Skirmish AI bots are not working properly

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw In the low rank skirmish battle, enemy bots are working properly but our team's bots are just rotating and don't do anything at all.
After the battle, our team's player did something else, while our team's bots are 0 points. (look at the screenshot I attached in the report)
What you expected to see Bots in our team should do something in the battle, not just rotating around.
Conditions in which error reproduce When you enter a low rank(rank1-rank5) battle, and there are not enough players(which means the system match players with other bots) this problem happens. 
Problem details This only happens to our team's bots in the low rank skirmish battle.
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  


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Looks like my log has been cleaned by my computer automatically.
So, can't find the log atm.
If this problem happens again, I will attach the log with screenshots.


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43 minutes ago, Skula1975 said:

There weren't mobs at your team

So both are players and using bot program? (Why I am sure they are using bot programs? Because, those 0 points guys have synergy level 1 ships in same composition and no one can rotate in one point for the whole combat time.)
Then I will constantly report, when I see them, since they make the game harder.
Thanks anyway.

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