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Hi, recently I had a mms glitch that forced me and my friend out of the queue for sc 7-9. We had been in queue for maybe 3-5mins when it gave us this error message. I think the error was something like: "failed to find a match" or something I did not pay too much attention to it and I have no screenshots of the error message. The queue for sc 7-9 had closed at this time so Latschman decided to switch to his t5 ships and I went afk to check something. After maybe 2-3 minutes we were placed into a sector conquest match.

Ingame usernames:

What you expected to see


To be put into a sc7-9 with t3 ships.

Conditions in which error reproduce Unsure how to replicate it but I assume that it triggers at the end of queue when there are fewer players queued. After it kicked us out of the queue latschman switched to his t5 ships.
Problem details 1) Queuing 30 seconds to 1 minute before queue closure
2) An error message showed up that said "failed to find match"
3) After "failed to find match" message switch to t5 ships
4) After maybe 2-3mins in hanger, it placed us into a match
Frequency of reproduction once
Time of bug 16:03-16:05





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