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I can't use jump gate. It say Clearance level insufficent while the gate is leading to unlocked sector. In screenshot, I was trying jump to Colonization Hub but I can't. It has happen since the new patch.

Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Can't undock. It usually say Server Busy.
Sometime, I can undock but then can't use jump gate although I have enough Clearance level.
What you expected to see Undock and jumpgate work normally.
Conditions in which error reproduce I have no network problem with Skimish or PVP or PVE, just with Open Space only.
It has happened since the last patch 1.65. I missed many Timed Contract because of this.
Problem details My prefered server set is South Asia.
Sometime I lost Iridium when try to undock but the ship don't undock.
Frequency of reproduction frequent
Time of bug anytime






chat.log combat.log game.log

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