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– Are you sure it was them?

– For one thousand percent. Natasha has already sent a squad of mercenaries to those places several times. We were intercepting data from expeditions. The signature is similar. In structure, in behavior, in appearance, everything suggests that the virus is the same.

– That’s… That's good. But we cannot fly there ourselves. The risks are too high...

– How can the most dangerous lady in the universe not have a dozen people who could be thrown to slaughter in the paws of an infection in order to collect data on how the infection occurs?

– It's somehow inhumane to send your people to do this. In addition, if one of ours is seen in the catacombs - and you cannot do without any noise - there will be a lot of conversations, and this is a reason to begin hunting us again.

–We can try to attract the mercenaries’s attention.

– I need a result. Work.


Some time later. Closed communication channel.


– Any news?

– You were right, Miss. Our brain workers have confirmed that the same virus has settled in the catacombs.

– That's good. Perfect. Our plan is getting closer to implementation. When will we start working?

– We will organize a contract through the Broker, test it on mercenaries who want to make money.

– Have you involved third parties in our business? Are you crazy? Do you know what I will do with you and them, if even a grain of information about this goes where it shouldn't?

– Don't worry, Miss. I give you my word that I will personally supervise that the experiment takes place in the most secret environment. And besides, I don't think the brokers will be interested. They are just a link between us and the volunteers.

– The nature of the virus is dangerous, you know that. After the war with aliens there are very few people who want to get involved with something like that again. This will play into our hands... I am waiting for the results as soon as possible, over.

– Roger that.

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2 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

I am death

fear me



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1 hour ago, inyazserg said:

This Star COnflict developer is posting some intriguing news about the possible Events.

Or possible dlc!

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