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Lasers have an occlusion problem

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I've noticed that when something flies "in front of" what I'm shooting at, it blocks the damage. The problem is, the actual ship outline in NOT in the way of where I'm firing, but there is still an invisible barrier that blocks the damage.

Result : No damage dealt to target I'm aiming for, no damage dealt to object that is occluding my target with extra large occlusion box.


Also happens with drones on frigates and destroyers. If it's behind the centre plane of the ship, it cannot be hit and it also deals no damage to the ship itself because the laser isn't hitting within the ship outline.


If the actual hitbox gets in front of the laser, then the offending ship takes damage, but it seems to have an occlusion box that is far bigger than its hitbox (which includes the shields one as well).

Laser Occlusion.png

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