Why my chat Ban for 48 hours.

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You were chat banned for spamming random numbers in general chat.
few examples:
[Deliberator]: [link 1 a:620295452;0;1,0,15,4,1,10,1,1,0.326,1,4,0,1,0.851,1,11,1,1,0.312,1,6,1,1,0.672]
[Deliberator]: ````````````````````````[link 1 a:620295453;0;1,0,15,4,1,10,1,1,0.474,1,4,2,1,0.204,1,7,2,1,0.660,1,8,4,1,0.308]


Also please contact me directly instead of discussing moderation publicly.

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