per charge (so if your single shot =1500 dmg, 3x charge 4500 base dmg (not crit)) 2) Each charge sums crit chance as well, so if your base is 33% crit chance -> 2x =66% and 3x charge =99% basically a guaranteed crit 3) The more crit chance it accumulates, the less crit dmg it has. Basically, only your base dmg can crit (dmg of one crit) - Let's say your base shot is 1500 dmg and crit dmg of 100%, so 1 charge crit will do 1500+1500. - But 3x charge will be 3x 1500 (base dmg) + 1500 (crit) => 6 000 (this is important as people tend to think that full 3x charge dmg will crit, aka 4500+4500, which is NOT the case) Now with double shot It is basically a 2x charge and quick tap for a single shot (gotta do some practice in the custom battle to get used to the timing, there is a fairly small window to do a double tap. What it does is you do 2+1 (charges), 1st charging can crit and 2d shot can crit too, so you can get 3x base shots + 2x crits, instead of 3x base shots + 1 crit. With classic build for 3x charging, people aim for ~33% crit chance (since 3x multiplier) and increase base dmg as much since it will be tripled, crit dmg not as important, since there is not much of it in the final dmg. With 2+1 build you aim for ~50% base crit chance, that way your 2x shot almost always crit and +1 has a high chance to proc a crit too, crit dmg is more valuable too, obviously base dmg good too since there is still 3 charges used.
  27. Thar'kth vs Thar'ga'tok advice

    Many lthanks for your reply, Kost! And r9 does have the spread reduction node, which is nice! I've tried both guns and I think it's pretty easier to aim with the ga'tok, on the other hand- that 'kth burst 4k (sometimes 8!!) is just so darn awesome, but having a lower-end pc with some network issues makes it really darn hard to aim, which is why I've mostly been using the ga'tok I haven't tried gauus or railguns yet, I may give them a spin! By the way, what's the trick with the gauss? Do you charge the shot up and then double tap? Does the second shot deal the same damage as the first one? Thanks in advance!
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