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What Are the Types of Best Coffee Makers?


There are a lot of coffee makers available on the market. However, which type can bring the best taste? To break down the matter, you have to learn in detail of each coffee maker type. Below, I recommend you 4 top rated coffee makers with their outstanding features:


Drip coffee maker or coffee brewer


The coffee brewer is known as an automatic drip coffee maker. It is the most common type of coffee maker all over the world for a reason:


Although there are many different shapes and sizes, all drip coffee makers have the same feature. They can make a lot of cups of coffee at once.


Besides, it's straightforward to use these best coffee machines. What you have to do is only load your favorite ground coffee up a coffee filter. After putting it in the allotted spot, let you add water and press the "START" button. Even the making coffee process of some coffee brewers is easier. This is one of the best coffee makers for home use, but you can use it in office and other types of restaurants.


The drip coffee maker is a worthy and long-term investment because it is affordable to buy and use. Specifically, while the filter's price is low, it's also very cheap to purchase ground coffee. Of course, if you love high-end brands, you might need to spend more money. Moreover, you can buy bags of whole bean coffee, then grind them by using a coffee grinder.




What you will like:


  • Ease of use
  • Possible to use on a regular basis
  • Convenient because you can make a whole pot of coffee at once
  • Plenty of choices for different brands, sizes, shapes, and models
  • Flexibility in brewing


What you might not like:


Suitable to make basic coffee only. And I don't recommend for espresso drinks.


Single-serve coffee maker or one cup coffee maker


A single-serve coffee maker is one of the newest types of coffee makers in the current market. Also, it is referred to as a pod coffeemaker because you will make K-cups or the coffee-single-serving pods.


This single-serve coffee maker is automatic, so it's effortless and convenient to use. Unlike a complicated making coffee process of traditional brewers, this machine allows you to skip some basic steps. Thus, there is no need to worry about causing messy coffee grounds and filters. What you have to do is to drop your favorite pod into the model, add water and press the "brew" button.


Although the price range varies based on coffee features and brands, generally, you can purchase a single-serving coffee maker at a reasonable price. But, pods are more expensive than using bags of ground coffee or coffee beans.


A couple of single-serve machines are designed for extra add-ons, so you can load your favorite coffee grounds instead of using individual pods. This way is able to offset the long-term costs, but the making coffee process might result in a mess, requiring you to clean up every single day.


What you will like:


  • Effortless to use and clean
  • Reasonable
  • A variety of coffee pod flavors
  • Less waste of coffee when you make one cup at a time
  • Good for offices
  • Possible to brew tea when buying the right pods


What you might not like:


  • Using individual pods is expensive over time
  • Not environmentally friendly because you will have a lot of plastic trash of K-cups


French press


A French press is one of the most traditional, making coffee ways. Though it is low-tech, it takes less effort on your end to use. Follow these simple steps:


Pour the number of coffee grounds as desired into the French press. After that, add boiling water and press the lid down to force the ground coffee to the bottom.


Compared to other types of coffee makers, the French press is the cheapest one to make a cup of coffee at home. There is no need to buy filters. Mainly, this device runs without electricity, so you don't have to worry about electric bills.


If you don't know how to use a French press properly, it's hard to make a good cup of coffee. For example, without brewing for the right amount of time might result in getting a few loose coffee grounds floating in your cup.


So, some people who require a high-quality cup of morning coffee won't love this choice.


What you will like:


  • Reasonable
  • Simple to use
  • No electricity and filters required


What you might not like:


  • Without proper use, your cup of coffee can end up with grounds floating inside.


Espresso makers


An Espresso maker is the best coffee maker in the world - Top rated best coffee maket. I strongly recommend this option for serious coffee aficionados. Although the range of Espresso maker is wide based on the different brands and features, the price is pretty high. For those value their daily cups of coffee, this is a worthy investment because they get what they pay for.


Though this type of coffee maker only produces small quantities (one-shot) at a time, its taste is strong and flavorful. An espresso device allows you to make a variety of drinks such as lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos.


Depending on your preference, taste, as well as budget, you pick up the most appropriate model. Espresso makers are available in different best coffee maker brands, features, and types.




What you will like:


  • Produces high-quality cups of coffee
  • Possible to make different kinds of coffee: macchiatos, mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos
  • Beautiful designs
  • Ease of use


What you might not like:


  • Expensive
  • Makes small quantities of coffee at a time


What is the best coffee maker for you?


For me, it is the Espresso maker. This is because I can make many different kinds of coffee with only one device: lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and mochas. Although the price is a bit high, it is a worthy and long-term investment.


If you get any useful information from the best coffee makers reviews, don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving your comment below.


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I had the same problem in 4k with 150% windows text scale and the solution is to lower the scale by 1 down using a custom text scale.

I don't know if you also have 4k and 150% text scale, but you should try.

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Please, give us more information. Read this for bugreport creation guife 


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I always keep mine in windowed stretched because full screen messes with my mouse too lol. Has since around when OS launched.

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