When buying a ship storage items are gone, and more

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw I bought Nightingale last night. Before making the purchase, I didn't realize that there was no storage space for the ship's modules. Just when I made the purchase, I received the message that space had been added for me. I had enough creds for this. In the next instant I went to trade something and to my surprise there was nothing in my inventory of Components. Everything was gone: all Raw, Parts and Ship Parts ... As if that weren't enough, my Clearance Level points - which were already around 6,300 out of 6,500 needed for level 21, were reset to a negative value: (-) 7,500! I noticed a strange wink on the screen that informs the points at the moment of the acquisition of the ship.
What you expected to see No items disappearance nor clearance level points subverted.
Conditions in which error reproduce First and only time - after bought 115 standard ships and 12 premium ones. Nightingale was the 13ª...
Problem details As described above.
Frequency of reproduction once
Time of bug near 18:00 h Brazil ST (- 03:00 GMT) saturday march 28


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