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11 hours ago, Kine_ said:

Maybe add Combat Recon (VIP) into Portal matches?

Doing the same Beacon Capture over and over is repetitive.

NO, there is a good reason that it is Beacon Capture. And at that point, why not say give people randomly Suvival in Sector Conquest. Both modes are only a single game mode on purpose...

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Dunno what it's like in large corp vs corp wings but in random queue the team composition are almost always:

2/3 Interceptor + Gunships
1/3 are Engineer, Guard, Command, Tackler

That's practically what people used to run in Combat Recon. So technically your Portal ship lineup remains the same even if there were 2 game modes.

My suggestion was made to break the monotony of Portal grinds. Single game mode is repetitive.
Combat Recon does require more than the average pub pvp mentality thus it fits the Portal theme.

Unless I'm missing something I don't see how mixing VIP mode together with Beacon Capture would ruin things ...

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