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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Dear,
Firstly I bought from steam (account bioinfornatics) the deluxe new foundation pass and reach the 10th stages at new foundation events.
Secondly I bought the new foundation pass and got nothing.
I tried to restart multiple time the game directly or from Steam without success
What you expected to see I expected o increase the new foundation stages from this events

Thanks for your help

Have a nice day
Conditions in which error reproduce Open steam
got to the DLC pages And buy firstly the deluxe pass and after the basic one
Problem details Any more details, that seems important.

Ask me if you need more
Frequency of reproduction once
Time of bug bug appear between 9am and 15pm th 18 january (gmt+1)


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So what exactly is the issue?

You bought two of the same DLC and only got content from one?


I don't understand.

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4 hours ago, bioinfornat37647 said:

Dear TheDarkRedFox,

Thanks for your answer.

So the issue it is I don't progress in stages while I bought the new foundation pass.

On the screen it was wrote to get stages we had to buy:

- new foundation pass

- new foundation deluxe pass


Ok so let me break it down for you:


The new foundation pass gets you -access- to unlock the stages yourself, by completing tasks and gaining "Xenochips" for the missions.


The new foundation Deluxe pass does the same thing, but also automatically unlocks the first 10 stages of the event.


Either of these will only have an effect ONCE and buying both will waste money.

If you read the details for each package, you will see that it says they will not give bonuses if they are both bought.


Also, only one is required to progress through the event.

If you buy the Deluxe pass, you do not need to buy the standard pass because it will get you nothing.

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