Maybe it's time to do something for the matchmaking

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yesterday we've tried to go in PVP with a friend and we had more than 220 minutes of queu...

Would it be possible for the matchmaking to work  following a algorithm like:

  • seeking for a other group for the enemy team
  • if not finding this group in 2-3 minutes
  • then launch a game 


It's just a proposition but I think it could greatly improve the game.
We are forced to degroup to launch a PvP arena, that's sad on a game where ships are made to work together :/

Thank you for reading me,
Sogh, CEO of the ARKFR corporation!


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Nothing more to say than that current MM rules for groups should be disbanded while the population is low. Although in the old days everyone cried and complained about "death squads" - having groups match randoms in PvP rather than only match other groups is a preferable alternative than telling friends that you simply cannot PvP in a group due to MM restrictions.

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