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Screw it - All available Lore entries from the forums in one topic

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So throughout the years and through every release, there are small lore dumps here and there - all of them are scattered across dozens if not hundreds of forum posts; ranging from update patch notes to seperate lore dumps to ship highlights.

This is an effort to condense them all and make them all easier to access and maybe avoid them being deleted because I think we have legitimately lost a few of them.

Any entries that denote "player events" or "players" specifically are omitted. This will take a while to finish due to the immense amount of entries spread across so many posts.


Patch Note Stories


V0.9.10 - Secret Shipyard Raid Lore [Old Ice Belt]


One hundred and twenty minutes ago the “Monolith” corporation put forward a contract for the capture of a shipyard belonging to “Chronos” corporation. “Monolith” Intelligence Division became aware that their rival is engaged in re-equipping its “Maelstrom” class dreadnought. “Monolith” management believes that this dreadnought would be much more useful to them than their opponents.

Shipyard whereabouts are kept in complete secret, only one thing is certain about - it is located in an icy asteroid belt. Due to this secrecy, delivery of mercenaries and their vessels to the site of the operation is carried out by “Monolith” — the corporation's management is concerned that pilots can re-sell the information about the location of the shipyard to third parties. However, personnel department guarantees the safety of all pilots at the end of the operation and promises considerable rewards for the execution of the contract. As always — pilots who take part in the operation should not be afraid of any tensions with “Chronos”.

V1.03 - Alpha 7 (Attacked Sectors)


In the closed sector of Pallas system, a suspicious signature similar to the Alien signals has been detected in an asteroid cluster. The arriving scouts discovered the debris of a huge asteroid, destroyed by an unknown force. Large concentrations of Iridium were found during the study of the debris. Several corporations constructed rigs for the extraction of Iridium, and a fierce battle for the resource is now at hand.


V1.04 - Ellydium Plant Raid (PvE addition)


A recently formed structure ‘Ellydium’ is engaged in research of Alien technology and study of the properties of Iridium. They constructed a prototype installation for the processing and the practical application of Iridium in military areas and followed it up with a number of successful experiments in this area. According to intelligence reports, the Cartel is behind this organization. We have to carry out a raid to seize the ‘extra’ Iridium from the ‘Ellydium’ base and hand it over to more loyal groups.


V1.0.13 Invasion (Defiled Sectors introduction)


Attack of the greens did not go unnoticed. Several locations were completely ruined in each side's sectors. We keep detecting more Aliens in neutral space close to fringe sectors, and they are clearly getting ready for something serious. The hub sectors are also in trouble, yet they still redirected part of their dreadnought fleet to defend the central stations under the command of their own admirals. The heavy flagship fleet got delayed by a little less than a month, but it already arrived in each of the sectors.


V1.1 Season 2 (Second Defiled Sectors)


The first strike at the fringe sectors was just combat recon. New Alien attack occurred hit the inner worlds. Some systems were destroyed, others are fighting for survival. Civilians flee attacked worlds in horror. Refugees tell stories of anomalies, huge alien ships and their deadly weapons. In the border sectors, the might of superweapons was used in locations of T5 level. These locations are very dangerous even for experienced pilots. Alien superships — Defilers are a frequent sight in these locations.


V1.1.4 Dreadnoughts (Achilles description)


The new attack aircraft was made by the same team of scientists and technicians, who had previously worked on Phobos in industrial centres of the Warden Order. The latest data on the alien technology was used, which allowed to significantly strengthen the hull and shield, as well as to increase maximum power of the generator.
Unlike Phobos, Achilles has 4 active combat modules and a special combination of unique bonuses to hull and shield resistance.

V1.1.4 Dreadnoughts (Hyena description)


Federation Scientists put together the best of the rank 7 ships Silent Fox and Wolf. The new fighter was designed for experienced pilots, who can use the ship’s potential to the max. And the use of Alien tech allowed to further strengthen the ship’s defences.
The ship has four active modules and a set of additional bonuses.


V1.1.17 Dreadnoughts (Dvergr revamp)


Empire shipyards released an updated version of the first tech level interceptor ‘Dvergr’. The training fighter got a new polymer lining, more efficient engine and even air conditioning in the cockpit. And all this without increasing the cost! ‘Dvergr’ remains as reliable and unpretentious as ever.

V1.1.19 - Secret Ship Hunt (Nyx)


Cryptogram BBIМ22-567956
From: N.Cortes
To: centr_mercenaries@star_conflict
CC: Imperial SS. Urgent
Sent: Thursday, August 27
Subject: Re: Re: Secret Ship Pursuit

Analysis of access of so-called ‘Miss Summer’ showed a hack in our security systems. All access codes have been modified. All tasks from ‘Miss Summer’ have been cancelled!

As a result of an internal investigation among the mercenaries, career officers and employees of Imperial Spacefleet we identified a terrorist group. According to indirect data, several senior members of the Federation and Jericho were also part of this terrorist group. A certain ‘Miss Summer’ was at the head of the group. The group was able to crack the encryption of our security services and handed out official jobs and contracts, promising access to the latest ship ‘Nyx’ in case of successful execution. The group has been fully disclosed, but some members managed to escape. Miss Summer also fled. At the moment, her whereabouts are unknown.


Warning! All mercenaries carrying out tasks for the impostor Summer! A small batch of the new ships ‘Nyx’ has been prepared for the mercenaries. It was decided to allow access to the ship to those who unknowingly carried out assignments for Summer. The ship has been tested by UMC tech specialists and is fully ready for use. We call upon mercenaries to help us in apprehending the fugitives. There is a hefty reward for capture or elimination of Summer's followers.

In the near future the sector administration and military units will be very busy preparing for the big upgrade of all systems, which will take a couple of weeks. At this time, the only hope for the fight against Summer's terrorists is you.


V1.2 Dogs of War (Cyning, Peregrine,


‘Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war’
William Shakespeare's ‘Julius Caesar’

Dogs of War, mercenaries ... Since the times of Direktorium they have been doing the dirty work. Governments fall and new ones take their place. The Empire, the noble lion, tangled with the sly fox, the Federation, and both of them bared their teeth at the monstrous chimera of Jericho. And mercenaries... they were just dogs to them, ones that change hands at the first opportunity. Authorities have never seen them as a serious force and tried to keep them on a leash. Yet their services are always in demand.
Now, when the world is facing Destroyers, the Empire, the Federation, and Jericho gave their most loyal mercenaries access to secret tech, to make sure they can deal with the Aliens. Mercenaries just got their hands on the most advanced ships humanity has ever built.


Imperial engineers prepared a new recon interceptor for mercenaries. Built for combat recon in extreme conditions, the prototype of ‘Cyning’ was the only ship to survive the Alien attack on Empire's 112th Design Bureau.


Federation's new interceptor ‘Peregrine’ was developed via a special order of an unknown patron who wished to remain in the dark.


Saw One
Latest Jericho figther that got the name ‘Saw One’ is a great example of the Departed's advanced tech. Unfortunately, the price for such power is high.


Federation's tackler ‘Jaguar’ was conceived as a science vessel capable of observing Aliens in extreme conditions. But the Federation's higher-ups bought the labs working on it through private investors. As a result, ‘Jaguar’ was retooled for military operations.


Long-range frigate ‘Kraken’ was built under the Imperial Security Service's all-seeing eye. This example of Empire's engineering serves just one purpose — eliminating Aliens.


Guard Frigate ‘Ronin’ became the final design of Jericho's Liu Family before it was eradicated.


Monolith Ruins

It is unknown what caused the destruction of the city: a joint attack of other families, self-destruction or action of some third party. At one point the family Liu was crushed, and Jericho lost their main sanctuary. The disaster area was immediately closed to all flights, and a few years later it was attached to the trilateral memorandum on quarantine zones. Only recently, at the initiative of Mendes Family Jericho decided to allow the flights to the Monolith for mercenaries.


‘The greatest discovery in the history of mankind’ — this is how the ruins of Precursor civilization in Troy are described. The tombstone of a bygone civilization, ancient structures frozen on the orbits of the system's planets. This was the first tangible proof of existence of those who came before us.


Ancient Ruins
Troy is a huge graveyard of abandoned Precursor stations. Giant structures of unknown purpose, ominously shimmering with greenish hues of Troy's argon light, evoke primal fear in the minds of all onlookers.


V1.2.2 Dogs of War (W.I.T.Ch Hunt, Fire Support)


Attention to all UMC pilots! Scientists report the approach of the next ‘Signal Peak’. Each year, at the end of October of Earth calendar, the universe experiences a passing wave of anomalous energy. It's time for the old Earth tradition called ‘Halloween’. Fanatics and cultists who worship the Signal think that on ‘Halloween’ dead souls penetrate into our world. Despite numerous reports of ghost ships and other abnormal phenomena, the Inquisition considers it its duty to inform you that all of this is pure fiction. Ghosts do not exist! Any cases of dissent should be reported to the nearest military command post. ‘W.I.T.Ch. Protocol’ is coming into force. High alert mode is introduced on all bases. Under the terms of the tripartite memorandum ‘On quarantine zones’ all three factions are co-operating on this matter.


Fire Support

We have received a distress signal from the complex ‘Naberia-392’. UMC Recon Squad is requesting fire support. They are reporting an attack of unknown ships. You are going to have to act above the surface of a planetoid. An old Federation plant was converted a few years ago, it was used to build ships and modules for Cybers and pirates. Now the plant is empty, but its machinery is perfectly fine.


V1.2.5 Dogs of War (Shadowy Trace)


Cryptogram FRST17-245117
Contract: Shadowy Trace
Employer: Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Attention, mercenaries! Dr. Pavlov hired our dreadnought for his expedition to Alien space. Contact with the dreadnought has been lost. Until recently, the corporation knew nothing about the fate of the Dreadnought’s crew and considered it missing. Recently the logs of the Dreadnought’s captain Robert Artego have been discovered. It seems that Northstar did manage to return from Alien space. It probably crashed, or was captured somewhere in quarantine sectors. Destroy the Raiders at ‘Naberia-392’ plant. We will analyze the data obtained in battle, and then we can establish the coordinates of Northstar!


V1.3 Age of Destroyers (Oh god there's so many)


‘Northstar’ Crash Site
An ancient service station, lost in low orbit of the planet Naberia-526, that would have remained abandoned, if it were not for an emergency. Robert Artego, captain of the dreadnought ‘Northstar’ made an emergency landing there. Artego hoped to find means of communications at the station and request assistance. His ship, damaged in battles with Aliens and then with the Pirates, made a hard landing. For years, no one knew about the fate of ‘Northstar’, until its crash site was discovered by raiders. 


Leviathan. Catacombs
The terrifying Leviathan. From a distance it could be mistaken for a small moon. But that's no moon, it's a space station. Leviathan was created as a factory for mining Iridium from the depths of living planets-Bions. But it has the power to destroy entire fleets and worlds. The surface of Leviathan hides countless Alien tech treasures and their most guarded secrets. Fortunately, thanks to the brave act of Dr. Pavlov, this Leviathan is now almost completely incapacitated and left at the mercy of mercenaries. 


Omega Station
Station Omega used to be a major Federation hub. The station's basic functions are still working at full capacity. Pirates tried to ransack ‘Omega’ many times, yet none of those who walked into the station came back alive.


Depot 15
Object SCP-4615, known as ‘Depot 15’ has long been considered an ordinary warehouse with mining equipment. However, recent investigations revealed that information about it was classified in the archives of the Empire and the Federation.


Ice Pits
This important industrial facility produces a variety of basic materials required for the functioning of the life support system at ‘New Eden’. Every day fierce fights rage on for preservation of this object.


Warden Outpost Ruins
The outpost was deployed in Felony at the very start of the invasion. Warden Order used it as a base for dealing quick blows to Aliens.


Research Center
After finding the first traces of Precursor existence, Federation started construction of a complex for studying unearthed artifacts. After the first attack, the complex's automatic systems switched it to ‘preservation mode’. The complex is still closed, and sections that have been cracked open are held by Cybers. 


V1.3.1 Age of Destroyers (Rank 8, Northstar, Naberia)


The ‘Invincible’ line of ships was built during the second war for Bartle sector and has been continuously refined since. These faithful ‘workhorses’ of the Imperial Spacefleet were widely used for fire support during offensive operations. Military doctrines change, fleets are upgraded, but Invincible always remain in the ranks. Over the years of production and operation over forty different models and numerous modifications of the destroyer have been produced. The latest model of Invincible is deservedly considered the strongest link in the modern Imperial fleet.


Only six months after Sol-X Inc’s bankruptcy it was revealed that the corporation had been spying on Federation shipyards in favour of the Empire. By that time an incredibly valuable database with all the information about the Federation ships was sold at an auction. The buyer, a private investor, was soon pronounced dead under mysterious circumstances. Further fate of the Sol-X database is unknown. Recently, a previously unknown Procyon corporation presented the eponymous destroyer. Despite the fact that most experts are inclined to believe that Procyon was built thanks to the Sol-X databases, the authorities were unable able to present the corporation any charges. With its high-tech destroyer, the corporation has easily won the state tender.


Archon destroyer was first used in a battle against Aliens in 4616, the Mendez family. The appearance of the prototype on the battlefield caused heated debate. The destroyer’s design was strongly reminiscent of the works by great master Arthur Liu, killed in the ‘Monolith’ crash.The surviving members of the Liu family accused Mendes of stealing. However, the Board of families awed by the destroyer’s tremendous power did not listen to them. After the Mendes demarche and their exodus to quarantine sectors Archon became the basis of their fleet’s strike force.



System ‘Ydra’

A long time ago this system was the Federation's forward outpost for far sector exploration. It housed mining stations for all sorts of ores, large industrial complexes, and served as a logistical hub. Federation also owned a number of shipyards here. However in the final decade before the invasion, this region stopped being profitable — all the mines were quickly depleted and the long trading routes started attracting too many pirates. Federation immediately stopped all activity and sold its assets to private investors and corporations. Evacuation of valuables and station disassembly was never finished, and the system was added to the Quarantine Zone.


Complex Naberia-392

Previously the factory complex on Naberia was involved in production of equipment for asteroid mining. It was used to build mining and transport ships, produce precise measuring devices and plasma drills. A powerful igneous power plant provided power plant and all of the nearby mines. About fifty years ago, ore mining in the region became unprofitable, and the Federation ceased all operations. The factory was closed and sold at an auction.


‘Northstar’ Crash Site

An ancient service station, lost in low orbit of the planet Naberia-526, that would have remained abandoned, if it were not for an emergency. Robert Artego, captain of the dreadnought ‘Northstar’ made an emergency landing there. Artego hoped to find means of communications at the station and request assistance. His ship, damaged in battles with Aliens and then with the Pirates, made a hard landing. For years, no one knew about the fate of ‘Northstar’, until its crash site was discovered by raiders. 


V1.3.3 Age of Destroyers (Rank 11)



Destroyer ‘Brave’ was developed by a team of talented civil engineers commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of the Empire. The design bureau had initially planned to deal only with projects for peaceful times. Unfortunately, in a state of war the Empire was not ready to allow such spending. Engineers had to resort to various tricks — they combined their civil projects with the development of the new destroyer. This made the Empire reconsider its spending. The project was a success. The new destroyer passed all the tests with flying colours and was swiftly adopted. To the delight of pilots the destroyer had a comfortable cabin, just like civilian ships.



‘Antares’ destroyer’s history is tightly linked with the name of Amir Gregory, founder and chief designer of the corporation FME (Federation Mining Equipment). Commonly known as a genius of his time and a staunch pacifist, he created exclusively civil engineering vehicles, adapted to the most extreme conditions. In the early days of the invasion Amir's family and many workers were rescued by his corporation through the intervention of the Armada. In gratitude, the brilliant designer created his first and only combat machine. Named after Amir’s native system the destroyer ‘Antares’ has become a real pride of the Federation fleet.



Originally designed for protection of Jericho temples, the destroyer ‘Sibyl’ always had two functions: military and religious. In fact, it can be a place of worship, a religious symbol. All its design meets the strict requirements of the ancient manuscripts on shipbuilding. Perhaps due to Bartle’s divine will, or maybe because of the genius designers of the past, Sibyl still is an effective Jericho combat ship. Many pilots consider its emergence on the battlefield a blessing.


V1.3.5 Age of Destroyers (Brokk, Stingray, Archelon)



Brokk is a project of the Shipyards of Earth, one of the top-3 engineering frigates of the century. The project's lead designer was able to create an Engineering vessel just as effective as its Federation peers, and at the same time maintaining high firepower traditional for imperial ships. According to rumours, the renowned ship designer started the project's development ‘on a dare’ having heard unflattering remarks about the effectiveness of Garm and Minotaur from his Federation colleagues. To confirm this theory many cite the name of the ship, similar to the name of a dwarf, who according to an ancient legend, won a bet and sewed a god's mouth.


Even before the Quarantine Memorandum, Federation military captured a ship committing sabotage of a strategic warehouse in Erebus system. The investigation was unable to establish the identity of either the pilot or the shipyard-manufacturer of his unique attack aircraft. The military passed the ship to Scott en Cott Corporation for design analysis and further production. For elegance and high efficiency in battle this ship has been named Stingray, in honour of Earth's rare animals — stingrays that can kill with lightning-fast strikes of their tail.



The idea of creating a guard frigate had been on the minds of Federation engineers for a long time. The best specialists spent days in laboratories and test sites around the clock to find a solution. During research by General Reactors corporation the engineers managed to develop a unique power distribution system for the ship's shields. However, a new concept called for a fundamentally different design and characteristics of the ship. All the little pieces of the project finally came together when the leading designer of Dry Lab corporation joined the team.


V1.3.7 Age of Destroyers (Phoenix & Reaper rework)



Pirate engineers did their best to create this ship. Initially, it had been a Styx, although it's hard to be sure. Phoenix was equipped with custom engines, improved power supply system and a stronger hull. The ship bridge was widened and equipped with a larger panoramic screen. This ship is not welcome in the Imperial areas, because these machines are used by pirate leaders leading the largest raids.



An extremely powerful frigate of unknown modification, previously owned by a pirate baron who terrorized the fringe Federation sector. The best pilots of the Federation were sent to destroy this impressive ship, but no one returned alive. After a number of intelligence operations, its design and weaknesses in the hull have been discovered. As a result, the Baron was destroyed together with the ship. Now, some shipyards can assemble copies of the legendary ship


V1.3.9 Age of Destroyers (Karud, Palom, Kite-E and Ghost rework)



Long-term testing of the ship ‘Karud’ secured its fame as the most mobile and effective ECM interceptor. For this reason, the leading designer of Saladin family chose a prototype for a new experiment. The engineers wanted to stop the use of metastable field generators in favour of the latest developments in the field of system hacking. This revolutionary change, however, has led to increased power consumption of the ship and, as a consequence, loss of speed. The search for solutions dragged on, and the project was officially closed.
Development of the module received a second push after the release of ‘Systems Hack’. A less ambitious but more stable concept ‘Karud’ successfully passed all flight tests. The reasons for the project being released under the auspices of the Mendes family are not up for discussion.



Frigate ‘Palom’ has long been considered one of the best, reliable, and most importantly affordable Jericho ships. The ability to withstand heavy loads and its extended infrared scanner functions made it the best choice for mercenaries. However, with development of technology ‘Palom’ could not represent serious competition to the ships of ranks 10-15.
The second life of the ship started with the invasion. When pilots were required to patrol residential colonies, miners and farmers, teachers and builders, many of whom did not have experience with flight equipment volunteered. Then ‘Palom’ once again proved to be a reliable, easy to learn craft and became the basis of the militia fleet. On some planets that survived Alien attacks, decommissioned Paloms stand on central squares as monuments to heroes.


Veteran of the war for Bartle sector. Designers took the existing design as a basis, improving its maneuverability. Interceptors of this model are often involved in exhibition flights and parades.
Like ‘Palom’, it returned to take part in combat missions since the beginning of the invasion. Quickly became one of the most popular vessels for reconnaissance and data transfer between neighbouring colonies to coordinate patrols and blocking detachments.



After the invasion, Imperial Design Bureau took note of the complaints of the pilots on control precision and combat abilities of Hercules series fighters, resulting in a developed an updated version called Ghost. Vessels has proven themselves as a reliable and powerful machines during testing, satisfying the most demanding pilots. The ship has now become rank 5, and received an additional slot for active modules, additional hull modifier and additional slot for energy management modules.


V1.3.11 Age of Destroyers (Styx, Hyena and Sword S)



Invincible Legion assault squadrons' frigate. Achieved great results in combat against Aliens and during corporate conflicts. These frigates are usually used by leaders of patrol squadros as a means of support and escort for interceptors. This tactic is used by of the Emperor's personal fleet.


The first fighters of Wolf class in Alien worlds were not effective enough for fast battles in such difficult conditions, and specialists of Scott en Cott company released the global ship modification called Hyena. The new model has proven to be excellent in Alien space. In addition, manufacturers began to cover the ships with ‘camouflage’, which makes it less noticeable with Alien crystals in the background.


Sword S
According to rumours, in exchange for support in lobbying the Bosco family project ‘Sword AE’ Technologists received a number of key technologies from Bosco family used in the development of the fighter. This explains the fact that the experimental ‘Sword S’ fighter released by Technologists is eerily similar to the latest project of Bosco shipyards.


V1.3.12 Age of Destroyers (Sirius, Nightingale)



The first ‘public’ Sirius destroyer was designed and developed in the mega-popular show ‘The Shipyad’, whose ratings broke all records. Thirty engineers competed for six months for the right to be called ‘King of the Shipyard’, the outcome was decided by viewer voting. Military leadership initially could not believe the success of the project, but gave permission to use one of its shipyards, when producers collected the required amount of credits on a crowdfunding platform. To everyone's surprise, Sirius was not only a high-quality ship, powerful and reliable machine, but at also relatively inexpensive to manufacture. After the show, Sirius was put into service, and its blueprints were submitted to UMC. Currently, the producers are raising money for a second season of the project.



This ship is a direct reflection of the ideology of the Federation: graceful shape of the hull, expensive materials, high speed and ease of controls. Interceptor design has been specifically chosen to ensure maximum effect of unique stealth vehicle systems.  The modified reactor of grade ‘LI -12.5’ allows to develop very high speed and efficient redirection of excess energy in comparison with its analogues.  From its technological generation, Nightingale is the best choice for experienced pilots who are accustomed to act quickly and without fanfare. 


V1.3.13 Age of Destroyers (Tyrant)


The first Jericho destroyer, Tyrant was created in XLII century, shortly before the third Bartle sector war. It was created under the watchful eye of the Oracles to oppose the imperial Invincible. The powerful Tyrant was used in conjunction with low-tonnage vessels during raids on undefended colonies deep in the rear of the former ‘Direktorium’. Despite the age of the destroyer, most of its parameters are up to modern standards, and in some ways even surpass them.


V1.3.14 Age of Destroyers (Vigilant)


A beautiful example of imperial ship production, the destroyer Vigilant was developed by order of the Inquisition, as a response to sharply increased activity of the Revenant cult. The project was personally supervised by special agent Miranda del Arte. The Inquisition is well acquainted with the activities of the Order. The two organizations that since have undergone a huge metamorphosis, faced each other in the days of the old Direktoriua. Despite the initially narrow specification, Vigilant proved to be a versatile combat machine. It was soon adopted and the blueprints have been presented to UMC.


V1.4 Evolution (Ellydium - yikes)


From: Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To: all@star-conflict.com
Subject: Project Evolution

To all pilots in fringe sectors! The war against Aliens that treacherously attacked humanity continues. Their purpose is unknown, their objectives unclear. Contact with them is impossible. The war has already claimed billions of lives. Inner metropolis worlds are virtually destroyed. Whole systems are destroyed. 

In this difficult time scientists and engineers of ‘Ellidium’ corporation studying Alien technology were able to make discoveries that give the whole mankind a chance to survive.

Today we are ready to present our findings to all pilots of fringe sectors. These are the first ships of the Evolution project, available to pilots at the new station ‘Ellydium Theta’ — the first outpost of humanity in the Alien world!


Ellydium Theta

From the start of the invasion ‘Ellydium’ focused its activities on the study of Alien technology. Many important discoveries and technologies based on them will not only enhanced the corporation's reputation, but also greatly expanded their opportunities. 
With the opening of portals into Alien worlds, the organization has been actively recruiting mercenaries to collect information on the foreign worlds and their secrets. As soon as an opportunity to gain a foothold near one of the monstrous Alien Leviathans appeared, ‘Ellydium’ leaders immediately took advantage of it. The leading specialists were sent to the area and deployed observation and defence outposts. A month later, it became clear that any new object would always attract Alien attention and would eventually be destroyed.
A new plan was deployed to solve this problem, and Dr. Conrad Dimeni took responsibility for its implementation. Development began with submerging under the surface of the Leviathan and building several compartments inside it. The project took almost half a year, and the result of a risky operation was the assembly of a unique station ‘Ellydium Theta’ on Leviathan. 

Dr. Conrad Dimeni was appointed head of the station. Former legate of the Imperial Security Service Natasha Cortes was appointed head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ Security Service.

Starting today, the new station ‘Ellydium Theta’ is available for all pilots of fringe sectors. All pilots were automatically transferred to the new station to get acquainted with all the novelties of ‘Ellydium’ corporation.


The ship ‘Thar'ga’ became one of Ellydium's major breakthroughs. Experiments showed that crystal growth can be controlled, resulting it more than a hundred different versions of the ship for various needs. Such a dangerous and powerful technology, coupled with advanced ‘Ellydium’ projects makes ‘Thar'ga’ one of the strongest weapons of war, and the corporation paid a terrible price for it with the tragedy in block RG7 of station ‘Ellydium Theta’.


1.4.3 - Evolution Factor (Tai'kin, Ariadne's Thread, Vulcan)


Cryptogram AIIF24-121547
From: Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To: all@star-conflict.com
Subject: Project Evolution

To all pilots in fringe sectors! Today we are ready to present the results of our latest research. It's a new ship from project Evolution available to pilots at the station ‘Ellydium Theta’ - humanity's first outpost in Alien worlds! 

Free traders who recently visited the Fringe Sectors bring sad news. The alien invasion has reached and the internal sectors of the Metropolises. The destruction is monstrous. Empire forces suffered huge losses, and the population of entire sectors became refugees. Many transport routes have been destroyed. There is no connection with government agencies. Things are a little bit better in the sectors of the Federation, less affected by the Invasion. There, power has been preserved with the support of Armada, which tries to bring some kind of order with a hard hand. There have not yet been any news from Jericho sectors. 



The new innovative ship, which Ellydium shipyards presented to all pilots of the fringe sectors, is the scout interceptor Tai'Kin. The ship includes all the latest scientific achievements of Ellydium laboratories, which have reached new heights in the development of Alien technology. The ship turned out incredibly fast and maneuverable. 

The ship and its active modules' development was conducted by Dr. Matthew Gilmore, head of the mysterious andhighly guarded ‘Science Complex #2’ of the Ellydium Theta station. And it was supervised by Conrad Dimeni himself. Tai'Kin became the first ship that could fully use the unimaginable properties of singlet bosons for changing space-time. 


Ariadne's Thread

Attention to all pilots! The UMC representative Arthur Gage offers an urgent contract. Blackwood Corporation has requested UMC assistance in protecting experimental shipyards under the control of the infamous AI ‘Ariadne’. This Ariadne AI constantly gets out of control, but representatives of the corporation claim that this time their facilities were subjected to a massive attack from the outside. Cybers are the potential enemy. 



Vulcan’ is the legendary kinetic weapon from the times of humanity's stellar expansion. It can be mounted on all frigates of ranks 4 to 15. This is a unique kinetic weapon with outstanding features. Its critical hit chance increases as the weapon heats up.

A transport convoy, carrying cargo from an archaeological site was recently attacked. The discovered ancient object turned out to be a repository of old tech from the times of humanity's stellar expansion: weapons, vehicles, modules and terabytes of project documentation. 

It is said that the excavation is headed by a special expedition from Erebus System. According to rumours circulating among the mercenaries, the expedition was very difficult and risky, but researchers believe iridium can breathe a new life into these forgotten technologies. The black market already has parts of ‘Vulcan’ weapons from the attacked convoy and, judging by the strong demand, the hopes for ancient technology are justified.


V1.4.4 Evolution (Spiral and Endeavour)


Cryptogram BRIF12-122047
From: United Mercenary Centre
To: all@star-conflict.com
Subject:Lost Technologies

Pilots! Leaks of so-called ‘lost technologies’ continue. This time, parts of the legendary Spiral and Endeavour ships, carefully re-created in accordance with blueprints and technology extracted from the special archaeological expedition to Erebus system, hit the black market. UMC internal security is extremely concerned about the leaks of such sensitive and important information. An investigation has been launched. 


...A special expedition from the Erebus system provided UMC with all the information received. We remind you that the expedition was engaged in excavations of the ancient object ‘Spot’, found in the asteroid belt of the star system SY3176-GIII-A4. The discovered ancient object turned out to be a repository of old tech from the times of humanity's stellar expansion: weapons, vehicles, modules and terabytes of project documentation. 



The space combat system ‘Spiral’ is the only representative of the legendary modular system of combat starships developed during the early stellar expansion of mankind. Blueprints and technologies of the unique modular system were lost during the formation of the Empire. The combat system has perfectly proven itself during the battles with the Revenant Order in the days of Direktorium. 

The system consists of two combat modules that can function as a single unit, or separately. The detachable module can temporarily become a full-fledged interceptor, and then reconnect and use all the capabilities of the frigate. 

Blueprints and technologies of the ‘Spiral’ system were lost at the end of the XXXVI century. They were rediscovered in the special facility of the ‘Spot’ object, found in the asteroid field of the star system SY3176-GIII-A4 by a special expedition from Erebus. 



Guard frigate ‘Endeavour’ looks like a legendary ship from the first steps of mankind in the exploration of outer space. The ship was widely used since the middle of the 27th century during the ‘religious wars’. It proved itself well in the battles with fanatics of the so-called Fringe — the same organization that became the foundation of the church of believers in the Signal. It was ‘Endeavour’ that became an experimental model to carry the famous ‘Jumper’ — the first model of an interstellar engine of ultra-compact size. 
Blueprints and technologies of ‘Endeavor’ were lost almost immediately after the adoption of the ‘Frontier Decree’. They were rediscovered in the special facility of the ‘Spot’ object, found in the asteroid field of the star system SY3176-GIII-A4 by a special expedition from Erebus. 


V1.4.5 Evolution (Waz'got


Cryptogram ASDIF54-172267
From: Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To: Strictly secret! To Ellydium board of directors
Subject: Revenants?


Dear directors and other superiors who do nothing, I bring to your notice that someone is stirring up water again! I'm losing patience, sense of tact and I can not concentrate on research!


First Blackwood suddenly deviated from Ariadne and started building ships on its rusty shipyards! And not some transports, but Federation destroyers of the latest generation! Federation? Really? Where is the Federation and where is Blackwood? How did the former imperial corporation have such connections? Did the portal storm only cut us off from the central worlds? Of course, our sales have fallen! Everyone wants destroyers! Promise a couple of toys that they like so much to Cybers, let them press them harder!


Competition was bad enough, and now pirates are crawling out of their holes! They fill the market with cheap artifacts, which they call ‘Ellydium prototypes’ to set a higher price. Do I need to explain how this affects the reputation of our products?
I'm not even talking about the fact that the cartel sends threatening letters every ten minutes and ‘favourable offers’ every fifteen. UMC is probably already swimming in the money that it receives from defence contracts!


And to top it all off we have got spies and renegades! Secret prototypes go missing, then undocumented functions appear in the design of ships! Why did you impose this Imperial Cortez on me? She's useless! I swear, soon I'll splash into her brash muzzle with a xenocrystal solution and I'll watch with absolutely non-scientific curiosity how she turns into a spare from the ship! 


In general, usually I'm not inclined to come to hasty conclusions, but naivety to me is inherent in an even lesser degree. Behind all this there is certainly a third force. So I implore you, dear gentlemen directors, send someone more competent to deal with the situation. And organize a couple of events or something to raise the popularity of our products again.


Cryptogram AIDA27-172345
From: Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To: all@star-conflict.com
Subject: Project Evolution


To all pilots in fringe sectors! Recently we have been witnessing a frank and undisguised persecution of our employees and scientists. And this is despite the new technologies unique to mankind! Once again we are forced to protest against this unfounded information war. And today we are ready to present the results of our latest research. It's a new ship from project Evolution available to pilots at the station ‘Ellydium Theta’ - humanity's first outpost in Alien worlds! 


V1.4.6 Evolution (Waz'got... again)


Cryptogram АIDA27-172366
From: Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To: all@star-conflict.com
Subject: Project Evolution

To all pilots in fringe sectors! Despite the dirty information war deployed against us and our technologies, today we are ready to present the results of our latest research. Today the second stage of evolution of the engineering frigate from the project Evolution Waz'Got became active. The ship is available to all pilots at the station ‘Ellydium Theta’ — humanity's first outpost in Alien worlds! 


The newest state-of-the-art engineering frigate ‘Waz'Got’ is the quintessence of scientific thought and the result of the collective work of all the employees and scientists of the Ellydium Theta station. The frigate's incredible capabilities will provide its allies with reliable support and will give a chance of victory in battle even over superior enemy forces.


V1.4.8 Evolution (Waz'got)


Cryptogram АSDEF47-1729245
From: Head of the security at Ellydium Alpha, Arlette Sokal
To: Top secret! Ellydium Corporation board of directors
Subject: Confrontation


We continue to search for a mole. Including mercenaries in the search for ‘escaped’ the ship turned out to be a very good idea. They delivered us a lot of remains.  Unfortunately, we did not manage to get a single part from the wreck of the Waz'got ship which would hold intact information about the saboteur. The latest models are too well protected from everse engineering and the destruction of the ship, their parts become seriously damaged. As our eggheads say, the first Thar'ga models in this sense are not so perfect. I propose to redirect mercenaries to search for these modifications.

Pirates from the Vega system wanted to talk again, and I would not be surprised if they are also behind the Revenants. Their DIY stuff works too well against our reputation. I think that you need to show these upstarts who the boss is.

And our former friends from the cartel again took up the old ways and seized our mining station in the Velorum system. We will have to spend part of the budget on operational activities in the sector. I propose to hold it as an advertising event for the capabilities of our ships.



V1.4.9 Evolution (Waz'got)


Cryptogram ASDFF07-1729742
 Head of the security at Ellydium Alpha, Arlette Sokal
To:  Top secret! Ellydium Corporation board of directors
Subject:  Confrontation

We finally managed to identify a saboteur who led to us losing so many ships. This is Jackson Garcia, one of the key scientists on Ellydium Theta. The problem is that this Jackson managed to sneak out at the last moment on one of our fastest ships. I plan to include mercenaries in the search. We need him dead or alive.

It looks like someone activated beacons on one of our old bases once again. If you do not take urgent measures, Aliens will soon flood the entire Velorum. Our own forces for the operation are not enough. We'll have to pay mercenaries again for their work.

The damn Revenants are surely responsible for all the latest incidents. It's time to pay them back for everything. We are planning a large-scale attack on their facilities in the Ydra system. Our eggheads hope to penetrate into the central hub through the internal network of system objects and gain access to the internal documents of the Revenants. 


V1.5 Journey (Object NY18)


Object Ny18
For the first time a ship of this type was discovered on one of the satellites of the gas giant MOA-2011-BLG-322. The titanic ancient ship was abandoned for millennia. By pure chance, it was discovered by treasure hunters. A working mini-shipyard was found on board, which enabled Ellydium Corporation to quickly launch mass production of similar vessels, but much smaller. These ships were transferred to the UMC for testing.


V1.5.1 Journey (A lot)


Welcome to ‘Ellydium Theta’, pilot. I'm Selena Galo, your instructor from the United Mercenary Centre. You already know that the metropolitan areas are destroyed as a result of the Alien invasion. Whole star systems were lost. Almost everywhere we see post-war chaos and devastation. In addition, portal storms disrupted the work of many gates. Communications are unstable. Flights between systems are dangerous.


A couple of days ago, Ellydium scientists managed the impossible.A huge section of space with the Leviathan, where a station is located, fell out of the Alien space into the real world — the Continuum of Reality, as they call it. The Aliens tried to destroy the station at the last moment. But Festus Morten's detachment arrived just in time and helped us to survive! Now we are repairing Morten's damaged dreadnoughts.


Unfortunately, not everyone survived. Here, we have preserved stability, law and order. But there's no time to rest. I have special assignments for you...


June Lamarr

Senior Researcher, Ellydium Corporation. Protege of Dr. Dimeni.


When the corporation made a breakthrough in Alien technologies, Lamarr's department was one of many to be directed to study the effect of radiation of transformed crystals on the human psyche and flesh. Due to her firm conviction that untested technologies should not fall into the wrong hands, June managed to completely eliminate the leaks from her laboratory. And this is in a situation where the black market was paying ridiculous money for any information, and the Ellydium Internal Security Service was uncovering bought-off employees one after another.

Dimeni noticed the talented girl, and her further career is classified.


Wolfhound is a balanced vessel that has excellent characteristics. It quickly gained popularity. These ships often take part in daring attacks on the New Eden and other objects. It is rumored that Helion Inc. is behind the attacks — a notorious private military company that hails from the Federation. However, no evidence of this has yet been found.


Granite received its name in honour of the granite stones of memory, in which the names of those who gave their lives for the Emperor are engraved. Like those stones, these ships bear the memory of the fallen. At the beginning of their journey, they were simple and unpretentious support machines. But every fight and every death made their own adjustments to their design. Engineers of Martian Laboratories created new designs, based on pilot reports and their combat experience.


Excavation Site No.6

Pilots always wrote and told stories about precursors. At any major station, one could find a drunkard ready to swear by Bartle that he had seen their ships with his own eyes and, of course, he knew where the great treasure was hidden.

That's why when one of the little-known captains came to Ellydium with the story of a ‘precursor ship’ he had found, no one believed him.The captain assured that his whole crew had died and that he was the only one who knew how to get to the treasure. When he was detained and searched by the guards, and artifacts of a previously unknown civilization were discovered among his belongings, only then Ellydium seriously reacted to his words.

The only thing the captain did not mention then, is how his team had died. As it turned out later... they killed each other.

A research facility, a whole city was built near the mysterious crash site on one of the satellites of the gas giant МОА-2011-BLG-322. More than three thousand people are engaged in research — the ancient ship is literally being disassembled. Someone believes that this is a precursor ship, others think that is a vessel of another previously unknown race.

Even after the active portals of Shining were seen near the moon, the leadership did not stop the work. They only attracted UMC mercenaries to protect the perimeter.



For decades, the planet PB-42 was considered to be unpromising. All measurements showed that there were no minerals on it, and its remote position made it completely useless in the strategic plan. This is exactly what enabled the ‘Ellydium’ corporation to easily buy out the rights to develop it from the Federation. Officially, Ellydium started measurements of the Signal on the planet, in an attempt to understand the communications of Crystallids. But soon after the founding of their research base, the planet began to shake with the most powerful seismic tremors. Iridium began to ooze out of the giant breaks and crevices that formed. Even approximate evaluations showed that this deposit turned out to be the largest in history.

Now in the scientific community no one doubts that the planet is the source of Iridium — one of the legendary ‘Biones’.

Shortly after the ‘Awakening’, connection with the scientific base of Ellydium was lost. None of the rescue missions have ever been successful. What happened to the staff remains a mystery.

The space around the planet has now become extremely dangerous. Not only that the source of Iridium attracted all sorts of pirates, an uncountable number of strange biomorphs appeared along with them in the orbit. Only the most desperate mercenaries manage to break through to the surface of the Awakened Bione.


Ellydium Theta

From the start of the invasion ‘Ellydium’ focused its activities on the study of Alien technology. With the opening of portals into Alien worlds, the organization has been actively recruiting mercenaries to collect information on the foreign worlds and their secrets. As soon as an opportunity to gain a foothold near one of the monstrous Alien Leviathans appeared, ‘Ellydium’ leaders immediately took advantage of it.


Now it's a location reclaimed from the Aliens. The main stronghold of the Ellydium corporation. An independent base, accepting any ships, popular among traders and travelers.


V1.5.2 Journey (Project, Spike, Singularity, Zhen)


Project 1011
One of the worst military failures in the history of the Empire is rightly considered to be the third war for the Bartle sector. It was then that the scientific elite of the Wardens, loyal guardians of the Emperor, had the idea of using the enemy's own weapons against them. They created the 101 series ships, equipped with limited AI. According to the idea, they had to explore the distant sectors without pilots and give the Empire an advantage in the future war. Though some say that the goal of the project was actually to find the source of the Signal. The Imperial Fleet gave away old frigates, left from the time of the Direktorium, to the project. They were numerous and in those years frigates were considered ineffective. Equipped with automatic repair and self-upgrade systems, the ships launched towards uncharted space. Then the Invasion began and project 101 was forgotten.
And now, hundreds of years later they returned. Beaten in unknown fights, changed beyond recognition, bearing age-old wisdom and secrets of the cosmos.


After the collapse of the Empire, the fragments of its military-industrial complex were scattered over different corners of space. Something was destroyed, according to the emergency protocols, other things fell into the hands of the new factions. When the Republic of Separate Worlds appeared on the star map, few believed that these rebels could achieve even a grain of greatness of the old Empire, because there were no significant industries on their territory. In many respects, thanks to this, the RSW retained its independence. But laboratories, shipyards and assembly shops have never been the heart of Imperial power. Its beating burning heart was the people — scientists and lab technicians, engineers and designers. The RSW has many bright minds. Thanks to the financial protection of several investment funds, they managed not only to restore most of the old projects, but also to start several new ones. Their first brainchild was the Spike interceptor.


Any mercenary has heard of the mysterious cast of Technologists — a part of the Jericho. Many even worked for them, but no one faced the Technologists alive. The caste has always been closed, even inside Jericho itself. They say they did not worship machines, but considered themselves one with them. But when almost all of Jericho disappeared, and with it the Technologists — their machines remained.  Now the former stations of the Technologists are controlled by a network of many integrated AI systems, which call themselves the Sentinels. The goals of the Sentinels and their true nature are still a mystery, even for the remaining Jericho.
Despite the fact that the machine mind operates on a completely different level than the human mind, the Sentinels can negotiate with people. Numerous contracts have already been agreed between them and the Mendez family, as well as a number of other factions. Emissaries and diplomats of the Sentinels are autonomous AIs, enclosed in the hull of a powerful combat vehicle — the Singularity fighter. Possessing free will, these ships sometimes strike contracts with pilots and come to their service. 


A terrible tragedy befell the Great Jericho Family Liu in the early years of the Invasion. Monolith — the family ark city was infected with a terrible biomorph virus. The disease, which destroyed almost all of the Family, was called the Liu Virus, in tribute to the tragedy. Since then, Monolith remained a grim reminder of the horrors of the Invasion. The surviving members of the Family, without their home, became eternal exiles. The departed among the departed. Many of them were then given refuge by the UMC.
But after the disappearance of the greater part of Jericho, something clicked in the depths of the cursed ark. The ancient automatics came to life again, and soon new ships appeared. Zhen is the first of them. A masterpiece of an ancient master who perished in a tragedy. Guided by limited AI, these interceptors attack anyone who approaches them. Anyone but Liu's heirs. Many regarded it as a sign sent by Bartle. The family reunited. They find the ships wandering through space, clear them of the remnants of the virus and ship them to the UMC. The Liu remember that mercenaries are the only ones who did not turn away from them in the tragic hour. 


V1.5.3 Journey (Operation Monolith)


Operation Monolith

Customers of the Broker, who wishto remain anonymous, pay credits to all pilots who will provide orbital support to ground operations for breaking into the Monolith. According to operational data, someone had organized a secret center for studying alien artifacts in the depths of the Monolith ruins. Including prohibited artifacts obtained from the Morag system. 


The special mercenary group ‘Huron’ must infiltrate the facility, seize the control post and prevent the removal of artifacts and data from the system.


Unfortunately, the data about the artifacts of AAA class in the Monolith Ruins may have fallen into the hands of cybers. According to some reports, they are planning a massive attack on the dead city in the next few hours. 


V1.5.4 Journey (Executor)



The Council of Families rarely exhibits anger, but if you fall into disgrace, be prepared to see one of the executioners on your radars, and they will carry out the sentence. For people like these, progressive Jericho minds designed the ship Executor.


The sentence passed by the Family Council is usually a death sentence, and none of the convicts seek to meet with the executioner. Therefore, the ship is equipped to catch the offender, slow him down, stretch the moment of agony and of awareness of the act, give him a couple of seconds for repentance as a gesture of mercy, and then quickly destroy him.


V1.5.5 Journey (Spaceball?)


Sports is money. Especially in difficult times, when law and order barely exist. People need to relax. Top managers of the corporation ‘Sci-Tech Universal’ jointly invested capital in the revival of the once popular game ‘Spaceball’.


In the system ‘Velorum’ they bought a complex of enterprises for collecting and cleaning water and in an extremely short time built the ultramodern ‘Golden Sci Arena’, ready to receive thousands of spectators and provide live broadcasts to all systems of the fringe sectors. 


And most importantly, all pilots can take part in the matches. Let's play! Let the strongest win! 


V1.5.6 Journey (Dyrnwyn)



This parade ship was created even before the war with the Aliens, specially commissioned by the Templars, the organization that conducts all the ceremonies in the Empire.
Designed to accompany VIPs. The shiny and a bit pretentious hull, at least according to Imperial thought, hides deadly electronic suppression systems capable of disabling many enemies, and the improved armaments will be your final argument against any aggressor.


V1.5.7 Journey (Boremys)



The war with Aliens ruined many companies of the former Federation, brought death and destruction to remote systems. But those who managed to stay afloat, got their hands on the projects of their broke competitors for next to nothing. For Sci-Tech Universal, a corporation that rose from the ashes of the war, one of such acquisitions was the project Boremys — an improved version of the guard frigate Archelon.


The revitalized project started off slow: there was a lack of parts for production, the ship's outdated software had no modern alternatives, and the team lacked qualified engineers. Many people simply fled from the fringe systems after the Invasion, and it turned out that there was nobody left around to finish Boremys. To avoid further financial losses, Sci-Tech contemplated abandoning the project. But help came from an unexpected ally.


By oversight, the blueprints of Boremys fell into the hands of a refugee engineer whose studies were cut short because of the war. He worked out the kinks in the schemes and proposed innovative solutions, while the problem with the lack of resources was solved by new investors, who were interested in the ambitious project. This is how project Boremys saw the light.


V1.5.7e Journey (Huron Base, Terminal D)


Base Huron

The former outpost on the orbit of the gas giant in the system SY3176-GIII-A4 was rebuilt many times and took on its current form relatively recently, when a special expedition from Erebus took up excavations in the system. Let us remind you that this expedition was engaged in the excavation of the ancient object “The Spot”, found on one of the planetoids. It turned out to be a repository of conserved technology from the time of mankind's stellar expansion: weapons, ships, modules and terabytes of project documentation.


Not so long ago, it became known that researchers left the base and stopped the excavation. Some evidence suggests that archaeologists left in a hurry, leaving equipment and even transport ships behind. The reasons for this are unknown. But many mercenaries flock to the system in the hope of getting at least something valuable from the remaining technologies and artifacts of the past.


Terminal D


The luxuriously equipped “Terminal D” used to receive VIPs arriving on the planet. But lately, so much has happened that everyone seemed to have forgotten about the original purpose of this orbital station.


Now Terminal D is the last hope for refugees from other systems. The station was remodelled, it acquired humanitarian status and became a temporary shelter. Here, refugees draw up travel documents and citizenship on a preferential basis, and are eagerly awaiting distribution to habitable regions on the surface of the planet.


But not everyone believes in such selfless kindness, and not all VIPs are willing to accept this state of affairs. Therefore, the terminal often detects small clashes among mercenaries. It’s not completely clear what they are fighting for and who pays them.


V1.5.9 Journey (Pilgrim)



The inhabitants of Jericho made pilgrimages to the Monolith for centuries. Even the invasion and the ban on flights to this zone could not break this tradition. However, it became truly dangerous to travel even for short distances. Nevertheless, there were enough of those willing to put their lives at risk to get to the main shrine. Representatives of the more prosperous Jericho class risked money in order not to risk their heads. Their own. A new tradition appeared and quickly took root among the top Jericho Families. The patriarchs would only venture on a pilgrimage under the protection of mercenaries, who charged an incredible amount of credits for their services.


So a few years ago Pilgrim was constructed with the money of caring patrons. A model designed to protect pilgrims. In order to make flights in turbulent times for the galaxy, the ship was equipped with a camouflage generator and rapid-fire weapons, while a lot of effort was put into the shield system. Grateful patriarchs sometimes gave it as a gift to their most faithful servants for conscientious service.


Just recently, Pilgrim became available on the market. The reason for the sharply increased popularity of the ship was not mass passion for pilgrimages. The model was appreciated by the UMC mercenaries who found a new use for it — in battles. In their hands, the ship turned out to have a much wider functionality than the designers had originally intended.


V1.6 Rise of Giants (Ze'ta, Pilgrim 11, Price of Trust)


Price of Trust

This is an urgent message from the UMC. The security service of Ellydium Corporation has just placed a contract for all experienced mercenaries. 


The dreadnought “Defiant” requires urgent repairs. Immediately after the dreadnought's breakdown, its captain Red Bacon turned for help to his old acquaintance Landao, a well-known adventurer who managed to unite scattered gangs of opportunists and create his own small free republic among the forgotten rocks of the Raider Range. As a result, virtually all of the dreadnought's command was captured by Landao's pirates. And the ship itself is stuck in the system. 


The UMC is forced to attract all available pilots and mercenaries to repel the attack. You have to urgently arrive in the Kayeed system in the Raider Range area, protect the dreadnought and repel the attack. Due to Landao’s treachery, Ellydium came very close to losing the experimental dreadnought. 


This is probably just the beginning. Someone very influential and prepared wants to take possession of the dreadnought at any cost. 


Pilgrim 11

You've never seen the corporation “Ellydium” like this!
Welcome to the multifunctional complex “Pilgrim-11”. It includes an advanced laboratory that works in the field of agriculture, renewable natural resources and environmentally friendly fuels. Despite the shaky situation in the galaxy, Ellydium boldly looks forward, creating a better future for each of us.
Please note that the planet has a mild climate and flora and fauna are highly developed. All this creates an extremely favourable environment for living. There is a residential area next to the laboratory, as well as recreation and rehabilitation centres. Hydroponic factories are located on the surface of the planet.
Let's move on to the next...
— Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
— Of course. Your opinion is very important to us.
— What is the dreadnought doing here? Does “Ellydium” have ships of this class!?
— No comments. Please let's go to the next gallery.



Corporation “Ellydium” proudly presents its main achievement — the latest destroyer, built by scientists at the station “Ellydium Theta”. The ship was designed using the latest advances in the development of crystalline technology. Incredible offensive and defensive power make the destroyer any team's trump card in any battle. The vessel can provide fire support in both offensive and defensive operations.


The ship's unique feature is a remotely controlled special crystalline swarm, created under the personal guidance of doctors Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni. This is a true weapon of retribution! Mankind's sword of vengeance, forged by employees of the corporation “Ellydium”!


V1.6.1 Return to Eden


Return to (Sw)Eden

After the latest Ellydium dreadnought “Defiant” managed to return to its base at the “Pilgrim-11” complex, the data it received were processed by the specialists of the corporation. It turned out that in the first experimental flight the dreadnought faced a new kind of crystallid, called the “Devourer”, for its incredible size, features and firepower. It seems that we saw a sample of new alien technologies. Perhaps it is a kind of fusion of crystallids and biones. The scientists of the Ellydium Corporation cannot stand aside and are assembling a new Expedition to the Devourer's habitat. 


V1.6.1b Return to Eden (Tutorial Mission "Lost")


Tutorial mission "Lost"

A rescue expedition from the station “Guardian-17” is approaching the last known location of a refugee convoy, following from the internal sectors of the former Empire. The distress signal detected by the tracking stations helped the Dreadnought to reach the crash site. But, unfortunately, the rescue of the survivors is actively hampered by alien ships patrolling the wreckage. But the hope remains that at least someone survived.


V1.6.1c CerberusS Balance Papa Crab Holidays (Papa Crab's V1)


Brokk/Papa Crab's

The owners of the ship Brokk are now delivering pizza to fringe sectors. Professor Lesorticz from the laboratory TG19 of the Ellydium Corporation suggests that this has got something to do with crystallids, continuing their experiments with viral Bione technologies. The infection does not just change the appearance of the ship, but also the behaviour of pilots! We urge you not to be afraid if a pizza or pasta suddenly arrives in battle.
PS The pizza's very good, you should try it. 


V1.6.2b Last Man Standing


Former imperial sectors
System: Pandora
Location: House of the Rising Sun


Mercenaries! The Union of Free Legionnaires announces the start of special competitions, designed to form the elite of the surviving legionnaires. The competitions will be held in the Pandora system, known for its anomalous zones. Those who can hold out in the anomaly the longest and remain alive will be included in the top list of Legionnaires of the fringe sectors! And the best will receive a special prize — the figurine “Last man standing”!


V1.6.2d Last Man Standing (Plate Steel?)


The painting “Plate steel” was previously used only by the Warden fighters. We remind you that the Wardens is a military order of the Empire, the personal guard of the Emperor, guarding him during his travels around the galaxy. After the loss of the Solar system in the war with the Aliens, the fate of the order, just like the Emperor's, is unknown. Many believe that the guard was evacuated through a secret gate. But, most likely, every single Warden died while protecting the Solar System.


V1.6.3 Moon Race (Custodian, T(h)emple of Last Hope)



The Custodian frigate is the latest development of the Sentinels, the artificial intelligence left after the Technologists. Donated to UMC to maintain order in the sectors. It has a powerful shield control system. Custodian is armed with a plasma gun and can hide from radars.


Temple of Last Hope

O Monolith, the legend of Jericho! Pride of the Fleet of the Departed, an ancient shrine of the Liu Family. We remember your empty squares and ruined minarets of skyscrapers. And now your Temple lost for all these many years, is with us once again!


The abandoned complex, called the “Temple of Last Hope”, was recently discovered by pilots in the Antares system not far from the famous “Ancient Ruins”, another abandoned complex built by an unknown race.


A quick examination of the complex showed that almost all the systems of the Temple are in working condition. It was even possible to start the generators of the protective field. Under their protection, a certain organization “Ancestor Heritage”, together with the UMC, started studying the interior of the temple complex. Perhaps there, in the dark depths of the mysterious temple catacombs, is the clue to the Monolith tragedy...



V1.6.3c Moon Race (Custodian, Hostile Waters, Dreamland)



There have been many rumours about Technologists, the tech geniuses from Jericho. Only one thing can be said for sure — they're gone. Gone without a trace. Artificial intelligence remained after their exodus. It called himself the Sentinels and took control of the Jericho sector.


Although the Alien invasion was declining, their portals remained a problem, and the Sentinels assembled a special model of the ship to keep an eye on them.


In all the chaos that the galaxy is now, the production of new ships is not that active. Therefore, the Sentinels, who actively contact and support the victims, offered Custodian blueprints to the UMC. Especially for mercenaries who are trying to somehow maintain order in the sectors, the AI changed the original design of the ship so that it could be controlled by a person.



First there was a rift in the fabric of space-time. A terrible “emptiness” that led into the unknown. A narrow gap at the outer boundary of the Hill sphere in the Ontregos system. The first automatic stations sent to the other side broadcast joyful news that this was not a dangerous and mysterious world of Aliens, but a rift in our space. A new road to new worlds, perhaps unaffected by the Invasion and the war. Allegedly, there, beyond the rift, was a previously unknown terrestrial star system with planets suitable for settlement. Oxygen atmosphere. Oceans of water. Green continents. A fairy-tale world that was immediately christened “Dreamland”. Nobody expected what really awaited on that side...


Hostile Waters

The rift in space, which was formed as a result of a certain experiment, allowed the imperial military from the station “Guardian-17” to get into the location “Dreamland” and even assemble a small outpost at the boundary of the rift. Unfortunately, the Empire currently lacks the strength for a full-fledged operation. The UMC proposes to use mercenaries. The operation will be overseen by the tribune of Imperial security Olaf Larsen.


V1.6.4 Halloween in Space (Black Ghost)


Black Ghost

The universe is full of mysteries and secrets. One of these mysteries is the “Black Ghost” spaceship. Even before the Invasion, many pilots told tales about signals allegedly sent from an unknown ship. But no one could find any official records about it. And recently, some pilots have been talking about personally meeting this ship away from the major space routes. They say that stumbling upon it means bad luck. Perhaps this is only a legend, but if you hear the sound of a fog whistle or see a mark on the radar, we suggest that you run! Otherwise, death awaits you.


V1.6.5 A New Threat (New Foundation, Seed chips)


Seed chips

Pilots! UMC published the first data on the so-called “Seed-chips”, which have recently been used by mercenaries to improve their ships.


Judging by intelligence data, the first Seed-chips appeared when access to the Artuga system was opened. Enclave pirates distribute their products to mercenaries using covert delivery routes.


Studies in UMC laboratories have shown that Seed-chips change the key characteristics of ship modules in a special way. Each Seed-chip is unique and influences changes in its own way. The special technology of merging Seed-chips allows pilots to obtain Seed-chips with better characteristics.


Sources and production technologies of Seed-chips are still not clear, therefore their use is allowed only in battles against AI, in PvE missions and Open Space. Pilots should install pirate technology at their own risk!


The latest engineering ship of the Federation, the blueprints of which the Armada handed over to mercenaries. One of the best frigates of the new era.


A Sci-Tech Universal interceptor, created in the laboratories of the Artuga system. At the moment, Marten is their main achievement in the field of military equipment.


V1.6.9 Paper Conflict (Scylla, Paper Conflict, Papa Crab's 2: Return of the Pizza)


During the survey of one of the abandoned Legion bases after the invasion, the New Empire discovered several prototypes of the newest engineering frigate, which never came into operation. | After a year of work, Scylla was ready. The first tests showed complete superiority over the other engineering frigates of the Empire, and the ship joined elite units of the fleet. | Now, however, the New Empire is ready to hand over the blueprints to UMC so that all mercenaries can experience the power of imperial technology.


Papa Crab's (the DLC one)

Pilots now deliver pizza to fringe sectors. Professor Lesorticz from the laboratory TG20 of the Ellydium Corporation suggests that this has got something to do with crystallids, continuing their experiments with viral Bione technologies. The infection changes the behaviour of pilots! We urge you not to be afraid if a pizza or pasta suddenly arrives in battle.
PS The pizza's very good, you should try it.


V1.6.10 Rise of Giants (Jellyfish)



Immediately after the start of the new invasion, the Atlantic Alliance ordered the development of a new ship to combat Aliens. The project was executed by the Outpost shipyard. Developed in a few months, Jellyfish can be called one of the best creations of Outpost engineers.


The new plasma web is capable of placing the enemy ship into stasis. This feature allows Jellyfish to destroy any enemy in the shortest possible time. Bite and kill — that's the motto of this ship!


Several factories are engaged in Jellyfish production at once in order to fulfill huge orders from Federation corporations. Outpost shipyard management contacted UMC and offered its services. Now every mercenary can get the latest covert ops interceptor.


V1.6.11 Strike of the Empire (Gungnir)



The newest long-range frigate Gungnir just left Sparta shipyard. With excellent characteristics, it has become a great addition to the Imperial fleet.


As we know, Spartan scientists studied the ruins of the Warden outpost in the Felony system for a long time. It was the secret projects of the Order of Emperor that allowed them to complete the development in the shortest possible time. One of the features of Gungnir was the ability to land on various objects for the purpose of firing its disintegrator. This powerful weapon shoots at the target twice and leaves no chance of survival.


However, Sparta's generals decided that Gungnir was perfect for ground operations. Thus, separate detachments of frigates were sent to artillery units and used as heavy weapons to shell enemy fortifications.


Having carried out tests in real battles, Sparta sold blueprints to the UMC, and now mercenaries will be able to test the latest tech.



V1.7 Pirate Chronicles (Tornado)



For a long time, UMC scientists were engaged in the study of technologies from the special storage of the “Spot” object found in the system SY3176-GIII-A4 on the planetoid “Dead World”.Despite several sabotages in the laboratories, the development of the ship Tornado was completed. One of the features of the ship was the option of full remote control, with the help of technologies found on the planetoid.


The special module of the ship is based on the frigate Spiral, also found in the special storage. In battle, the pilot can divide his ship into two autonomous units and while the human pilot controls one module, the second is controlled by AI.


Currently, with the support of the Outpost shipyard, UMC is ready to establish serial production of Tornado. Mercenaries will be the first to receive the new ship.


V1.7.1 Spaceball time (Spaceball tournament?)


Golden Sci Arena has hosted more than a hundred incendiary competitions in everyone's favourite spaceball. Seeing the amazing success of the games, the big businesses coming to the sports industry and the interest of spectators in spaceball, Sci-Tech Universal decided to organize the first spaceball tournament! Anyone can show their spaceball skills in front of thousands of spectators. The company's top managers together with their scientists have developed a unique award that can be installed on your ship! The true title of the legendary spaceballer and eternal glory! This is what awaits those who win this trophy! It's all in your hands!


V1.7.3 Raven's Flight (Raven)



Despite problems with the Hammerhead project, the leadership of the Outpost shipyard decided to continue cooperation with Armada. The army needed a universal frigate and engineers began work.


After several months of work, the Raven guard frigate was ready.
In addition to the main model of the ship, the Outpost shipyard has also established the production of a cargo version of the frigate.
Speed combined with excellent combat power allows Raven to go on the offensive together with advanced fighter squads and also quickly escape the battlefield. And thanks to a unique special module, the crew is safe from an enemy attack when retreating.


Currently, the Outpost shipyard has sold the blueprints to UMC in order to make additional profits in case of problems with Armada. From now on, all mercenaries can assemble a Raven for personal use.


V1.7.3b Raven's Flight (Pterosaur, Dainsleif)


The new interceptor is based on one of the first developments of the company, namely Swift. As a result of many modifications, only the ship's hull remained the same. The main novelty is the modified plasma web. The “Wasp” plasma web is launched from close range at several enemy ships simultaneously. The updated engines have significantly reduced energy consumption for overcharge.



The GK-4 Dainsleif attack fighter is an experimental pilot training ship. The first batch of these ships entered the ranks of the Steel Legion shortly before the First Invasion and are currently operated by the Legion soldiers.

Imperial engineers made the main bet on the ship’s improved special module. Forcing SEF systems has a reduced recharge time. Additionally, the ship's thrusters were modified.


V1.7.4 Curse of the Leviathan (Plague Doctor, Curse of the Leviathan)


Soon after the last major tragedy on the Monolith, associated with the monstrous Liu virus, the family leaders who had not yet left were concerned about the possibility of predicting and studying infections and mutations as well as how to deal with them. Hundreds and even thousands of attempts to try to take the virus under control did not turn out to be successful, which caused exorbitant expenses for the families remaining in the attacked sectors, especially against the background of the success of Ellydium exceeding all their efforts. Expeditions were cancelled and the families left several infected sectors that they once considered their home.


Curse of the Leviathan

Until recently, no one dared to approach the infected, until signatures similar to those recorded in the infamous Monolith were periodically recorded in the old catacombs of Leviathan. Having given huge sums to the Broker, the unknown managed to set up a public contract for sending volunteers allegedly from Jericho “for reconnaissance” to the signatures of the infected. What those who have hired the Broker plan to do is known only to them, but no one can say for sure what awaits the mercenaries in the gloomy catacombs...


Plague Doctor

It is said that it was previously one of the Sentinels' ships. A mysterious association of artificial intelligences left after the disappearance of the Techs. The objectives of the Sentinels are unclear. According to one version, the Techs left them to keep an eye on the secrets of Jericho, which they could not take with them. According to the other, the Techs have finally merged with their machines in order not to fall under the influence of the biomorph virus, and now they live a “digital” life.


One of their ships was part of an ill-fated expedition to the ominous Leviathan, where the signatures were recorded similar to those recorded in the notorious Monolith. No one of that expedition returned back. Only the Sentinel ship escaped. Unrecognizably changed. As after a serious illness. The transformation affected not only his appearance, but also his capabilities. And his AI began to respond to the call sign “Plague Doctor”. He looks for the infected everywhere and treats them as he considers right - by death.


V1.8 Faction Wars (Relic, Fight Club)


Pilots! The factions have begun a massive mobilization! Apparently, preparations are underway for war. The exact reasons for such a rapid build-up of power on each side are still unknown. The UMC implies that after the retreat of aliens, territorial conflicts again take place, however, the factions conduct the most hidden policy of their actions. It is only known that each of them recruits mercenaries to their side, because in war every fighter is important!



The first Relic-class destroyers were created by the Mendes family back in 4619. All this time, the ships were tested in remote sectors of Jericho and were significantly modernized. Many Relic systems are manufactured using Alien technology. During development, the destroyer’s initial weapon was replaced with the G2 heavy gauss cannon.


According to comments from the Mendes Family, the Relic-class destroyers participated in the attack on several cyber bases and inflicted significant damage to the enemy. More recently, the Rangers were licensed to manufacture a batch of ships specifically to be controlled by the AI. The Liu Family will also receive one destroyer as part of the “on the remaining forces of Jericho'’ agreement.


Representatives of the UMC managed to secure the right to purchase destroyers, so any mercenary will be able to order a weakened version of Relic soon.

Fight Club

By organizing a special gathering point before the start of the fights in the Velorum System, near the Golden Sci Arena stadium, the fight club has gained legitimacy, fame, millions of viewers and is one of the favorite sports of many mercenaries. At the same time, anyone can try their hand at fights without rules - just register and show your real strength!

V1.8.2 Faction Wars (Orion's Belt)


Orion's Belt
(A) lot of time has passed since the opening of sectors in which, as mercenaries believe, there are traces of the Precursors. These are places that Dr. Pavlov himself considered one of the main secrets of ancient civilizations. Despite this, interest in the sectors is still not diminishing. Often everyone, from an ordinary mercenary to an influential factional figure, hopes to gain profit trying to find something valuable here. There are also followers of Pavlov's cause. Enthusiasts from all over the world are trying to find the unknown and expensive in the sectors, fighting for the opportunity to scan every asteroid.

V1.8.4 Faction Wars (Salyut-ST)



Salyut-ST is another development from the Directorium times. However, unlike the proven Spiral and Endeavour, the ship was not mass-produced at the time and the project was frozen. The reason for this is the rather complex design, the offset centres of gravity and the complex alignment of the engines, which prevented that version of the ship from being able to fight with the known ships on equal terms. This ensured the fact that they were not involved in the battle with the “Fringe” fanatics.


The project received a second life during the second Invasion. In conditions of war and limited resources, it was necessary to adopt a fleet capable of fighting and disorienting the enemy without drawing attention. Salyut-ST executed this task perfectly. Despite the external similarities with objects of the first space conquest, the inner shell of the ship was equipped with the most modern equipment of the Imperial ECM ships, the armouring system was redesigned, and the engines were completely changed.


At the end of the Invasion, the blueprints of this model were kept secret for a long time. Now the ECM has decided to start an open development, and the collectors have already offered a handsome price for such a ship.

V1.8.5 Asteroid Conqueror (Mole)



With the beginning of the Second Invasion, the UMC leadership decided to create a miner ship so that they would not have problems with resources in the future. A contract for the development was signed with Scott en Cott corporation. It was the Federation scientists who had to create a frigate.


At one stage of development, the CMS joined the project. After providing some equipment for Mole, the corporation ordered a large batch of ships, and then acquired a production license in a limited number.


Upon completion of all works, the first batches of ships were immediately handed over to the UMC. Currently, mercenaries can buy Mole directly from Scott en Cott corporation or through intermediaries at the Center. The corporation’s shipyards have already received large orders from various organizations and it is safe to say that Mole is one of Scott en Cott’s best projects, which allows to receive unprecedented profits.

V1.9 Galactic Tour (Emperor)



Emperor is the latest destroyer created in the shipyards of the New Empire. Emperor was developed by “Alcor Technology Shipyards”, a large state-owned corporation. The main feature of the destroyer is the support the allied ships by enhancing their weapons, which allows to break through the enemy defenses, and with the right tactics turns the Emperor into a real fortress. The ship’s newest weapon has no analogues in its class and is a redesigned ADM system, which allows it to efficiently strike small-sized targets.


Currently, the destroyer is being actively introduced into the fleet. Production takes place at the shipyards of Skifia and Alcor. As the Guardian-17 station joins the New Empire, a number of destroyers will be sent to the disputed sectors to fortify imperial positions. Thanks to this reinforcement, the Guardian-17 command plans to clear the sectors of pirates and exert significant pressure on Federation patrol ships.


Recently, a representative of the New Empire contacted UMC command and signed a contract according to which mercenaries will be able to get a new destroyer in their own hands.

V1.9.2 Tip of the Spear (Protazan, Shark uprank)



Protazan is the newest ship of Liu and Mendes families created as a response to the strengthening of the New Empire and the Federation fleets. The excellent combination of weapons and defense systems makes this ship one of the best in long-range frigates class.


Work on the project began in 4619 almost immediately after the first Relic prototypes were created. The new frigate was supposed to be a support ship for the new destroyer, but later its role was greatly expanded. In the first months, work on the project went slowly. The lack of experience in the field of long-range ships was a factor. The engineers decided to invite the Liu Family to join the work on Protazan. With the arrival of Liu, scientists received a huge amount of technical documentation on both the old frigates and new developments of individual nodes. The merging of the knowledge and production capacities of the two Families gave the project a new life. The frigate’s arsenal has been replenished with new torpedoes and weapons, with which Protazan is capable of destroying any target.


During the tests, a squad of several ships completely destroyed the defensive fleet of one of the cyber bases. Soon after, the shipyards received blueprints for Protazan’s mass production. Currently, Mendes’ trusted mercenaries can get a special version of the ship for testing. Family engineers carefully collect data from every battle, even the most insignificant one, and analyze it. UMC is an indisputable assistant in this business.

Another modification of the “Prometheus” ship manufactured by pirates. The design was changed to fit the pirate style, to make it look more aggressive and intimidating. Imperial engineers also suspect that the engine and capacitor were modified, since Shark has become a much more formidable opponent than Prometheus.

V1.9.3 Halloween in Space (Naglfar)



Naglfar is a miracle of the Sentinels. Supposedly, such ships were designed for the expedition to sector 1337. Soon after, they disappeared.


Among the mercenaries, it is rumored that a single ship of this kind caused the destruction of an entire UMC station. It returned from the expedition defiled, as if it itself had become an artifact of the Precursors. The people around the artifact were going insane. They were killing themselves to end the suffering.


One mercenary met the Sentinel and survived. He called him Naglfar and became a faithful comrade to him. Since then, other ships of this kind have begun to emerge. Fearless mercenaries are not afraid of rumors and make contact with the ships. Perhaps their minds are also protected from ancient curses.

V1.10 Mysteries of the Universe (Albireo, Brain Drain)



Albireo is the newest destroyer of the Fort shipyard. The technologies of Spiral were used while creating this ship. However, the undocking method has been redesigned, as it is impossible to destroy the abandoned hull due to the large number of the ship’s crew members. The main components of the destroyer are disguised, and the command staff is provided with a manoeuvrable interceptor. The ship’s laser weapons are excellent for destroying any kind of enemy targets. Albireo has now entered mass production. The Armada command has already signed a contract for the supply of several hundred ships. After the ship passes various military tests, an additional production contract will be signed for the needs of the fleet.


Thanks to the contract between the UMC and the Fort shipyard, mercenaries will soon be able to get Albireo at their disposal.

Brain Drain
The New Empire attacked the pirate base. The attack went unsuccessfully. The base is partially destroyed. Scientists trapped at the station ask for help and immediate evacuation. Doctor Le Vasseur, responsible for building and fortifying many of Artuga bases, is especially valuable. The doctor is convinced that the pirates would rather bury their secrets in deep space than rescue the scientists. Mercenaries will have to provide assistance in the evacuation.

V1.10.2 Mysteries of the Universe (Razor uprank)



The development of Razor began in 4598 at the Bosco Family shipyards. The new fighter ship was the first to include powerful synoptic conductors, with a neural matrix in the center. Advanced protocols allow the pilot to make a connection with the ship in a few seconds, and this link between a man and the ship is so strong that when the ship is damaged the pilot feels pain, even if he’s millions of kilometers away from the battlefield.


The Raid Command praised the promising development, and the fighters began to join the elite units. According to rumors, Razor pilots try not to expose their ship to fire and are constantly improving their maneuvering skills. The Tackler has become a real hunter of pirate and Cyber ships.


The leadership of the Mendes Family provided the mercenaries with a version of “Razor” with limited functionality, so that the UMC pilots were also able to master this ship. And although piloting the fighter requires a lot of experience, mercenaries don’t have to be afraid of burning their brains out due to overloading.


Currently, all of the produced fighter ships are undergoing modifications designed by the Mendes engineers. The updated Razor received new control complexes and improved power supply system. The shields of the ship have also been significantly modified.


V1.10.3 Way of the Warrior (Kirishima)


The work on the project has been underway since 4620. Completed developments of the individual units made it possible to significantly reduce the time required to develop the new fighter. The initiative came from the Sinto Corporation, which had preferred to keep a low profile for a long time. It also provided the initial blueprints for the project and the resources to produce the hulls of the fighters. The Mendes and Liu families accepted the offer almost immediately, taking up the development of new engines and avionics systems respectively. The Sentinels were the last to join the project, providing shipyards and weapons for Kirishima.



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Okay so this one will be for stories told via news posts and named characters.

News Posts


July 2nd, 2013  - Pirates!


** Our special correspondent reports a new daring attack on a merchant convoy by a group of unidentified ships. Remember, this is the third incident in the last month. At the moment, very little is known, but our sources in the research fleet command claim that the unknown attackers were piloting modified ships! Could this be true? Hear all about this incident and other news - in our evening edition! **

Special Edition of the “Federation Bulletin” dated 4613.07.02

Pirates. Corsairs. Privateers... they go by many names. Once they were storming the seas, and with humanity's progress into space the have become an even more formidable threat.
As soon as new opportunities to capitalize on arise, there are people out there who want to get their cut the esasy way. What happened in the Precursors sectors is something that was happening over and over again in human history — following the advance of the three races and corporation traders came the cosmic predators — pirates.

At first, they were divided and hostile to each other, but not so long ago, two of the most violent groups were able to subdue most of the pirate gangs in the Imperial and the Federation spaces. Rumours still insist that this was supported by the highest echelons of power of the two races.



Privateers are very dangerous and skilled opponents, whose complicated lives led them to live the pirate way. Privateer engineers prefer to use Federation ships and turn them into incredibly efficient killing machines. However, not everyone can access the best modifications — respect in their environment is worth more than life itself. However, after the discovery of one of their bases, some of the Privateer ships hit the black market!



Shadows are one of the most well-organized pirate clans rumored to enjoy the support of the Emperor himself. Ready to run the most complex and “dirty” jobs, Shadows prefer Imperial technology, improved on their own secret shipyards. Their ships are fast, deadly and have a menacing appearance, demoralizing the enemy.



November 19th, 2013 - Hidden shipyard raid!


One hundred and twenty minutes ago the “Monolith” corporation put forward a contract for the capture of a shipyard belonging to “Chronos” corporation. “Monolith” Intelligence Division became aware that their rival is engaged in re-equipping its “Maelstrom” class dreadnought. “Monolith” management believes that this dreadnought would be much more useful to them than their opponents.

Shipyard whereabouts are kept in complete secret, only one thing is certain about - it is located in an icy asteroid belt. Due to this secrecy, delivery of mercenaries and their vessels to the site of the operation is carried out by “Monolith” — the corporation's management is concerned that pilots can re-sell the information about the location of the shipyard to third parties. However, personnel department guarantees the safety of all pilots at the end of the operation and promises considerable rewards for the execution of the contract. As always — pilots who take part in the operation should not be afraid of any tensions with “Chronos”.


March 6th, 2014 - Operation 'Crimson Haze'


Recently, there have been several disappearances of trade caravans and even armed convoys in Aliar system located in sector 3812.

Some analysts attributed these events to the activities of a pirate group called ‘Enclave’ . Unfortunately, so far nobody's managed to confirm or deny the involvement of this organization — and if there were any witnesses of their activities, they all disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Nevertheless, we have been able to shed light on this suspicious story: an employer, who wished to remain anonymous, made an offer to all mercenaries to take part in the capture of a remote object in the Aliar system. Analysis of this location indicates that the object may be the operations centre, where most pirate attacks across the whole sector are planned.


July 24th, 2014 - New location 'Abandoned Complex'


"Ruins in the area have long been mapped as one of the monuments of a dead civilization. Researchers have not been able to understand why the complex was created in the first place. The preserved structure is a ruined Precursor generator surrounded by a cloud of dust and machinery debris... Nevertheless, abandoned research probes have recently recorded a massive burst of energy coming from the centre of the station.

First, researchers saw an unusual picture: the ancient mechanism started working again — a plasma pillar escaped the reactor, and the internal mechanisms started gradually waking up from the long sleep. All sides of conflict immediately began to pull their forces to this sector to get to the reactor. Perhaps it is the key to gaining the upper hand.

In the commotion nobody noticed a faint signal coming from the boundary of the zone. Soon the signal was gone..."


July 9th, 2015 - Secret ship pursuit!


Attention, Mercenaries!


Very soon my personal shipyard will complete the first Nyx-class ships.


Nyx is a tech level 3 ship. Some technology I ‘borrowed’ from Jericho, something I inherited from a modified Jericho interceptor ‘Karud’. All the insides of the ship are based on external tech. Special experimental modules that provide an additional advantage in combat and long-range raids are included with the ship.


This is a unique ship. And I know that many of you can’t wait to add ‘Nyx’ to your fleet. Well, you’re going to have to work for that! Only the most responsible and diligent pilots will get the ship when the job is done..



Remember, I need all kinds of intelligence, as well as ship sensor readings during flights. The data will be collected automatically whenever you perform my tasks.



July 30th, 2015 - Who are you, miss Summer?


Cryptogram BBIM22-567954
From: N. Cortés
To: centr_mercenaries@star_conflict
Cc: Imperial SS. Archive 
Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2015
Subject: Secret Ship Pursuit
Mercenary Centre cooperation request. Imperial Security Service.
I just found a message from a certain ‘Miss Summer’ in my mail containing tasks for mercenaries. Is she your employee? Why can I not find her file? Why is she giving tasks to mercenaries? Who authorized her? And why is there her picture in the message?


N. Cortés, Imperial Security Service Legate


Cryptogram BBIM22-567955
From: centr_mercenaries@star_conflict
To: N. Cortés
Cc: Imperial SS. Archive 
Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2015
Subject: Re: Secret Ship Pursuit
We thought she was one of your people. And part of your operation. Authorization was granted remotely. She never appeared at the Imperial branch of Mercenary Centre in person. The origin of the photo are unknown.


August 7th, 2015 - Monolith has come alive


AAA access personnel only

Cryptogram SN55-754DS

Response to cryptogram SN54-754DS from July 16.

From: Orlando Hector. Status: Observer.

To: Highest Circle. Mendez Family


Monolith has come alive. Once again we are receiving messages from automated systems of the orbital city. Sensors show that the infection rate dropped to acceptable levels. An unmanned probe, launched through the gate NG532, confirmed this data. In addition, the sector seen a large concentration of ships of unknown origin. They must belong to aliens and biomorphs, but the presence of cybers and pirates is also possible.

I remind you that this sector of the Antares system is still at RED quarantine level, and all human spaceflights are banned. Sooner or later, the Federation and the Empire are going to send their scouts. If our operations are disclosed, it will happen immediately. In addition, I remind you about the object to reported in cryptogram SN54-754DS from July 16. If the rumours are true, you can imagine what will happen if it’s detected. And this is just an artifact that we are aware of. Who knows what else the Liu hid in laboratories and storage of the Monolith.Besides, we can not let any of these objects to fall into the hands of Revenants.

I propose to reduce the level of quarantine to ORANGE and thus give mercenaries access to the sector. This is a drastic measure, but we can win some time and send several extraction groups to the Monolith.


August 14th, 2015 - 'Destroyer' memo


Urgent message.
‘Destroyer’ memo
From: Oliver Winkler.Federation Expeditionary Fleet Major
To: Corporation CEOs, UMC mercenaries.

Under previous agreements, the analytical department of Federation Fifth Fleet Main Intelligence Directorate brings to your attention the latest information on project ‘DSTR-0’, the so-called Destroyer.

Destroyer is a new Alien ship type. It has enormous firepower. Its main weapons are EM emitters, pulsars, high-power lasers and rocket launchers. In addition to the strengthened hull, it's also protected by means of force fields (Level 3 according to our classification). Currently unknown devices mounted on the ship cause local changes in gravity. As reported by observers Destroyer also possesses the ability to open interdimensional passages (portals). The latter, combined with its firepower allows the Destroyer to appear beyond fleet lines and cause serious damage to infrastructure, supply lines, the civilian population.
Destroyer often acts alone, without support groups. We classify it as a heavy sabotage ship. Command assigned the highest priority level to this target. In case of contact the object is to be destroyed immediately.


We do not have information about the number of ships of this class in the Alien fleet. Because of high mobility of the Destroyer, they may have one ship or even ten. At the moment, not a single fact of a successful attack on the Destroyer has been recorded.
The first fire contact with the object was made by Imperial troops in Victrix sector. Our intelligence reports serious casualties among military and civilians on the planet Victrix-III. However, the details are unknown to us (thanks to the policy of the Empire not to disclose such information).
We're detecting increased activity in the sectors of the Federation. There are also indications that the Destroyer was seen not far from the so-called ‘Monolith Ruins’. However, this data is now being checked for validity.

Main Intelligence Directorate of the Fifth Fleet Federation recommends mercenaries to exercise extreme caution in the event of an encounter with a Destroyer. The object represents significant threat until we have enough information and develop an effective method of fighting it.


August 21st, 2015 - Secret ship pursuit . Cryptogram BBIM47-567413/4


Cryptogram BBIM47-567413

From: R.Loken

To: N.Cortes@star_conflict

Cc: Imperial Security Service. Archive

Posted: Thursday, August 21

Topic: Secret Ship Pursuit


I inform you that as part of the task set by Security Council we investigated samples of the new ship ‘Nyx’ and new types of weapons allegedly designed for this and other ships at the object ‘Plant’. As a result of studying prototypes and documents available to us after the assault we obtained the following information:


‘Nyx’ is a fighter of the third technical level. Looks like pirates took part in developing the ship — their engineers and ‘designers’. Detailed analysis reveals that the ship utilises technology of several Alien races. At least two. This brings us to the conclusion that the Aliens are not just a single species, as we previously thought. Most of the experimental modules are based on Crystalloid tech that we already know. But a small part of the modules was created using totally unfamiliar technologies. At the moment we do not understand how they operate. Tech used in this ship has nothing to do with any other engineering project in the history of mankind. We can only guess what force is behind this incredible machine.

So we need more time to study the ship and the documents, as well as additional funding.


Ria Loken. Imperial Spacefleet Engineer.


Cryptogram BBIM47-567414

From: N.Cortes

To: R.Loken@star_conflict

Cc: Imperial Security Service. Archive

Posted: Thursday, August 21

Topic: Secret Ship Pursuit


Additional funding denied. We cannot allocate more time for further study. You have less than a week to complete all studies of the ship. When the time runs out, the pilots will get automatic access to this ship's systems. All the pilots who ever performed contracts for miss Summer will get access. We can't limit access due to technical reasons. We are detecting a leak of sensitive data. Initiating an internal investigation.

Natasha Cortes. Imperial Security Service Legate.



October 28th, 2015 - The Journal (Naberia introduction)


Um... is his thing working? Ahem... Ivan Kim, junior UMC technician speaking. I am recording an audio log on the orders of expedition. First entry. Today... is October 30, year 4023. We have arrived in Ydra system and have set into orbit. The complex three-nine-two is now right beneath our feet. And what a sight it is! Snow caps on collapsed rocks and lava flowing through the cracks down below. Somewhere between the cold and the heat, the intricate structures of the plant stand still. It shimmers with lights. The automatics must be still working after the evacuation. Kramer, our engineer, reports that the magmatic power station is running, and complex, as they say, is ‘live’. Launching scout drones. Preparing the descent.

Second entry. Carrying out a visual inspection of the complex corridors. Scout drones have already been here... everything’s clear... only in terms of danger. The floor and walls are covered with dust. Air purification system is offline and everything that used to be collected by the filters is now settled on the walls. It seems my colleagues are already jealous that I grabbed a life support suit from New Eden. We’re deploying our HQ in the mess hall... (interferences)

Chief staff initiated a roll-call. Four were missing. Kramer was among them.

Fourth entry. Ventilation system is back on. Air samples are within the norm. Someone have already shed their suits. I'll wait. More than a hundred chemicals are used in the production of the fuselage alone... (interferences)


Entry number... five, I think... (interferences)... Kramer is back. It was he who started up the ventilation system. But now there isn’t enough energy for the lights... (interferences)...  We spend ten minutes each hour sitting in the dark. The children suffer more than anyone else. Someone said... (interferences)...  Yet the command has put up guard posts. Good thing we took a couple of soldiers with us... (interferences)...


Um... so... this is an emergency message... (interferences)...  our transport ship has been downed in orbit. We were attacked by unidentified ships. I repeat: we were attacked! This is Naberia-392, Ydra system. This is UMC Recon Squad, junior technician Ivan Kim. Requesting fire support... (interferences)


Seventh entry... nah, what does it matter anyway. The attackers couldn’t break through the defence of the station... (interferences)...  I plan to leave the HQ and start drilling the hangar gates... (interferences)...  to leave this damn station.


Two more killed.... I never even knew their name... (interferences)...  today, I noticed one of the missing scientists... (interferences)...   And the spot where he’d been sitting, it had a red spot... that’s stupid but... it looked like he’d been eating raw meat.

(Sounds of heavy breathing)... he attacked me! Jumped me from behind! I didn’t know what to do! It was self-defense! Damn... damn... (interferences)...  He was wearing a scientist’s uniform... he still had his glasses, but his skin was grey, swollen with blisters, and the eyes... I’m going back to HQ. I have to get out of here... (interferences)

If someone can hear me. Stay away from the shipyard of Naberia! The station is infected... (interferences)... Those who were part of our expedition are either dead or turned into biomorphs... (interferences)... Engineer Kramer ... (interferences)... is a traitor.

This is UMC technician Ivan Kim. My legs are shattered from the explosion, ribs are broken too... (interferences)... phaser is dead from overheating. My suit seems to be intact... (interferences)... Before the explosion, I saw Kramer. He walked among them... (interferences)... as if a prophet or a messiah... the shepherd of this terrible flock... (interferences)..., his pale skin covered... (interferences)... with ancient runes. Miraculously, I crawled to the ship. Let’s hope the autopilot... (interferences).... This is the final message.


October 3rd, 2015 - Summer's Gambit


Looking through the windshield Henry Twenty-One watched the Universe die. If someone else stood beside him, that someone would have probably  said to him: ‘Forget this nonsense, the Universe is fine’. Indeed, judging by the view from the cockpit, it was impossible to say that something was wrong. There were only asteroids around. ‘Turtle’ — an old smuggler frigate — was lurking in their shadows. ‘Perhaps, it can still get better’ — Henry thought. Always start your day with positive thoughts — as his shrink used to say. ‘But humanity is definitely done’ — Henry literally saw it suffocate, drowning in infinite space.
‘Hush, hush. That's it, just a little bit more and the pain will go away. Peaceful sleep beckons.’
The captain (and the only member of the crew) drank from a bottle of protein coffee surrogate, coughed and winced.
Gloomy thoughts continued to find their way into his head. How many worlds have fallen? How many for the last cycle? On the news, especially Imperial ones, nobody ever mentioned it: apparently, the Hub worlds were safe and on the outskirts our brave men once again gave the Aliens some heat. Fancy that! Invaders, Aliens! Henry once considered pirates, Jericho and cybers to be the greatest danger. Now, wherever you jump, you’re bound to come across this Alien scum. Crystallids, that’s what they’re called, right?
Henry never found it important to dig into this sort of thing. His strategy was simple: see an Alien — run. Involuntarily, he glanced at the dashboard, with two shimmering lights above the words ‘Multiphase shield adapter’ and ‘Microwarp gate’. The knowledge that all the systems were in order made him calm. Even if the gates were useless  since a jump among the asteroids would be suicidal. ‘Turtle’ with its crazy speed would crash into the first rock. But one thing made him happy — the cockpit of Raptor MKII is located in the bow, which means that the pilot would not even feel pain.
Something creaked in the frigate’s belly. Henry stiffened and listened, but the creaking never came again. Should’ve checked in for maintenance...
Leaving a bottle in the holder on the dashboard, he unbuckled the straps that held him in his chair, and gently pushed forward. Zero gravity allowed him to easily soar above the workplace. He needed to stretch his legs. The smuggler, as usual, spent the night in a chair. On-board clock showed almost ten in the morning. There were still a couple of hours until the rendezvous, so it was time to check the goods. Moving along the handles inside the hull, Henry headed towards the cargo hold. He did not see much sense in so many inspections. But his employer had her own thoughts on this matter.
A faint smile crept across the smuggler’s face when he remembered about her. Though he’d only seen her once on the intercom, boy, was she fine! Her hair, the eyes, and... the smile instantly vanished from his face when he crossed the gate of the hold.
- What are you? - Henry asked once again looking at a huge black box.
The box, as always, did not bother to answer. Its design was grotesque. Steel body was covered with asymmetric valves, connectors — all between metal terrifying ribs. This monster was firmly fixed to the floor, the ceiling and even the walls with ceramic chains. Henry slipped easily through the web. Black matte surface of the box was covered with old stamps, barcodes and labels. The latest label belonged to the customs of the Empire, 300th department, unit Alpha. Next to the symbols and all the necessary cargo information was the signature of a certain M. Summer. Somehow, Henry had never paid any attention to it. Who was that? The smuggler has worked with this customs department and the local corrupt bureaucrats for several years. But Summer's last name did not ring a bell.
A small panel on the box came to life at the touch.
Power... normal.
Status... normal.
Seal... 100%
Temperature.... 4 degrees Celsius.
Network... online.
Wait! Network online?
- What the hell?
Henry clicked the Network icon. A submenu showed up.
‘Sending data’, - the text read. Henry stared at it. Just a second later the text disappeared, and the submenu closed. The smuggler didn’t have time for a rhetorical question. In the narrow corridors of the frigate he heard the sound of an incoming message. How timely! Leaving the mysterious cargo alone, Henry went back to the cockpit. He was sure it was something important. His PDA had a special filter - it took only messages from whitelisted contacts. There was only one such contact. This means that the message from the employer...
Henry landed back in his chair, pointed at the monitor, and the message appeared in front of him:
‘Attention, Mercenaries!
Very soon my personal shipyard will launch its first fighters of Nyx class…’
What kind of nonsense is that?
What mercenaries? He left UMC three years ago. Even if it was a mass mailout, the computer was not supposed to accept it. His eyes skimmed over the text, trying to find at least some secret message, a hint.
The signature. Miss Summer. So it was a she, not a he. The mysterious bureaucrat from the customs... And, apparently, his employer at the same time. The system recognized her signature and accepted the message. But what was it she needed from the mercenaries? In the message she offered a whole bunch of resources for seemingly meaningless tasks. What kind of game was she up to? And most importantly...
- Who are you, Miss Summer?
Henry couldn’t read the message in time. The computer started beeping and the screen showed a map with three approaching dots. Without identification signals. Henry easily read their movements. Whoever they were, they weren’t looking for him, they knew exactly where he was, and moved his way the shortest route. Every second was important. The smuggler started the engines and immediately reversed, and a second later activated the minelayer.
Hundreds of light beads scattered where the ‘Turtle’ had just been. The lights flickered red. Through this haze Henry saw his first guest. A fighter... a command one. Bright colours, the skull and crossbones on the hull. Pirates.
Smuggler released several charges from the coil mortar, scraped the fighter’s shield and hid behind an asteroid. He immediately started to turn the vessel. It’s better to show the enemy your back than your guts. The dot on the map accelerated. The pirate fired up his afterburner. A flash. Another second and the dot disappeared. Henry had one last minelayer charge... now he had to get out of the asteroids. He started the afterburner and directed ‘Turtle’ to the nearest clearance.
The intercom came to life.
- Not bad, not bad - said a coarse male voice.
Henry pushed the PTT button on the wheel.
- Identify yourself. Where did you get this frequency?
The man only laughed in response. His laughter was so unpleasant that a shiver went down Henry’s back. He did not understand what was happening, but he knew he had to run.
The afterburners were carrying him to the saving clearance. Meanwhile, the radar reflected one more dot. Someone was trying to flank the ‘Turtle’ in a big arc. No matter, Henry thought, this one wouldn’t have  enough firepower to bring down the gates. But he’d try. The next moment, the dot disappeared. Adaptive Camo? The two ships behind were gradually closing the distance. They also started afterburner. They learned nothing from the death of their comrade. ‘Turtle’ left another mine field behind it and continued flying.
That's it, just a little more...
The smuggler ship jumped out of the asteroid field and started turning. He had to turn towards the nearest gate. They definitely wouldn’t catch him there.
- Very well, - the unpleasant voice spoke again.
A ship appeared from behind the asteroids. They were on a crash course. Henry noticed it too late, but the Pirate did not open fire. Something was clearly wrong with that ship. It looked like a fighter, but the model... Henry had never seen anything like it. However, now he did not have time to even wonder. The smuggler hit a glowing button, and ‘Turtle’ spat a gate module in front of it. Several plates detached from the module in flight. They quickly expanded. A force field that usually formed the jump gate a fraction of a second later was already visible. Henry squeezed everything he could from the ‘Turtle’.
That's it, just a little bit more...
The flash blinded him for a moment. The shock wave rocked the ship. ‘Turtle’ dramatically slowed down, and Henry hit his head hard on the dashboard.
He soon woke up to find a few floating weightless blobs of his own blood, fragments of the gate in front of the ship’s nose and four beams of long-range guns aimed at his ship.


October 22nd, 2015 - Summer's Gambit (Pt.II)


It was about five... yes, five years ago. Back then I was still in UMC, taking part in beacon hunt. Federation scientists were moving their equipment to Troy. Imperial command decided that it was probably some kind of weapon prohibited by the Trilateral Pact. We were hired to provide navigation, the other guys were there to stop us. Business  as usual. Shooting and fun. I got hit thrice: once by the beacon, the second time — when I tried to help out my buddy Iroot (for some reason he rushed at a guard frigate alone) and finally — when I myself rushed at a long-range. But the fourth time something went wrong. You know how the system works for the Imperials, right? You get hit, and a second before your untimely demise an implant sends all your memories back to the station. They clone you, put you on a new ship and send you back into battle. The whole process is a matter of seconds, and you do not even notice that you’re living in a new body. Therefore, the ships are not equipped with rescue capsules.
- It’s standard practice. Old but reliable. We're also using it - said his interlocutor, pacing around the room. He was a young man, very tidily and stylishly dressed. His face was adorned with a beard and a jagged scar.
- Only this time everything went wrong - continued Henry. - I was shot down by the beacon again. Ten seconds later, I was there again. And do you know what I saw there? Do you? Myself. The ship exploded and the system worked perfectly. But the pilot survived. I saw myself alive, but helplessly dangling in space. Oxygen was spurting from the suit, which meant there was little time left. Through the windshield, I watched my replica die, I watched myself die.
- What did you do?
- Tried to save myself, of course. But what I got was a torpedo hit in the port side. The long-range had his revenge. My ship was torn to pieces, just like me. And a moment before that my guys had taken a beacon. Its signal blocked our navigation, and I had to hang in there thirty-six seconds. Thirty-six. I literally saw him choking, drowning in infinite space. I spoke to myself, hoping he would hear: ‘Hush, hush. That's it, a little bit more, and the pain will go away. You’re going to fall asleep.’
There was a moment silence. Baron turned to the observation wall — a huge window with a view of the nearest star. Its orbit was the location of the pirate station. Henry took a sip of coffee. Somehow he was not in the mood to argue about the virtues of this drink brewed from genuine beans.
- After that, I started flying carefully, counting each death, - he continued. - But I could not take it any more at the twentieth death. I stopped all flights, cancelled subscription to cloning, sold all the ships except one. Even with all the rebates and taxes there wasn’t enough money even for a modest life. I had to work as a technician in the hangar. But you know how a pilot feels without space. So I started smuggling.
- Now I know why she chose you, - the Baron said staring at the void - you’ve got something to lose. Without subscription you are mortal. This means you have to take care of your life, your ship, and your cargo more than any other captain in the galaxy.
- Never thought about it in this context, - Henry grinned, - sounds like a good slogan.
- If we come to an agreement, you won’t have to think about it.
- It’s out of the question - Henry declined once more. He was not going to give up the cargo to pirates. He knew he’d been spared only because Baron did not want to damage the black box. This was the reason he had not hit him then by the asteroids. Realizing this, Henry activated all of the remaining mines on board. They were set up to activate if anyone set foot inside apart from himself.
- You can not even imagine how dangerous she is. How dangerous are those who stand behind her.
- What do you know about Summer? - Henry did not bother with pleasantries and that seemed to amuse the Baron.
- Not much more than you do. Nobody saw her in person. Her agents penetrated into all power structures. And I'm not just talking about the Empire. The tech that she possesses can’t even be compared to the waste that we have. Whoever stands behind Summer has tremendous power. They were here long before you and I, long before the invasion. They existed in the days of Direktorium, and perhaps earlier. Do you see what I mean?
- Revenants are a myth.
- Yes. And a very scary one.
Baron remained by the window for some time, and then returned to the table. Henry once again noticed the young looks of the man. And it was amazing - the Baron had an old scar, which meant he’s had a long history in this body. Henry unwittingly ran his hand over the stitches on his face. When the wound heals, scar tissue will remind him that he is still alive.
Meanwhile, the Baron finished messing with the desktop terminal. He took a chip and threw it on the table in front of Henry.
- Money? - the smuggler asked.
- And much more - pirate smiled - although there’s enough standards to buy a small fleet. Or Imperial citizenship and a plot of land. Remember my vessel? That’s ‘Nyx’. The new model, fresh from, the docks of Naberia-392. It’s yours. And the chip - is your pass through the station. We've got a lot of interesting stuff here. The doors are open for you.
Henry picked up the chip and meticulously examined it from all sides.
- So I can take this ‘Nix’ fly it to hub worlds and never engage in smuggling again?
The Baron shrugged.
- Do whatever you want. Just give us Summer’s cargo.
Henry looked at his companion. He was still smiling, but there was hatred in his eyes. Sooner or later, the pirates are going to deactivate the mines and take the load. The Baron put his right hand on the table. Despite his relaxed demeanour, it was clear that he was always ready to grab a gun and shoot the tough smuggler himself. Why the theatrics then? Why make a proposal? The Baron only needed Henry to save time. He was afraid of something and was eager to rush things. You can’t say ‘I’ll think about it’ and play for time, you can not refuse.
- Looks like a great idea to me - Henry put the chip into his breast pocket.
The Baron leaned back in his chair. His smile took a natural shade.
- My head’s spinning - Henry added - I could use some food, a drink...
- Of course. Just don’t take too long.
- I already realized that I’m not going to sleep today.
The Baron just nodded and silently pointed to the door.
Once he was alone, Henry decided to wander the corridors of the pirate station. He needed to think. This station was so old it had probably seen the Direktorium. Its original function was impossible to guess. Most likely, it was a fleet resupply dock or the central mining structure for the nearest asteroid belt. The one where the rendezvous had been scheduled. Strange... why did Summer chose a venue so close to a pirate base? As if she wanted Henry to be caught...
Another door opened in front of him, responding to the chip in his pocket. Naturally, the chip had a sewn-in beacon. He couldn’t escape with it. But abandoning the beacon was out of the question - he had to use it for a diversion. But how? He couldn’t just throw it in the pocket of some pirate, could he? Reflecting on the possible ways of escape, Henry went into the hangar’s viewing corridor. Through the armored glass he looked at the hundreds of pirate ships: arriving, preparing for the raid, receiving maintenance. ‘Turtle’ was on the far side of the hangar. Apparently, in order to minimize damage in the event of an explosion. ‘Nyx’ occupied a place befitting only a Baron’s ship, on the central podium.
Maybe he could throw the chip into one of the departing ships? Or leave it on the ‘Turtle’, and himself... no, no... ‘Nyx’ was not going to fly without a chip.
- Damn!
He had to come up with something. He needed some kind of distraction.
He approached the next airlock door leading into the hangar, but it did not open. Henry swiped the chip on the door lock. Nothing happened. Suddenly, a small screen on the lock panel came alive and showed the familiar outlines of a beautiful stranger.
- Henry - sounded the voice belonging to Miss Summer - our contract is still in force. I'll help you escape. Go to the medical bay and put on a light full cycle spacesuit. Get on the ‘Turtle’ and fly away. My men will meet you at the rendezvous point. And one more thing: good luck, Henry.
The screen got dark and the door opened. The smuggler turned on the spot and hurried towards the medbay. He knew where it was - that’s where he’d got the stitches. If Summer had told him to put on a suit, then he had to do it, as soon as possible. Of that he was certain. The rest remained a mystery. For example, how did she establish a comms channel with the station to send a message, or how did she know that his ship was called ‘Turtle’?
He thought about it all the way to medbay. But no worthwhile thought in his head came to light. The small bay was empty. Few people use the services of autodocs when you can just clone a new body next door.
Once inside, he went to the lockers with spacesuits. They were stored there in the event of a quarantine. At the same time, the light in the room blinked and turned back on a moment later, but in red. A twang of the siren was ringing in the corridors.
Henry suddenly realized everything that had happened, all that needed to happen, and that he needed to do. Then he lost consciousness.


November 10th, 2015 - Summer's Gambit (Pt.III)


A figure in a pressurized suit is leaning over Henry. The smuggler found himself lying on a medical gurney. The man above him was fiddling with the straps on Henry’s left hand, but his right hand was still free. There was no time for reflection: the gradually returning sense of hearing was disturbed by the roar of sirens. Henry used all the strength in his numb hand and hit the person somewhere in the head, then turned and hit again with his foot. The man fell down, and Henry began to unfasten his left hand. To his surprise he found himself in the same suit.


He is now on the far side of the hangar, not far from the ‘Turtle’. Chaos reigned all around him. He heard shots of kinetic carbines and squeals of combat blasters. Ships sped by, one by one — pirates were leaving the station in a hurry. Whatever happened here, Henry decided to follow their example as soon as possible. A few seconds later he unfastened the straps, and he was free. The man who’d tried to fasten him to a gurney, meanwhile, jumped to his feet and ran somewhere in the direction of the hangar entrance.


There was no time to investigate. And even more so there was no point to catch up with the stranger. Thuds and rhythmic beats of kinetic weapons were heard from the place where he’d fled. One of the pirates jumped into his ship,but pointed his guns at the hangar.


Henry reacted at the last moment, when a mad technician jumped at him. The man in the green suit was running towards him, swinging a heavy wrench. The smuggler grabbed the gurney and pushed it at the attacker. He did not even try to dodge, got hit by it and fell down. Something was wrong with the technician. Henry looked closely at him and was horrified to find terrible blisters, swollen on the man’s neck. His eyes were covered by a bloody shroud, even the whites were red, and his mouth was foaming.


Henry cursed and rushed to the ‘Turtle’. His legs were still numb, as if he had been unconscious not for hours but for years. When he reached the ship, he jumped on the ramp of the cargo hold and hit the ‘Lift’ button. Only then did he realize that the ramp should have been closed. Henry turned to face the cargo, but the black box was still in place... yet the chains holding it were torn for some reason.

- This is not good. This is really, really bad, - he said to himself.


In the cockpit everything was as he had left it, even the bottle of protein brew. The smuggler collapsed in a chair and hit the ignition. ‘Turtle’ came to life, and the ship pulled away from the hangar floor. Henry guided it to the door, where he saw one of the pirate frigates. It was about to leave too, but suddenly changed the trajectory and released drones. The pirate was turning towards the ‘Turtle’. Henry yanked the wheel and went straight to the enemy. Pirate drones were clicking their lasers on the shield of the ‘Turtle’, but then vanished in an instant thanks to the coil mortar. Explosive shells turned them into scrap metal. Knock, knock, another blow — the smuggler was squeezing the trigger. Another pirate on an agile interceptor sped past, trying to break out of chaos that reigned in the hangar. He was caught by the blast for just a split-second, but it was enough. An interceptor was what entered the zone of fire, but just a flaming wreckage was all that was left of it. Henry’s enemy moved to position and immediately opened fire. Too late. ‘Turtle’ shields took the hit, strengthened by a multiphase adapter. The last two mortar charges hit the pirate’s hull, then the ships collided. The hull squealed, but held together. Pushing the pirate aside, Henry once again rushed for the exit. He was almost there already — where the force field was keeping oxygen from being sucked outside. But the pirate did not want to give up, he started turning once again.

- Get away! — Henry snapped and released the minelayer.


He did not even bother to watch what happened. He brought the vessel out of the hangar and immediately deployed a jump gate. There were too many ships and debris around: jumping was risky. But Henry knew that as soon as the pirates cleared through the minefield, he would’ve had dozens, or even hundreds of ships on his tail.


This time the gates opened. ‘Turtle’ together with Henry yanked forward. Acceleration was so strong that the Smuggler was pressed into his chair. And when the jump was over, they were already far from the station. An asteroid belt was visible ahead. Henry sent the ship there.


The intercom came to life.

- Good job, Henry, -—Miss Summer smiled on the screen — you did the right thing.

- What the ... — the smuggler stopped for a moment — what happened there?

- My people will greet you, — she ignored the question.

- No one is getting the cargo until I get an answer!

- Your cargo, Henry? — Summer continued to smile, but something in her eyes changed.


Something squealed inside the hull of the ‘Turtle’ once again. It looked like the battle was not too kind to it.

- What happened at the station? the Smuggler repeated his question.

- The baron decided to ignore part of our deal and he got what he deserved.

- Is that a threat?

Summer was silent. The squeal and rattle repeated. Henry realized that it was coming from the cargo hold.

- Emperor, Bartle and Federal senators be damned, who the heck are you?

- I am the one whose orders are always followed. That's all you need to know.

The image of the beautiful stranger was suddenly distorted with noise and began to dissolve on the screen. A strange kind of symbol appeared instead — a pyramid with three spikes and an eye.

- You disobeyed my orders, Henry — Summer's voice lost all emotion, it sounded mechanical. — And now you are going to pay for it.

Henry flicked the intercom and realized that it wasn’t an incoming call. Years of flights alone made him forget what the ship’s internal comms looked like

- Oh, no... — the smuggler whispered.

The rattle became permanent... and it was getting closer. Something was making its way to the cockpit through the ship’s wiring. The radar came on. It was showing ships hiding among asteroids. Three, five, ten, fifteen... there were at least three dozen. The broadcast was suddenly clogged with mechanical noise — those were Cybers.

- Henry... — the mechanical voice rang out behind him — I always get what I want.

- Oh, no, — he said, and turned on the jump gate — not this time.


Through the windshield, Henry Twenty-One was watching his own death. When the ‘Turtle’, crashing against the rocks, disappeared from the radar, he finally took off his helmet. Blood had dried up on his face. He looked at his reflection in the clear helmet visor. The stitches were split from the blow. It was pretty bad, but not as bad as what he had done to save his own skin.


There was no sense in staying. The smuggler turned his ‘Nyx’ to the system gate. Away from the infected plant, away from the asteroid belt, and away from himself. The only thing that warmed his soul, was the thought that the death of Henry Twenty-Two was instant.


November 13th, 2015 - Intercepted Northstar Message (Pt.I - V)


Flight log of Captain Robert Artego,

Dreadnought ‘Northstar’

November 13

17:34 STE

Entry ST24578


We’re in shadow of a large planetoid and it looks like we’re here for a couple of hours. Doctor Pavlov is constantly adjusting the route. He says that everything’s dead around here. I’m not entirely sure what he means. But so far he’s been right about everything – during our journey through Alien space (a whole week!) we haven’t encountered a single enemy. I suppose he has star charts with their routes and code signals. If he ever decides to share this secret, the corporation can earn billions. But now we have to work with whatever we’re offered. The secret of Alien technology is somewhere under the surface of a quiet-looking planet a week away from our position, according to the good doctor. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the precise coordinates. The doctor never thought it necessary to enlighten me.

Here’s hoping everything will keep going smoothly.

I’m attaching two messages doctor Pavlov gave me when I asked what we can expect at the destination.

End of transmission.


‘Northstar’ First day in orbit


Logbook of Captain Robert Artego

Dreadnought ‘Northstar’

November 20

17:34 STE

Entry ST24677


Today marks the second week of our little adventure and the first day in orbit of planet № 046253. During the flight I’d decided to give it my own name, but changed my mind as soon as I saw it. It was truly terrible. From the deck I could clearly see ancient ruins on the surface. Maybe it used to be a city once, with a web of highways around it. Feels like the lights of this alien city might come on at any moment. But who knows what it really is. We are now deep in Alien space. I should remember that everything here is dead. And whatever isn’t immediately tries to kill us.

Dr. Pavlov is preparing the expedition. Most likely, the ruins extend many kilometers deep, although I could be wrong.

The sensors do not show any danger. We keep the ship in the shadow of the planet, and we have not been detected yet. I believe that Dr. Pavlov and his team can be given permission to descend to the surface. Let's hope he finds what he's looking for, and we can leave this gloomy place as soon as possible.

End of message.


‘Northstar’ Chronicles. Bion descent


Logbook of Captain Robert Artego

Dreadnought ‘Northstar’

November 27

03:12 STE 


Entry ST27011


We spent some time in radio silence mode. Quite a large cluster of Crystallids passed very close to us — they stretched in an emerald ribbon somewhere on the border of visibility, and then disappeared. If the navigator did not confirm my observations, I would have thought it was just a dream. Every day I feel growing anxiety in the team... and myself. It’s the planet. Something is wrong with it.

Pavlov contacted us. I couldn’t make out half of his words. The data packets are yet to be decrypted by the corporation’s scientists, but from what I understand, the ruins extend very deep underground. Pavlov’s team continues the descent. So far without incidents.

The planet has a hollow structure inside. Evidence suggests that it used to have incredible deposits of Iridium, but it’s all been mined clean.

The doctor himself keeps talking about some dying organism called Bion and the structure of the planet. He can’t be saying that this organism — is the planet itself? But it looks like that's exactly what he means. Pavlov says that Alien designs... I mean design, is something like an implant.

At the moment I'm unable to draw definitive conclusions about the data.


End of message.


‘Northstar’ Chronicles. Leviathan


Logbook of Captain Robert Artego

Dreadnought ‘Northstar’

December 4

15:42 STE

Entry ST27023


Beacons installed. Pavlov has reached Leviathan. That’s what he calls the Alien structure inside the planet. I no longer show his reports to anyone. If the good doctor hasn’t gone mad and is telling the truth... it changes everything. Pavlov said that the whole planet Bion was once alive... sentient. Iridium, hidden inside it — was something like blood for it. He argues that Crystallids violently attacked Bion many thousands of years ago and forcefully installed an implant — Leviathan. And then they started to mine for Iridium.

Bion is dead now, and Leviathan is sleeping. Pavlov is requesting an orbital strike. He wants to break down the casing and descend deeper. I'm not sure that's a good idea: should we really attract the Aliens’ attention? Is it too dangerous? Besides, Northstar’s main caliber is not designed for this, however, it should have enough power.

One side of the scale holds the safety of my crew, and the other... who knows what treasures the Leviathan is hiding? If it has at least a hundredth, no, a thousandth part of what Pavlov promises...


End of message.


‘Northstar’ Chronicles. Final Message


Logbook of Captain Robert Artego

Dreadnought ‘Northstar’

December 11

23:12 STE

Record ST27147


Dreadnought ‘Northstar’, Captain Robert Artego. We are in distress in Ydra sector, if our nav systems are to be believed.

Orbital strike had split the planet. What we saw inside... is hard to describe. Through the rocks we could see what looked like a huge station, vaguely reminiscent of Alien ships. In all my years in Spacefleet I have never seen anything like it, even from Jericho. We were looking at this Leviathan... and it was looking at us. All crew members felt it, including myself. Whatever it really was — it’s alive, it’s intelligent. And it’s the worst intelligence that exists in the universe.


The attack started in mere minutes. Crystallids appeared out of nowhere. Automatics worked first. Our gunners joined in seconds later.

With great difficulty we managed to fight off three waves when Pavlov contacted us. He told us to come closer to the surface. At first I thought that the doctor was going to evacuate and headed for the Leviathan. Soon it became obvious that Pavlov was not saving his own life, but ours. I do not know to whom he sold his soul for this, but a portal appeared on the surface of the Leviathan. Through its bleak plane, I saw the familiar constellations.

‘Full steam ahead’ — I ordered.

Passing through the portal, we lost the second armory deck and comms room, but we still ... survived. No Alien ships followed us.

If this really is Ydra, I’m steering Northstar to Naberidn dockyards. They should have materials for repairs and means of communication.

And one more thing. Perhaps I should document that. Before we jumped into the portal, Pavlov's last words were: ‘I'll be back.’


End of message.


December 17th, 2015 - Shadowy Trace


Cryptogram FRST17-245117
From: UMC
To: all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent: Thursday, December 17
Contract: Shadowy Trace
Employer: Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Attention, mercenaries! Dr. Pavlov hired a dreadnought belonging to Klauss Inc. corporation for his expedition to Alien space. Contact with the dreadnought has been lost. Until recently, the corporation knew nothing about the fate of the Dreadnought’s crew and considered it missing.

Recently the logs of the Dreadnought’s captain Robert Artego have been discovered. It seems that Northstar did manage to return from Alien space. It probably crashed, or was captured somewhere in quarantine sectors.

Destroy the Raiders at ‘Naberia-392’ plant. Scientists from Klauss Inc. corporation will analyze the data obtained in battle, and then we can establish the coordinates of Northstar!


December 24th, 2015 - Stage 2: Fallen Star


Cryptogram FRST17-245246
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Posted : Thursday, December 24
Contract : Fallen Star
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc

Mercenaries! Capture beacons at ‘Northstar’ Crash Site by taking part in the tournament. Tournaments are held every day!

Together, we found the dreadnought «Northstar». We know that the expedition of Dr. Pavlov managed to infiltrate one of the major Alien structures, once considered impregnable. Some of the data we are interested in is stored in Naberian navigation beacons. Fortunately, the local baron constantly holds tournaments, and all the mercenaries are invited.


December 28th, 2015 - Stage 3: Operation 'Cold North'


Cryptogram FRST17-245311
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Posted : Monday, December 28
Contract : Operation ‘Cold North’
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc

Attention, mercenaries! Launch towards ‘Leviathan’ and scan the Alien obelisk.

We found a hidden Alien portal that leads directly below the shield of the Leviathan. According to the logs, the captain of ‘Northstar’ dreadnought used it to return from the zone! In his journal he mentions special Alien beacons connected with their portals. If we can hack them, perhaps we can repeat the feat of Captain Artego!


December 30th, 2015 - Stage 4: Operation 'Star Hook'


Cryptogram FRST17-245447
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent : Wednesday, December 30
Contract : Operation ‘Star Hook’
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Take part in the tournament on the map ‘Leviathan. Catacombs.’ Tournaments are now held every day.

Because of your victory, mercenaries, corporation Klauss Inc. gained control of the Leviathan. We learned how to open one of the Alien portals. As it turned out, a certain competitor had been following in our footsteps. We decided to deal with the problem like gentlemen — the strongest gets the reward.



January 3rd, 2016 - Stage 5: Calm Before the Storm


Cryptogram FRST17-245521
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent : Sunday, January 3
Contract : Calm Before the Storm
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Pilots! We need you to perform special assignments in Open Space mode, marked with a blue exclamation mark, every day. You are our only hope.

Information about the concealed Alien portal to Leviathan is now available to everyone. Thankfully, we managed to pick out all the good stuff! Our mysterious competitor has completely vanished. I suspect that they are preparing a diversion. Therefore, we have accelerated the conversion of our stations for construction of Destroyers. We have to remain vigilant. Fly around the sectors and see if everything is fine.


January 8th, 2016 - Stage 6: The Storm


Cryptogram FRST17-245671
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent : Friday, January 8
Contract : The Storm
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Pilots! We have to concentrate of fighting the agents of Miss Summer. Destroy the ships marked with a special sign in all modes.

The enemy won't let us catch our breath, they're attacking everyone in sight and trying to reach the tech we pulled from Leviathan! The enemy forces are led by Miss Summer! What matters now is giving a fight to miss Summer's agents. Show them we're not to be trifled with!


January 18th, 2016 - The Lady's Visit


Baron Rosso, 79 biological years old, married. Has children from his wives and numerous concubines. Rich. His main source of income is based on illegal practices in fringe sectors. Robbery, extortion, assassinations, drug trafficking, slavery, prostitution. Cruel. Extremely dangerous.


Baron Rosso sat at the table (authentic Resolute) in his huge office at Muerto station and glared at the one who actually owned everything around him. And even his life. He looked at Summer.


Of course, it was not the real Summer, merely a holographic image. According to rumours, no one has ever seen Summer in person. She stood at the huge panoramic window. Ships belonging to all kinds of factions and classes were slowly sailing past the thick armored glass. Maybe the broadcast was carried out from an actual station, or maybe it was all a computer simulation.


- They also started to build destroyers. But that’s not going to help them...


Summer's voice was gentle, low, sensual. Summer’s stature was gorgeous. Her eyes bottomless. And the mark. ‘Mark of the Damned’ — the Baron spat over his shoulder In his thoughts. But only in his thoughts. The higher Revenant hierarchs did not like external manifestations of feelings. Especially if those feelings belonged to them. ‘Summer, switching bodies. Forever young, but with a thousand-year-old woman's brain. Dangerous. Deadly. But what a figure!’ — Baron continued to contemplate the curves of her back. The woman at the window did not turn to him.


An hour ago her numerous emissaries and militants arrived at the station. Most likely, her dreadnought was somewhere close by. They said it's as black as Summer’s very soul. If she even had a soul. Her people quickly seized control of the station, replacing Baron’s employees in all key positions. Then they started digging in databases and secret recesses of the station. Her picture was hanging in the office. And he, Baron Rosso, one of the most influential bosses of the Cartel, was afraid of her.


- That girl Frost got ahead of us almost everywhere. She found Northstar first. Her people were the first to enter the Leviathan. Almost all of our operations were disrupted, even though we gave Frost and her mercenaries a good beating. We got a lot of new tech. But all the cells I’ve been working on for half a year after the summer defeat are destroyed again. Looks like we have a mole.


Her voice was calm. She never started yelling. This made her words even harder to stomach.


- My Security Service believes that the leak is coming from you structures, baron. This is someone from the Cartel. Unfortunately, the investigation yielded nothing. We searched Muerto top to bottom. Checked all your people. Nothing important. But the mole is somewhere very close.


Summer turned and stared at the Baron. He held her gaze. But it was not easy.


- We’re leaving. I’m expected somewhere else. But our conversation is not over.


The screen turned off, and the image vanished. The Baron sighed. She checked everything on the station. Everything except for one place. His brain. The Baron closed his eyes.


Cryptogram NN00-542134

From: Shrike

To: Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Posted: Friday, January 15th.

Subject: The Lady’s Visit


I inform you that the person of interest paid a visit to my humble abode today. She is angry. All her plans have been thwarted. The visit, as always, was virtual. The actual location of the Lady and her plans are unknown.


May 31st, 2016 - Ellydium corporation investigation results


Cryptogram NN00-542134

From: Private detective agency ‘Maslow’

To: mercenary_centre@star_conflict

Sent: Tuesday, May 31

Subject: Ellydium

Investigation of Ellydium corporation has not yielded any results.

The corporation has a long history, but it only joined the ‘big stage’ after the signing of the quarantine zones memorandum. Ellydium bought stations and planetary bases abandoned during the invasion. Many of them then ‘miraculously’ passed into the hands of the Cartel.

The corporation is managed by the Thorne family. To be precise — Alexis Thorne. She is the CEO, senior engineer and majority shareholder at the same time. Her participation in the Cartel is undeniable, but my agents failed to retrieve concrete evidence supporting this. While Baron Rosso is hiding his head in the sand, we won’t be able to discover anything new.

Investigation of black market trade with individual Jericho families (Mendes) also failed. Either Ellydium is clean (which I doubt), or they cover their tracks well. Strangely, the corporation keeps well away from conflicts. What we see now is not normal for them. Ever since the old Earth (yes, the corporation is that old!) they maintain neutrality in any conflict. According to archival records they’ve never had a single military contract. What they are doing now... they never engaged in that before. Where they got these technologies — is an open question.

Regards the old Earth. Our friends from the Inquisition are in no hurry to share information. We’re going to have to dig some more.

From open sources we could only establish that Ellydium is engaged in civil shipbuilding, and after the uprising of the inner worlds they joined the Federation.

We assumed a connection with Revenants, but it was a red herring. It seems that these fanatics are not very fond of Ellydium themselves.

That's all we know at the moment.

However, Crystal Cuckoo has already made its nest. We’re going to hear from her soon. Await further reports.


June 9th, 2016 - Operation 'Crystal Cuckoo'. First cryptogram


Cryptogram NN00-564563
From: Eugene
To: agness@star_conflict
Sent: Thursday, June 9
Subject: Crystal Cuckoo

Hello, dear Agness!

If this letter reaches you, I was able to slightly lift the information barrier, hanging over Ellydium. Since I am a mere system administrator, nobody tells me what is happening here. This is probably why they’re not paying much attention to me. Scientists are a different story. Do you remember my uncle Paul? The Doctor, the vet. I haven’t seen Him in a very long time. They made him to sign all sorts of non-disclosure documents too, when he was working on domestic Genmods for the Federation higher-ups. But it’s all different here. None of the maintenance staff have actually seen the local scientists.

But why would you care? I know that you are worried about me. I’m fine here, the food is delicious, the air is clean, and the station is completely secure. No, strangers don’t roam the local corridors. Ha-ha.

Of course, it’s scary working in close proximity to the assembly shop. Though, a weapons factory during a war is the safest place, right? Weapons, produced by the Corporation, looks very much like the Crystallid pictures that we saw. Can you imagine, they don’t really build it, they just grow the crystals on some frame. Sometimes it looks like these crystals are alive. Strange, is not it?

Many people here talk of Crystallids. A colleague told me over lunch that their ships have no pilots. That the whole alien ships — is the actual alien. I also heard that they know how to think, but aren’t really alive. They say they might even be some kind of drones. Can you imagine?

I can’t write about the weapons in detail, I’m sure you understand. But you’re going to see them soon yourself, on the news. They’re being prepared for sale on the market. The first batch will go to mercenaries. I can say they look like nothing you have seen before.

As far as I know, this is just the beginning. They are working with alien technologies very closely. I can not imagine what will happen next.

With love,
Your Eugene.

P.S. Looking forward to your speedy reply!


June 16th, 2016 - Summer in Star Conflict: Attack on Dreadnought 'Ares'


You must have heard of Dreadnought ‘Ares’, which was attacked by Aliens some time ago. Ship repairs were delayed, and the owners continue to attract mercenaries to protect it. My employer says that combat logs from ‘Ares’ will help finalize the current stage of research of Alien weapon systems. Your task is to get close to the dreadnought under the guise of the defensive mission. Special software will do the rest. Yes, to download all the information you will likely need to make a few sorties.


June 17th, 2016 - Summer in Star Conflict: Second Project 'Ellydium'


Alien Technology - Stress Test

Popularity of ‘Dag'tnith’ launcher — the new weapon based on live crystals has paved the way for the next Ellydium project. To improve the technology, the corporation needs not only statistics on its use, but also proper conditions for stress-testing for those who conduct such tests. My employer offers you to become such a condition.


Alien Technology - Weapon Development

Experience in Alien tech allowed us to release the first weapon prototype based on living crystals. This is a huge breakthrough. But we are still at the very beginning of a long and arduous journey. The new project of ‘Ellydium’ is dedicated to a more compact version of the gun, but to move in this direction, we need data on the use of the previous project. You are only required to use ‘Dag'tnith’ launcher for its intended purpose.


Alien Technology - Expansion Preparation: N-Day

Success of the first prototype based on Crystallid technology pushed ‘Ellydium’ corporation to the next ambitious step — construction of a research complex in Alien space. This is an extremely risky and expensive undertaking, but such a complex could significantly accelerate Alien research. And the first step is clearing the territory. My people will contact you on the spot.


June 28th, 2016 - Operation 'Crystal Cuckoo'


Cryptogram NN00-564722 
From: Eugene
To: agness@star_conflict
Sent: Tuesday, June 29.
Subject: Crystal Cuckoo

Cuckoo, dear Agnes!

Thanks for the information about Yusuf's family. He was very pleased to hear that they are back in the inner worlds after that terrible Jericho attack, and that the Federation has started to pay them increased benefits! Today, he introduced me to his colleagues. We had to sneak our way into their part of the station. Of course, you remember that the common staff are not allowed to communicate with scientists.

The funny thing is that they themselves don't even know the main developer of all these systems they are working on. Base blueprints are uploaded in encrypted data packets from somewhere in (imagine!) Alien space.

Talking with scientists turned out interesting, but most of it, I can not tell you. My letters are being scanned. And if so, I may get all sorts of penalties! And I want to earn enough for that house so much.

But there is more or less public information. For example, the Leviathan. You've probably heard about this horrible Crystallid station on the news. I was told where it came from. They say it used to be a whole planet, and in its depths Iridium was formed under the influence of the Signal (yes, the one). And Crystallids need it very much. Whether it's used or fuel or building material, I do not know. In ancient times, before the first spacewalk, they built giant plants for mining and processing of Iridium inside different planets. Well, when there was nothing left, they destroyed the planet, and the factory was turned into a battle station — Leviathan.

However, the Leviathan that was on the news is a special one. There was an expedition, something went wrong... and I think that all Ellydium tech originates there. As if the Leviathan itself or something on board helps the scientists.

But you, my love, do not worry about anything. Here in Ellydium corporation (mostly Yusuf and his colleagues) we are working day and night so that you can be safe. I was shown a prototype of a new thermal weapon, and I'll tell you — this is something! It hits several targets, the projectiles are homing! Can you imagine the state technology has reached?

Soon you will see it all on the news. And if you wait a bit, I'll tell you everything in person. After a couple of weeks I will probably get a vacation, and we'll finally see each other!


With love,
Your Eugene.


July 5th, 2016 - Operation Crystal Cuckoo. Fourth Cryptogram


Cryptogram NN00-564915

From: Eugene

To: agness@star_conflict

Sent: Tuesday, July 5.

Subject: Crystal Cuckoo


CucQoo, dEar Agnes! I want to hug you as soon as possiBle. ToO many days have passed since our last meeting.

A week ago, I thought I would soon Be on vacation you. Then I received a message. Management assigned me to a new position. from this day I officially am a systems engineer. In light of this transfer, I was moved to a new Place of work — a station deep in Alien space. I wish I'd had the opportunity to tell you about it in advance.

I am writing these words with a heavy heart. Our separation will last longer than we wanted. Love, however, can overcome all obstacles!

Ellydium fleet X traversed Alien sPace without problEms. I do not know iF that was courage, stupidity or soMething else on the part of the captain to go into enemy territory so openly. I'm all right, that's all that matters now. Currently we are at a transfer point while the station is still being prepared. Erecting all structures will take some time. It's good we're paid for that time too.

We were eVen forbidden from carrying a personal datapad. It won't stop a systems engineer though! I have acXess to most of the station's external communications. My channel will definitely be closed down soOner or later. Until then, I'll be in touch with you. Please treAt these temporary difficulties with understanding. Love knows no barriers.


With love,

Your Eugene.


July 7th, 2016 - Summer in Star Conflict: Distraction


Some time ago, ‘Ellydium’ ceased cooperation with the Cartel and it resulted in the loss of one of the corporation's complexes, where Crystallid research had been conducted. To complicate Cartel's access to remaining data, Ellydium organizes mercenary raids on the complex, spreading rumours about iridium stocks. To complete the current project we urgently need the data from this base. Your objective is to join one of the raids and attract maximum attention. At that time, our people will be busy evacuating the data.


July 18th, 2016 - Operation 'Crystal Cuckoo'. Fifth Cryptogram


Cryptogram NN00-118742

From: Nem

To: agness@star_conflict

Sent: Monday, 18 July

Subject: Crystal Cuckoo


Good day, dear Agnes Smith!1

This is a message from ElLydium corporation's security service. We have been t racking your conversation with Mr. Eugene Kindley for some time now, in accordance with our security policy. first of all we'd like to tell you that you and your fiance are not facing judicial chargez.

In exchange, we would like to ask you to proviDe us with complete and exhaustive information about the family of Doctor Yusuf Nemezir, known to you from Eugene's letters. The fact is that after a small incident involving Dr. Nemezir and Mr. Kindley, as well as a number of o ther employees, ve had to conduct a secondary check of their personal affairs. We are not charging your fiance with anything and his health is not threatened. Mr. Kindley is quarantined for medical examination, in accordance with our security policy. However, Dr. Nemezir managed to escape after a second incident and steal an important prototype of an experimental weapon Sk'Rah. This dangerous weapon uses ricochets and should soon arrive in UMC. Perhaps this is not the only data leak. Checking his personal file shoued that Dr. Nemezir and HIs family were killed in that Jericho attack you mentioned.

Once again we ask you to provide all the information available to you on this issue.


Yours faithfully,

Albert Nem, security officer, Ellydium Corporation.

P.S. We apologize for the problems with the text of this message, we’re still working under the consequences of your fiance's intervention in our communication system.


July 19th, 2016 - Crystallid Soul


Events of the last month raised concerns that the most promising developments planned by Ellydium can turn against people. The presence of Alien collective mind contradicts previous findings of scientists. We have to return to a more thorough investigation of Crystallids. Now, the main aspect of the study is a method for transmitting information between Alien. It has long been known that Cybers, Jericho renegades bent on implants, made an attempt to communicate with the Aliens with the help of a radar installation. It is time to closely examine this object.



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And this one for locations and ships




September 18th, 2015 - Federation Fighter-Tackler 'Jaguar'


Jaguar’ was conceived as a research vehicle that could observe the behavior of Aliens in extreme conditions. The ship's development was conducted simultaneously in several private laboratories. The project was led personally by Dr. Anton Pavlov, a well-known xenologist, Federation's chief Precursor specialist. The first prototype showed top efficiency in the flight tests. Shortly thereafter, Federation's government bought the laboratory that carried out the research through private investors, and ‘Jaguar’ got re-developed for military purposes. Pavlov immediately left the project, but by the time the bulk of development was already completed. When ‘Jaguar’ went into mass production, the Federation was forced to give mercenaries access to the ship, to somehow recoup the costs.


September 28th. 2015 - Federation Interceptor 'Peregrine'


This unusual Federation interceptor was designed according to special order from a certain patron, who wished to remain anonymous. The task was very simple: to use all the latest Federation technology in a small ship. When the first prototype of the ‘Peregrine’ was assembled, the engineers found that they simply did not have a sufficiently powerful on-board computer to control all the systems. But the project had to be completed, so the engineers had a tough decision to make. They copied biomorph technology and replaced all of the ship's wiring with an organic neural network. The on-board computer became a bionic brain. Naturally, the vessel did not have a complete artificial intelligence, yet in testing it proved to be quite... predatory. The assembled ship's blueprints have been donated to the Federation fleet and UMC.





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Way of the dark Warriors on the eve of the 9th day of may

- a day of tears senseless brutal destruction, of war criminals, and of a dark oblivion of incompetence and corruption

: a bite too vigorous, too rebellious, too freedom loving and too patriotic to be swallowed by a neo-fascist empire :)  

: hail to the Way of the Rebel - male & female rebels of freedom and consciousness!

Where men fight for their families and women for their men - the dark emperor can not win !

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